Planting Marigolds and Zinnias

PigletGeniesseMay 24, 2014

I am new to gardening, so please, bear with me. I know these questions may seem like common knowledge or sound stupid.

What type of pot or container is best to grow them in?

Can you grow many in one pot? Or is it best to space them out or grow them in single pots? I love the look of them all growing close together like I see on images on Google, but it seems crowded?

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I'm pretty new to gardening as well. Your questions are not stupid. I leave a few inches space in between each one.

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In Colorado, we use plastic pots frequently because they don't dry out as quickly as clay pots.

As for spacing, I check the seed packet. For example, I planted Renee's Garden pixie sunshine container zinnias in a pot that has a 6-inch-wide opening. The seed packet said to space the seeds 3" apart. I planted one seed in the middle and 4 more seeds spaced equally around the edge of the pot. I'm waiting to see which ones sprout. If I end up with too many plants, I'll just pull the ones that are in the way.

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Check the height and width of the full grown plants (shown on back of seed packet usually).

Zinnias and Marigolds vary in height and width depending on the type.

The Zinnias I grow are quite tall - I grow them in the ground.

The Marigolds I grow are two types - the French and Dwarf.

I plant several (5 or so) marigold seeds in one hole. The French get quite wide - 3 feet perhaps. The Dwarf are cute little mounds that would look lovely in a pot.

Zinnias and Marigolds are very good choices - very easy to grow.

Here is a picture of the Zinnias and Dwarf Marigold in my yard:

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oldmobie Z6, SW MO(Zone 6)

I have less experience with zinnias, but I've seen marigolds grow and bloom even when very crowded. Ideal spacing may be more eficient use of your seed, but even planted at maybe four times that density, they can grow healthy, with adequate water and fertilizer. They can be pretty forgiving.

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