Hollies in full sun

johnstaci(Z5/6 NW MO)April 30, 2010

What hollies will work in full sun next to brick house? Thinking of inkberries for foundation planting and want a smaller mounding holly as well (say 2'x2' or so). Any advice?

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I love holly and got addicted to collecting as many different types as I could find.) You describe the position as full sun and next to a brick house. What is the exposure (south, west, etc.)? If it is hot, you probably should avoid the Blue hollies (Blue Princess, etc.) as they are said to resent excessive heat. There are dwarf varieties of Japanese holly that might meet your needs (they look very much like boxwoods). By the way, you might want to consider boxwoods. I have dwarf English on a hot western wall that I love (check for winter hardiness though). There's also a dwarf variety of Ilex vomitoria that is a heat lover (even though it's said to be good up to zone 7--bet it would survive in a hot exposure). There are probably a bunch of varieties you could grow as long as you would be willing to prune occasionally--most hollies don't grow that fast. Inkberry by the way, is a terrific variety for you larger plantings--very nice plant!

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johnstaci(Z5/6 NW MO)

It would face the south. Thinking of shamrock inkberry in particular.

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I planted a holly near my parents brick house in full sun. It survived and grew big, but some of the leaves always look dead. I thought it was some kind of mold, but maybe it was the heat. It was some kind of silver varigated holly.

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