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larjoranjApril 29, 2012

Hi all.I'm replacing my Golden Euonymus in the strip between my garage and my sidewalk because of scale. I'm in zone 6, suburb of Nashville, TN.The soil is a mixture of rock, rock and heavy clay. The planting site will receive full sun. The bottom of my garage windows start 3 1/2 ft off the ground and the distance from the garage to the sidewalk is also about 3 1/2 ft so I need something that can be kept to a diameter of appx. 3 ft. The Euonymus have done spectacularly except for the scale. I also have some Dwarf Burford Hollies that have done well.Around the corner in my courtyard I have Compacta Hollies, Dense Yews and the gold-mop cypress things. They have all done great, but only get a couple hours sun a day so I'm not sure how they'd do in full sun. Only interested in evergreens that retain good color in winter. I've read that the Wintergreen Boxwoods get bronze in winter, which sounds like a fancy word for brown to me, which I don't like the sound of.Even tho I can dig a hole 2 feet deep, fill it with water and take 4 days for it to drain, it apparently has no effect on the above-mentioned shrubs as they are going on 6 years old and are planted with the full root ball in the ground. Anybody have the Gold Coast English Holly? Can they be kept the size I need? I like the green and yellow mixture. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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I don't know about Gold Coat English Holly, but Ilex 'Honey Maid' has some nice coloring and seems to stay relatively small. This specimen is several years old. Variegated plants seem to have a slower growth rate than solid plants.

Not sure about the clay thing. Mine are in dry shade.

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Nice combination of textures and colors, Wendy!

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