Idyll 246: Peace on Earth

veronicastrum(z5 IL)December 22, 2005

Goodwill to the Idylls!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I thought this would be a good theme for a fresh start on a new idyll.

I can comtemplate peace now after the second phone call with the tax guy. He called me first and told me there would be an extremely large tax bill from the sale of my former business this fall. The chest was constricting a bit as I contemplated where we would get that large a chunk of change. Then he emailed me his calculations and I called him back to ask where in the calculations a large expense was considered. Whew! Major blow in the tax calcs and the "final answer" is much better.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just dropping in to say, Peace to all Idylls as well -- I hope everyone has a Merry, Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever other holiday this very diverse group of people and fellow lurkers celebrates.
It's interesting to see how everyone gets "testy" at this time of the year -- but we will hope for a more Joyous and Peaceful Year.
I'll be on the road to Penna. shortly -- I have so loved all the fantastic photos as usual (guess Im a photo junkie lurker). We are all hoping for an early spring I can tell.
christmas'>Merry Christmas!

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mybrainhurts(6, MI)

I don't usually have time to take notes when I stop in so I don't say hi. I feel like a real weirdo to just post a message saying "Hello, I was here. You were read." Doing that over and over would be redundant. I have no memory in the morning because my brain doesn't wake up until noon. The mornings before work is the only internet time I have that is not claimed so reading here is sporadic and only done in the mornings.

I've got the rest of the internet turned off right now. Working today really fried my brain. I'm a very low key kind of person who must be on hyper mode at work. It's a stretch sometimes but it's only what I want back. I figure that smiling and passing along greetings to a grumpy person might make the next person in line think a second before they start getting wild. I've got a very efficient system, a sharp memory for prices, am quick with my fingers, and if you don't mess around... I can get you out of there lickety-split. I've found that there's a fine line between being condescending and merely being polite.

I wish that there were a way I could dull my sense of smell while I was there. While everyone else says that they love the smell of a meat market, I can not say that I do. I am the cashier so I get to smell the perfumes and colognes that come through. There is one woman that I always quiver when I see walk in. She smells as though she not only bathes in patchouli, but she washes her clothes and hair in it too. The smell is as thick as a cloud, I swear I could cut through it. She has an expensive hairdo, wears bright red lipstick, and uses Prada purse and wallet. She wears diamonds and buys a lot of chapagne. I've thought about wadding up some little pieces of tissue and wearing them in my nose... invisibly of course!... while she is there. It might help my smile be a little more real to her if I'm not choking because I can't stand to breathe in. But... I don't say anything about it and try to pretend like I am ok. I know I have a sensitive nose for perfumes so it might just be me having a "gonna smell every little thing" kind of day.

So... parents... can I ask you a question?

Say I'm your cashier right now. While I'm freaking out about ringing you up (because Dude! What are you doing at my store!! You're in Idyller!), should I ignore the screaming child in your basket or can I comment on it? I'm never sure which is considered proper etiquitte. Not necessarily mean comments but would it be rude to comment on... say... the decibal levels? "I usually only listen to music that loud at concerts." "Just think, one day he'll feel that way about girls."

I ask this because the last screaming kid, the candy "have some duct tape" one in my last post, was belting it out the entire time I was ringing up his mom's stuff. She was obviously getting tired of his craky self. She ignored him and I wasn't going to feed into his fit and egg him on by acknowledging his tantrum. At one point, though, he hit a high note that made me close both eyes and freeze in place. It was utterly involuntary and I went back to business as normal once he dropped a couple of keys a couple of seconds (decades) later. She apologized and I answered her to say "I'm not a mom. I'm not used to it." A half grin and a shrug given as I bag her stuff up.

Moments like that are why I will not be a mother. I know that I would, in fact, snap. Snapping as bad because I was raised by a mean hand. While I've gone a million miles in learning anger management, there are moments when that goes out the window. An adult could at least snap back.
I will, however, be a mother to a dog. Dogs are different beings altogether. They take to training so much faster than children do. Once they understand how thinigs work, you're golden.

Ok... so fast notes from me before I run out of time again. I'll start falling behind again and then, before I know it, I'll be hopelessly lost all over again. I could keep up when I had no job. It's a lot harder now.

Ei... I love that song. I must have three different versions of Lean on Me in mp3 form on my computer. I always find it hard not to sing along when I hear it.

EP... I've not tossed a pattern yet though there has been one that I've sworn I'll never do again no matter how pretty it is. I do think I may try my hand at making something up. I've got thread, string and yarn so I should be able to come up with something.

*le sigh* I just want to finish these scarves first.

