Gazania and tomato seedling question!

bartles30April 26, 2006

I started tomato and gazania seedlings a couple months ago in a starter cell kit. About a month ago, my gazania's looked as if they were dying from the tip of the grassy leaves on downward. The tips turned brown and curled. Each day they got worse. I have a self watering mat that seems to do great, but there is a significant amount of moisture visible to the touch in each cell. Can anyone tell me what might be happening and if transplant to a dry soil pot might help?

Second question. My tomato seedlings are growing like mad and I have transplanted some into four inch pots. They seem to be doing great, but I have noticed that some of the leaves are developing yellow spots on them or the leaves are turning yellow and have green spots. Can anyone tell me what they think about "some" of my tomatoes? Also if a plants bottom leaves are turning yellow then brown and die, does this have to do with overwatering?

Thanks for the help!

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I'm still fairly new at this, but here's my two thoughts:

-the original first leaves often turn yellow/brown and drop off of plants and that is normal...they would be the lowest leaves on a stem. do the other leaves seem green and healthy?

-other leaves yellowing could mean too much water, not enough sun.

What do others think?

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anney(Georgia 8)


Gazanias are low-water consumers, and I'd bet they have too much water, which can certainly weaken and yellow them.

Why don't you hold off on the watering them until the soil is nearly dry (recommended for adult plants) and as purple says, give them plenty of light. Also Google gazanias and water for more information on their cultivation needs. They're great flowers for dry spots.

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I would guess that you are overwatering the tomatoes. How often do you water the tomatoes? Do you let the soil dry out at any times?

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I do water too much I think. I water every other day. I think now I will water tomatoes when they look thirsty. The lowest leaves are a little yellow, but the higher leaves are ok.

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