Bareroot Rouge Valley order....and a monster!!!

TNY78(7a-East TN)February 7, 2013

Well, its "welcome to 2013 rose season" for me :) yeah!!!! I love this time each year when RVR offers their 1 & 5 gallon roses bareroot! They are always HUGE and healthy, and this year was no exception!

This year I ordered Corylus, R. Pendulina, and Blushing Lucy in 1 gallon pots (plus 8 bands tagged along for the ride). This picture of Corylus, in the 3g container I transferred it into, is exactly why I order bareroots from them (not to mention they're ownroot and already large and established). This is how large it was when it arrived in the mail today...over 5ft tall...healthy...ready to go in the ground next month! They had to bend the longest canes to even fit it into the box :)

Can't wait for more of my orders to arrive from the other nurseries! Bring on Spring!!!!



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Good for you! The vendors from whom I bought my own-root baroots mostly cut the tops off probably for the ease of shipping and handling. I have never bought from RVR and did not even know they offer bareroot ownroots, and now I am tempted... :)


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Mark, they only offer them January and February, but you still have time :) FYI...that huge Corylus was only $15.25!!!!


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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

Alrighty then. If my RVR Corylus doesn't measure up---actually I bought two. That is so generous. A very good buy. My order is coming for some time. Did you get that greenhouse up?

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

You'll have to let me know, Susan! I was so happy with it! Last year I got a beautiful Marianne bareroot from them...and I know I got another one at the same time, I just can't remember which it was.

As for the greenhouse: the window panels made it out of my car last night and into the garage...its a start. My husband keeps saying he'll help me put it together in the spring, but I have different plans as for when it gets assembled; I'm thinking before the end of February...even if I have to do it myself!! He was looking at the picture on the box with a weird look on his face. I guess when I said I had bought a greenhouse, he thought I meant another one of those zipper greenhouses LOL!


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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

Holy Moley! That thing is huge! I ordered some own root roses from them (didn't have them in containers though) and they were shipped this week. I was hoping I would get them last night but I hope today is the day! I have never ordered from them before, so I am curious as to how big they will be. I am hoping they are bigger than the "twig" I am expecting.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I rec'd my second box today from RVR (it got seperated fromt eh first box during shipping), and Blushing Lucy is just as big! They had even written on the box to be careful when I open it because the canes could pop out!

Even my dogs can't figure out what it is...or maybe why its in the house :)

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Like your little helpers.

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I googled Rouge Valley Roses and got Rogue Valley. Is this the same company and when I call, just what do I ask for. Are these roses going to be happy in Zone 5A when they are raised in Oregon? Really interested. I would appreciate some help on this as you said this is only offered in January and February. Thanks for your help Barb

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Okay -- I've waited a long, long time to complain about this, hoping that things would straighten out. It's apparent that they're not going to. It's ROGUE Valley guys (as in maverick) -- not ROUGE (as in a cosmetic, or the French word for red). I'm hoping the repeat offenders will not take umbrage if I ask them to try to quit transposing the U and the G.

In earlier years, I spent much wonderful time with my paternal grandparents in Oregon's Rogue River valley. In 2011, I was able to fulfill a long-standing dream of taking a whitewater rafting trip down the Rogue River. It's a very special place, and certainly merits a correct ID.

Kindly pardon my rant. Pet peeves sometimes just drive one to the breaking point and take control. Yaknowaddamean?

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Yes, I know its ROGUE in ROGUE fighters...and not as in another word for blush. Sorry for not proofreading better and a simple transposition of letters........anyway..............


Barb, sorry I forgot to answer your question. Yes, the website is They are absolutely wonderful to deal with. When you first go to the website there is a link on the left-hand side of the page that says "gallon list." If you click on that, you'll see all of the plants that they offer in one gallon sizes. Of the three that I ordered this year, two were huge, and the third was still quite large. After you order, and receive your order comfirmation, just reply to that message that you would like them shipped bareroot.

I think both of these would do fine in your zone. Blushing Lucy is hardy to 4a and although Corylus doesn't have a hardiness listed on HMF ( a great resource in looking up rose info), based on it's breeding, you should be fine :) Hope this helps!

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WoW! Fantastic plants!

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lois(PA Zone 6)

I purchased a Felicity hybrid musk rose from Rogue Valley roses a few years ago and it was huge and well established.

I was particularly delighted because I had tried twice to grow a Felicity from younger, less established bands and both times it died during the winter.

The rose I got from Rogue Valley is still growing strong after several years.

I love the name.. Does anyone know where the name of the Rogue River came from? Were there desperadoes in the area when the river was named?

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Lois: No, there were no marauding desperadoes -- only (initially) peaceful folks who had every right to be there. 'Rogue', in this instance, is a very loose translation of the French word 'coquin'. A more accurate translation might be something like 'mischievous person', 'scamp', 'rascal ', 'jokester'. . . At any rate, French explorers employed the terms 'coquin' (male) and 'coquine' (female) in referring to the native peoples they encountered in the region. The somewhat crude translation was applied early-on by the first American explorers to reach the area.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

My order from Rogue is great. However, I ordered gallons being shipped bareroot. The bands are coming later. My two Corylus were huge (and root bound--poor things). I also received Nuits de Young, Orpheline de Juliet, Tuscany Superb, Chinatown, Conrad Ferdinand Meyer...I potted them up into bigger pots as the construction here is STILL going on.
Next week comes my S and W bare roots and they will go into the ground.
I learned to stagger my deliveries. HA!

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Tuggy3(9b NorCal)

Wow that's so good to know. I ordered six full price bare roots from two fairly famous California mail order nurseries last year and they were a disaster. One vendor had cut off almost all the roots on the three roses in order to stuff them in a square box. Only one of those made it. Except for Roses Unlimited I just skipped mail order this year. Next year it's Rogue for me. I need bigger starter roses. I'm not getting any younger. Maybe I'll buy another Rouge Royale and some OGR's. Great to see the real deal in those pictures. Mary

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