over exposed seedlings... help!

kelisk8sMay 18, 2012

Hi Everyone!

So I'm not sure if these guys are goners or not. I've been slowly planting my seedlings out into the garden, but I still have trays of seedlings in pots waiting to go out. Yesterday I put the trays outside to enjoy a little sunshine as they have been exposed to the sun through my back porch every day and occasionally have been out side as well. I had an appointment to go to and wouldn't you know it but I got lost and the appointment ended up going WAY over the amount of time it should have. I got home and some of the seedlings were fine, namely the peppers, but some of the cherry tomatos are looking really sad. I brought them inside into the shade right away and watered them. This AM, some of the plants are probably going to die, but my question is: the ones that only have a couple curling leaves, if I cut those leaves off will it help the plant bounce back? Just curious. Thank you,


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Don't do anything to them but water as normally and keep them inside. Doing anything else just adds to their stress and makes it harder for them to recover. They will either make it on their own or they won't.

You might also want to do some research into the proper method for hardening off seedlings and the steps involved.


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Thanks Dave,
I have kept them in the shade today. I did follow the steps to harden them off, unfortunately I wasn't expecting to be gone so long. Oh well, hopefully some of them make it.

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Most of us have done the same thing at one time, at least. Being a distracted gardener has killed plenty of my plants. Al

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