Tiffany or La France for Western exposure?

shopshopsFebruary 26, 2014

Sadly I have lost two perrenial shrubs to the excessive freezes in Texas this year. I was so looking forward to white blooms on my viburnums this year!

On the other hand, I have ordered 27 roses this year and need room. I now have a southern exposure with 9 hours of full Texas sun and a semi shaded Western exposure with 6 hours morning sun and evening shade. My two options are Tiffany and La France. Which should I put where?

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desertgarden561- Las Vegas Z9a

Tiffany is heat tolerant. It is on the suggested roses list for the hot, desert climate here. I am contemplating purchasing one, and if so, it will be placed in an area that receives 7-8 hours of sun. Two to three of the 8 hours of sun will be in afternoon sun.

I contemplated purchasing La France a few months ago. It would have been placed in an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. I know that others in hot climates grow La France and I believe it is a satisfactory performer.

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Thank you dessert garden. They will be going into the ground next week.

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I do have Tiffany and it is heat tolerant, holds up very well during the heat. My two Tiffany bushes get the brunt of afternoon sun, the bed they are in faces the west. The picture shown was taken during a dry hot period last summer. I have ordered La France and am also looking forward to seeing how it performs.

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Tiffany's petals are significantly more durable than La France's. Kim

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La France, for me, was a puny. disease ridden grower. I kept her because of the historic interest and for the beauty of the flowers. She needs constant attention, or mine did; you might want to plant near the back door.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

La France may be more suitable for warmer climates than nastarana's. It's quite happy in my warm and dry garden, which I suspect is true of many early hybrid teas which are still closely related to the tea roses.

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Thank you soo much! SaraAnn what a beauty that Tiffany is. Thanks for sharing that picture. I have several Belinda's Dreams and she is one of Belinda's parents. To be honest one of the only reasons I ordered her. Ingrid, Nastarana and Roseseek. I also thank you for your advice. I will put Tiffany in the harsher sun and La France in the evening shade.

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Shopshops - Thank you. I would agree about Belinda's Dream. I have three and it is such a good rose. Glad you started this thread, the info about La France has been helpful also.

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