Speaking of finishing these scarves, I'm on my way out the door to go to the new local coffee shop with my yarn. It's Thursday which means it's open jam night. You never know what you'll hear but so far, I've been pleased with almost everything I've heard there. There have been three different angelic men's voices so far. I'm hoping to hear any of them tonight.

I love the pictures and could gobble up that pancake. I'm starved. Where's dinner?

~Da, sending smiles and internet hugs

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gardeninbc(z8 PNW)

Hi Da,
I'll bite and offer you a piece of advice. As a parent I don't see anything wrong with you saying something to the child and screaming in public does not rank up there in my books as good behaviour. That being said as a parent you can't completely control your kids and sometimes they have a really bad day (those were days I stayed at home and didn't inflict her on everyone else).

There are parents however, that will object to you saying anything, and those are exactly the type of parents who will storm over to your manager and demand you be reprimanded for your rude behaviour. So, while I think it is ok, you best think of your job and what the consequences might be first.

Although I have a daughter, she is 8 now, and I quickly forgot those screaming tantrums and now when I hear kids do that I'm every bit as sensitive to it as I was before becoming a mom.

I'm with ya on the perfume too. I'm allergic to it and get insta headache from certain types. Doesn't help either that most people don't seem to understand what it means to be chemically sensitive.

Is everyone ready for the holidays yet? I've got 2 small things left to pick up and then I need to go to the dreaded grocery store. Wish me luck that I can complete it all tomorrow.

Talk to ya'll later.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Forgive me if this link has been posted already but here is a Jacquie Lawson e-card I haven't seen before.

Taking the afternoon off proved productive-not too much in the way of maddening crowds. I got all the shopping done for my work and office peeps. Everything is now ribboned, gift bagged and loaded into the car. Naturally I had to get some stuff for myself-a very cozy cardigan sweater at Jjill and some neat jewelry at Chicos. Tom and I don't exchange gifts and we get nothing from family members anymore so I treat myself to a few things...hehehe.

VG, mentioning that you've been to church or have met a new pastor certainly doesn't violate the rules of religious discussion (at least to me). Someone will certainly correct me if I'm wrong but what I believe is taboo is the expression of opinions and beliefs, both political and religious.

OK we had leftovers for dinner tonight for the last time in what I hope will be quite a while. I froze the rest of the turkey, tossed what was left of the broccoli casserole and will make split pea soup out of the ham bone this weekend. Maybe that last piece of lasagna I see kicking around in the fridge will look good for lunch by Saturday. Tomorrow we have our annual Christmas luncheon in the office. We're using a better caterer this year but I'll probably still mosey on down to the parts room and maintenance department because they fry turkeys and cook ribs. It's all men and they put on a much better spread than we've ever seen in my area. Hmmm...


Here is a link that might be useful: More Jacquie Lawson Christmas

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Another quickie post.
Da-good to hear from you. There's a look you can give a child...and I don't know how to tell you to do it, maybe practice in the mirror. I learned it from my mother-and it usually stopped my kids in their tracks. Seems to work pretty well on strangers' children, too. But, ya gotta do it when Mom's not looking ;) Sort of a look that says, "I don't normally eat children, but I'm about to make an exception in your case".
Really, sometimes good kids have bad days, same as the rest of us. As Barb said, I usually tried to keep mine at home on those days, and not inflict them on the public. Other side of the coin is that as soon as they were old enough to understand, they learned that if you're going to be a jerk, do it at home. Or, as my own mother said, "Act like you have some sense, whether you do or not!" This is another reason I'm pretty sure I couldn't work in retail anymore.
Had to laugh at Patchouli lady.....eek! I try to go easy on perfume-when I even wear it. I used to work with a lady who was allergic, and it made me think a bit about that kind of thing. I don't wear any at all when I go to the dentist, dr. or chiropractor.
I'm qutie the carnivore, but have never found the smell of a meat market to be a good thing.

Sue-I usually pick up a little something for myself around the holidays. It's one of the very few times I buy clothes. Today, DH and I were shopping for each other. Dropped a few subtle hints that were apparently too subtle. Jim went to TSC (Tractor Supply Company to the uninitiated) to get my Christmas present...shall I begin to cry now, or save it for Chrismas morning, lol!?! He met up with me at Wal-Mart. I finally told him point blank...."Go buy the movie Apollo 13. Put it in my stocking. I assure you, I will love it." How sad is that? So, maybe sometime in the next few days, I'll be able to watch one of my all-time favorite movies while I play with my new.....................crowbar??? The suspense is killing me :)
Night, all!

