Unidentified vine in Florida

rattlebox(10a FL)August 19, 2014

May be native, may be exotic. I have scoured the interned for many hours over several months trying to find an ID, but with no luck.

Note: It is not a Morning Glory (they twine) and it is not Coral Vine (the leaves are all wrong, including the seed leaves).

There are a few characteristics that should make the vine easy to identify for anyone even remotely familiar with it.

- The leaves are heart-shaped, grey-green in color.
- The edges of the leaves are notched (crenate) not serrate
- The vine does not twine, rather climbs by tendrils
- The seed leaves are very distinctively palmate shaped

Here are a few photos:

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Invader. Kill it:

Here is a link that might be useful: Potato vine

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rattlebox(10a FL)

Thanks for your reply, but sorry, it is not Air Potato Vine. That was also one of the plants I had ruled out. (I had been invaded by those years ago). Those leaves are smooth-edged, green not glaucous, and the vines twine rather than use tendrils.

I cannot find a photo of the seed-leaves of Air Potato Vine, but I have only found ONE plant with similar-looking cotyledons, the Basswod tree. Obviously this vine is not a Basswood tree.

It looks similar to the Potato Vine, but unfortunately it's not the ID for this plant.

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It could be a Cissus antartica. ( Kangaroo vine)

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rattlebox(10a FL)

Thanks nel5397

I looked up the Kangaroo Vine. Unfortunately not a match.

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It looks like Cissus verticillata (= C. sicyoides).

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rattlebox(10a FL)

I've just spent a lot of time researching the genus Cissus. No luck. Those with chordate leaves have either smooth or serrated margins. None were crenate (small notches rather than small points).

The closest I found was Cissus sicyoides 'Albonitens', but still not a match.

I have probably 50-75 or more of these growing on my property here in Florida, ranging from newly emerged seedlings to ~3 ft in length (probably nowhere near maturity). There were several dozen more this spring which I had pulled, thinking them too invasive. I now see them more as weedy than invasive. I will be allowing numerous of the current crop to grow in various habitats (shady, sunny, moist, somewhat dry) until I have a better understanding of the plant. Growth is moderate, and they have proven easy to pull and eradicate if/when it comes to that.

I think I can safely rule out any from the genus Cissus.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cissus sicyoides 'Albonitens'

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

rattlebox, you could contact your county's Extension Office:

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

The lower left pic looks a lot like a morning glory...

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rattlebox(10a FL)

lignumvitae, looks like you had the answer after all. I could not get past the crenate vs. dentate leaves. However, I have recently been seeing leaves that are decidedly dentate on a couple of my vines.

Add to that the plentiful fine aerial roots several feet in length, there's no doubt I have a Cissus vine.

As you indicated above, "Cissus verticillata (= C. sicyoides)", therefore, Cissus sicyoides 'Albonitens' should be written Cissus verticillata 'Albonitens'

Albonitens is the silver-grey version of C. verticillata.

Good call! It just took a few months of growth for the ID to become obvious.

Thanks for your input!

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