Accidently cut squash seedling in half -- HELP!!

doxixhavextoMay 30, 2014

I was an idiot and didn't know my plant was on my windowsill. I closed my window and BAM - my plant was cut in half! It's a squash seedling but I can't remember what type of squash it was supposed to be.

Another unfortunate thing was that the leaves had began wilting even before it was cut in half but the stem has been vibrant and strong and I was already planning to move it to a bigger pot or plot it outside.

Is there ANY way to save this plant? My worry is that it won't be able to bounce back from this because it's only a seedling. My mother says that it will grow back but she doesn't have much gardening experience. I mean, neither do I, but that's why I've turned to all of you for help. What should I do? Do I plant the broken part? Do I try and maintain the stem and hope for the best? I've put the broken bit into some water in a small vase but I don't know what else to do. HELP!!

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Do you have more squash seeds? I think you'd have the best results if you started over. At this point in the season you might find it easiest if you planted the seed where you want it to grow outside, then no transplanting or conditioning for the move to outside.

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Yeah, that's probably the best. I still feel bad for basically killing the poor thing. It's my first time actually devoting time to planting and growing plants from seeds so it makes me sad :( thanks anyways.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

It's OK, that's how we learn. One day you'll remember your window sill squash and laugh.

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