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Da if the kid is having a full blown tantrum not even the mom would be able to make the kid 'zip' it,so you do have some kid smarts already-it's good you didn't try to interact. I would also be interested to know what age this was. Toddler? School age? I wouldn't be bothered by a toddler because they do that. I would also consider to myself that the kid might be not feeling well or is simply tired. Like Barb I knew my kids well enough as toddlers not to drag them out when they were tired or out of sorts. If I had been you that day,I would have smiled kindly at the woman with the relieved thought that I wasn't taking that kid home with me....; ) Kids have bad days,adults have bad days-imagine if you had ADULTS convulsing into spazzy fits of glad it was a child lolol.

I bought myself dress shoes for my Christmas present: )
Brenda-A crowbar,huh? So does that mean you should get Jim some pink fuzzy slippers? That would get the point across and be hilarious at the same time!

Better go wrap some gifts. Oh man AJ spotted my stash of 'Santa' gifts then tried to reassure me he didn't see a thing...I think he wants to still believe in Santa but when I tell him Santa has a price limit I think he put two and two together lol.


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I need a break. I've made a crab dip, relish tray, truffles, taco dip, and 30 ham/swiss cheese/poppy seed buns.

Come on Brenda, TSC has some cool gardening tools, garden clogs and a really neat gardening wagon that I want ;o)

Sue, with all the shopping we have to do with our big family, we have quit exchanging gifts with each other too. Quite often we pick out our own gift. I bought some new clothes, a purse and some jewelry Tues. when I was in the city. DH had picked himself up a new chain saw. I was actually excited about that because I have some tree branches that I would like him to trim.

I'd better get back to it.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Brenda, a new riding mower for Christmas would make me VERY happy! But it won't happen. Maybe I'll get a 2006 calender? My email hasn't been working, so that would be a nice gift too. Imagine, 3,008 spams! This is going to be a very strange holiday without (much?) family. I'm hoping they can come in January!

Talk of shopping with kids reminds me of a mother with FIVE children who was grocery shopping last weekend. All five were angels. They were begging to help out and were a genuine help. They were keen to go to the library afterwards. I can't imagine....

I hope it all comes together tomorrow for everyone in every way!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening everyone,

What a lovely afternoon and evening it was. One of my girlfriends dropped by around three for coffee and girl talk and in the evening our dear friends came over for our annual holiday visit. I just LOVE watching people open presents. Oh what fun it is. Seems funny that I love watching people tear open things that took me lots of time to wrap. Im still a kid at heart I guess.

Michelle, wow, youÂve been a busy person. Did you sample all those goodies you were making? How do you make your crab dip? ~~ LOL about being very happy that your DH bought a chain saw. Sounds like his gift is going to be helpful to you also.

Babs, you are a hoot. Pink fuzzy slippers! I lol when I read that one. Ahh the bittersweet time when the reality about Santa hits. I was devastated.

Brenda, you are too funny, are you sure your DH and mine arenÂt related? Doug isnÂt too quick about picking up hints and even outright, "I want this for Christmas". My favorite story is the year he didnÂt do anything for our anniversary in January, then nothing for ValentineÂs Day then nada for my birthday then in November he asked me if I wanted a sewing machine for Christmas. I said "Under no circumstances should you buy me a sewing machine. I tried to learn how to sew, I hated it, I canÂt do it and have no desire to try again." Hmmmm, yep you guessed it I got a sewing machine for Christmas. That was a very bad year for us but we got through it. YouÂll have to let me know what you got from Tractor Supply. Crowbar??? Oh dear.

Sue, thanks for the link to that Jacquie Lawson card. I hadnÂt seen that one before either.~~ That leftover lasagna tasted pretty good to me for lunch on Monday. I told Doug he needed to have Tom show him how to make lasagna to which he said salmon was going to remain the extent of his cooking skills.

Barb, IÂm almost ready. I only have a few more things to wrap and fix up a plate of crudités and dip for our get together with DougÂs sister and her family tomorrow evening.

Hi Da, that coffee shop with open mike sounds fun. We used to do that a lot. I have to confess I havenÂt practiced my music for months. Maybe that should be a New YearÂs resolution for me.

Hi Cindy, youÂve coined a new term, "Photo Junkie Lurker" LOL. Love it.
V glad to hear the taxes arenÂt going to be as bad as you initially thought.

Bug, those photos are gorgeous on the last thread. The one with the swallow and clematis is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

OK I can hardly type anymore and I guess IÂd better get some sleep.

