Should my weigela have leafed out by now (PA)?

sujiwan_gwApril 30, 2010

I can't remember if weigela is significantly slower to leaf out than my other shrubs. It currently has no leaves on it--wasn't ailing at all last year. It has me wondering if it was killed over the winter. THis is a good sized shrub 4x5 or so.

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G'morning - In my much lower zone - Wine & Roses W is starting to flash!

Planted Spring of '08 in a f/s South foundation - 'have not pruned at all & never really dropped her foliage since. I meant to prune/shape, last Fall but learned that bloom buds are formed by then & to prune after Spring blooms are done to shape & encourage another surge.

At 4x5 ... a established shrub? Perhaps take a cane to be diagnosed by a nursery person to see if some pest (in '09) may have weakened the shrub for this season's leafing, on time.

Not Weigela ... but something happen to 1 of my 4 Rose of Sharons - 2 are leafing very well now, 1 is a bit slow but ok & 4th is not at all yet (but alive) - looks like something drained her health. I'm taking a live cane to be diagnosed today - 'sprayed w/ Cornell Formula in the mean time.

FWIW - Good luck!

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I have (had) 4 Weigela that are just barely showing signs of starting to leaf out. These are all in the 4 x 5 size range. I say had because I just janked two of them last weekend; Red Prince and White Knight. Nothing wrong with them, healthy as can be just with my short growing season I'm not willing to give up a premium viewing area to something that nots going to look good till end of May.

Just my 2 cents.:=)

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It should be leafed out by now, if it's in full sun. Scratch a bunch stems and see if you see green. They typically have some stems die each winter.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Some Weigela are slower to leaf out. Do as mentioned above, scratch a few stems to see if you see green.

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Cher(6 SW OH)

I only have the Dark Horse Weigela and they are leafed out now, started a couple weeks ago in SW Ohio. They are in full sun but they did take a couple weeks longer to start than any of my other shrubs. If yours isn't in full sun I could see it still being slightly behind mine or maybe the type shrub is later, give it more time.

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In NE Ohio I have a My Monet, Varigated, and Wine & Roses. They all have flower buds and are pretty much completely leafed out. Scratch test is a good place to start to figure out what is going on. What kind of Weigela is it?

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It's "Wine and Roses". Not a sign of leaf buds greening anywhere. I don't see any damage on the plant. WHen scratched there's a greenish tinge, but it's not a bright, fresh sappy green. Is it possible to stimulate growth from the base by severe pruning or is it too late to do anything if this is *not* going to leaf out?
I'm curious about what would kill a weigela. Are these long lived shrubs? I've never pruned it.

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carriesgarden(zone 4)

I also have 3 of these. I have read that these are probably one of the SLOWEST plants to leaf out. They say not to put them in too much of a prominant location in your yard if it really bothers you. If it has a greenish tinge, I think it is still alive. I would give it more time. Mine are no where insight yet of coming back, although I've scratched the bottome of it and it is green too. I do live in a colder zone. If you really like them, wait a little longer. I think it should come out of it. They say not to prune it until you can see it how much winter damage there is, if any. In my zone probably more winter kill than in your zone. Good luck.

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Dan Staley

s it possible to stimulate growth from the base by severe pruning

I can think of no botanical reason to do this.

or is it too late to do anything if this is *not* going to leaf out?



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Oh I see, "Patience, Grasshopper". :-)
I'll let you know what happens for future reader's edification.
This has given me an idea for a separate post., though.

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