How to Plant/Grow Sensitive Plant Seeds ?

aveo5April 20, 2011

The good old Mimosa Pudica...'Sensitive Plant'. I have tried planting the seeds after soaking overnight, not soaking,planting in a good soil less mix about 1/4 in deep, on top of the soil,not covering at all. I read the directions on the seed packages, and they all have different instructions for this simple,easy to grow, curious plant.

I have the last package I am going to buy, that now says, soak for 2 hours, and plant on top of the soil, do not cover the seeds. I havent gotten a single sprout in 3 tries. They are fresh seeds, in sealed packages,and this last pack is from Kew Gardens! So they are good seeds. But for some reason I just cant get any seedlings. Any ideas on how to actually plant these, and get some germination? Soak them, dont soak them, cover them, don't cover them? It is practically a weed, and I cant get 1 plant. I just want to grow this curiosity again,...and I haven't gotten a single seedling yet. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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I googled this, but it seems extreme. I know I got a few to sprout a couple of years ago, and probably just stuck them in peat pots, on the window sill, because thats how I was doing everything then.

Heat water to 140 degrees F in a small container that can hold hot water without cracking or melting. Use a cooking thermometer to verify the temperature.

Add sensitive plant seeds to hot water. Since the germination rate is very low, use 20 seeds if you want one plant to grow. Soak in hot water for 20 minutes. The water can cool over this period of time. It does not need to stay at a constant 140 degrees F.

Prepare the growing medium by adding potting soil to the planting container until the planting container is full of potting soil. Soak the potting soil with water and let drain.

Remove the sensitive plant seeds from the hot water bath and place onto the surface of the potting soil. Press the seeds gently into the potting soil but do not cover. Sensitive plant seeds need light to germinate.

Set in a warm place (70-75 degrees F) with bright light but not direct sunlight. The sensitive plant seeds should germinate in 20-30 days. After the seedlings have two sets of true leaves, set in an area that receives about 4 hours of sunlight each day and begin a weekly fertilization program with a water soluble fertilizer diluted to half-strength.

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Well I managed to get 2 seedlings, by planting 10 seeds in a tiny pot, soaking them in hot water for 2 hours, and then put them ON the soil,uncovered, and covered the pot with Saran Wrap,tied it on tight to make it a mini greenhouse and put it under my AeroGrow Gardens lights. It took over a week, a long time for seeds to sprout this way, even VERY hard seeds usually sprout in 2-4 days. Well now I have 2 seedlings that just have hit the Saran Wrap,so I had to take it off, I just want to get at least 1 plant to grow and bloom and have a 'Sensitive Plant'. I have new seedlings, and they are under the AeroGrow lights, they are the full spectrum compact lights, and now I am hoping they will grow and give me some plants, that I can eventually put outside and grow into a little plant/tree.

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I had one sensitive plant which I purchased. I had it for at least ten years. I decided to put it outside for the summer. It went to seed and died. I had a lot of seeds so I decided to plant my own plant. I put at least thirty seeds in a pot on my windowsill. I waited and waited. Well almost a year has gone by and now they are popping up like crazy. I have at least 28 plants. I carefully transplanted each one not to disturb the roots. I couldn't believe it, but it just took time. A lot of time.

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Don't soak the seeds! And mimosa plants love to grow in medium that covers the seeds loosely, ive got many many mimosa seeds sprouting this spring cnt wait till they get bigger! What i did was take the seeds plant them 1/4 inch away from each other after thoroughly wetting the soil which is a mix of fast draining peat and perlite, cover the seeds with a light layer of soil make sure it's loose-ly covered! - then wrap some plastic wrap over the top held in place with a rubber band, and put it in a sunny warm window for a while don't water until the seedlings sprout about 2-3inches and remove the plastic and water when soil ids completely dry, first start in a cut out bottom of a plastic cup with no drain holes then after they get bigger transplant them into a bigger pot with fast draining soil and drain holes, good luck hope you give it another TRY!

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Forgot to add, don't use city tap water!!! Unless you really really have no other choice, rain water or bottled water would work better

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