Getting thick rose stems

dragunovFebruary 9, 2014

So I recently bought a bagged rose without looking at the stems. What is bothering me is that there are only 2 stems as thick as a pencil on one side.

What I would like to know is, whether it is possible for the rose to grow other thick stems on the other sides and will those stems (that are already there) get any thicker?

I am still a beginner, so please bear with me. Thanks

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Yes Dragunov. With time and vigor your roses should grow . Was it a class two? Was it a hybrid tea rose? Should say on the wrapping . I think you will do well. Just keep it well watered. New roses can dry out when it heats up.

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No information about it is giving on the wrapping. Though I believe it is a hybrid tea rose.

You think that new, thick canes will grow from where I highlighted with the red circle? As that area seems closed for good.

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The answers are no and yes. New basal growth of the grafted rose will only come from the bud union (graft) area where the canes join the rootstock cane. This area will enlarge into a ball and buds that become canes will spring from it as well as from the established grafted canes. Any other canes that may spring from the rootstock cane will be from the rootstock and not the graft and you get rid of them by ripping them off at the base. The two canes that are there will get bigger as will the rootstock cane. As the root system gets better established and assuming you take good care of the rose the canes will get bigger.

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seil zone 6b MI

What Henry said but that is a pretty typical looking bagged bare root rose so I wouldn't worry. Plant it and take good care of it and it will probably do just fine for you. I wouldn't prune anything off of it except dead wood for the first year. Just let it put on some roots and top growth.

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