Rosmarinus officinalis

isidora2000April 21, 2012

There is someone here who knows some cultivars of Rosmarinus officinalis which resists cold winters ?

I live in south Romania, zone 6a, and have a garden of medicinal herbs. Until now, I didn't succeed to have rosmarin in my garden. All died in the winter.

Nun Isidora

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Hi there,
in my experience I couldn't get Rosmary/Rosmarinus through the winter in Berlin, Zone 7. Moved to Basel, Switzerland, a warm zone 7. My Rosemary survived 2 winters, the last cold season killed it, with late frost.

In general, good drainage with dry soil in late summer helps the woody parts to mature and get somewhat frostresistent. Providing shade against winter sun would be important too.
But all in all I guess you need to switch tactics and make cuttings in summer to keep indoors in the winter.
Or just replant every season.

Well, perhaps someone else has another thought, good luck with your herb garden,

bye, Lin

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Rosemary variety 'Arps' is supposed to be a cold hardy cultivar. My summers are hot, humid, and often wet but I have not had problems with rosemary in zone 7 regardless of variety. They get to be flowering hedges for me but friends 50 miles away claim they won't overwinter--so their range seems to cut off abruptly. I agree, with the need for a sandy well-drained soil (consider a raised bed), but mine seem fine with full, winter sun.

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That cultivar name would be 'Arp' (not Arps), named for the location in Arp, Texas where it was discovered. It was passed on to the US National Arboretum where it was trialed and impressively survived temperatures of -10F. It is reputed to be fully hardy to a zone 6 but there are certainly variables involved that would affect the ability to overwinter cold temperatures....I might take that rating with a grain of salt :-)

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Thank all of you for these informations.
Is there anyone who can tell me where I can find to buy some Arp seeds or shrubs ? Although it will be very difficult to get some shrubs from United States or somewhere else.

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