The Accessories

mauvegirl8(Texas)February 2, 2013

While roses are starting to be sold - so are the garden accessories!

seen at Walmart today:

chocolate color clay pots (made in Italy)
chocolate saucers

solar lights & globes
mosaic spheres

watering cans

seeds and bulbs

tiki torches

patio furniture

charcoal grills

I love Target. However; the garden aisle is minute. They do carry the tres chic line, Smith & Hawken. $$

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fig_insanity Z7a E TN

Accessories is about all you can get your hands on here, so far. Winter has just now really settled in, and we won't get even body bagged roses for a while, yet.

Ugh. I just read that line *winter has just now really settled in* and wish I hadn't, lol. I'll be ready to welcome even the Knockouts by the time they get here.

Boy, I DO have cabin fever, don't I? I'm downright delirious.


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seil zone 6b MI

I was at a local nursery on Wednesday and they were clearing out the last of the winter stuff and starting to put the spring stock on the shelves. I'll go back next week to see what's new.

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Chicago in January ? Fugedaboutit.

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