Nitey nite,

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Michelle-what,no partridge in a pear tree? ; )

I have a confession to make.....I ate two cookies-yes the ones I made the other day. You must realize that I'm doing well-last year by this time I would have eaten not only the cookie dough(Ei)but also a dozen of the butter cookies. I need to make something with pecans next.
Is that right?three days till Christmas? Now how did it get so close

Deanne so were YOU disappointed about Santa reality or were you disappointed that your DD figured it out? I'm suspecting both-I was crushed too: ) AJ was a bit emotional tonight that we will likely have a green Christmas-too many letdowns maybe?! At least I know it can't be

I'm having those panic attacks that I forgot to get a gift for someone.



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I did it again ..posted at 100 or 101 on the Idyll 245. A bell should ring when you reach 100!
VG...That's a terrible thing to have happened to your husband. It sounded so innocuous when it happened and to result in all this. I hope he eventually makes a full recovery. My husband , on the other hand, fell 2 and 1/2 stories high from a ladder propped against a tree w/ a running chainsaw. He missed my concrete bench by a few inches. This is a person you would think should be dead. I witnessed the whole thing. He had a concussion and two broken arms. He was told he'd never play golf again but guess who plays 3 times a week??He was a forester out in the field for many years, so I know how dangerous it is,. He was injured by a sprung tree when he was in his 20's but nothing was broken. I might have missed it as I wasn't here for a few months, but can your husband work at all now?...BTW, I did get organic natural raw whole flax seed at the store. Now what???It's tasty to munch but so small there should be a better way to ingest. Besides yogurt, how else to incorporate it into one's diet...
My poor Louie has had a bad day. He threw up 3 or 4 times. He goes days and then has a relapse...I took some cute kitty pictures tonight. Maybe I'll bore you all one of these days. Sad that my cats are my main topic,,more than GK's..I'll take some of them on Xmas. Does anyone have their battery go at the exact time you're wanting to shoot something??? It happened at my friend's 60th b-day party , but someone else took one of the two of us..She brought it around today/...Sylvia

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Here's a non semantic holiday tune to start your day.

Doggie Wonderland
Dog tags ring, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening
It's yellow, not white. I've been there tonight
Marking up my winter wonderland

Smell that tree? That's my fragrance
It's a sign for wandering vagrants
"Avoid where I pee, it's MY prop-erty!"
Marking up my winter wonderland.

In the meadow, Dad will build a snowman
Following the classical design
Then I'll lift my leg and let it go, Man
So all the world will know it's mine-mine-mine!

Off I go...snow's a-falling
Bladder's full, nature's calling
Stay offa my turf, this small piece of earth
I marked it as my winter wonderland!!

Da, I'm glad that you're back, and think it's perfectly ok to write 'I've read you' and move on. I hear you on the Patchouli woman, be grateful you don't have to share an elevator with her. As for the kids, smile at them and say 'Hi Sweetie.' Their mother will be grateful.

Like an idiot, I stopped at a Marshall's to buy socks for me on the way home from a meeting Wednesday. It was chaos inside the store, and the sock pickings were slim. Problem is that only navy blue and black socks survived last winter, and I found myself having to dress to match my available socks which has severely restricted my choices. Marshall's didn't have much left, but was able to find gray tweed and a few pairs of beige and brown argyles so I won't have to wear the same navy or black corduroys everytime I have to go to an office.

Agree with Sue on the off-topic guidelines. Links aren't acceptable either. And I think we should take T's lead and speak up immediately if we feel the line has been crossed. Otherwise folks don't know when they've gone too far. We've simmered in silence too long, and I hate to see people leave because they're polite and simply walk away from comments they find offensive.

Deanne, loved the photos of the cat decorating. Your tree and home looks beautiful as always. And GB, your black and white of the fence in winter was a classic. I remember that old grey leaning in to his person's hand from, I think, your west coast trip? Not sure.

Oops, it's a work day though I'm ready for a holiday. Better get to work. Have a good day all! Cynthia

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Sylvia, It took me so long to type this that I didn't realize the thread had reached 100 already:-) I was irritated at myself when I realized it and thought of pasting it over here last night but was too busy painting the bathroom:-) So here it is for everyone's convenience if anyone is interested.

That must have been horrifying to watch your husband fall like that. Shudders!!! Glad he ended up OK and can play golf again. DH was told he would not be able to talk above a whisper because of the voval chord atropy but he talks fine unless he is really tired or has done something to cause his nerves to flare up. DH, is on disability. He can do some things but not long enough or consistently enough to hold down a job. Believe me, worker's comp tried their best to find something he could do enough to earn a paycheck! You can hide ground flax seed in lots of other things..casseroles, breads, ground meat or meat substitute dishes, etc. Forestery work can be very dangerous. Interesting that your DH was a forester. Maybe we planted some trees for him? We did work in PA one season. I don't remember all the sites but we camped near Burnt Cabins, PA for about a week.

LOL Fuzzy slipper ads at the bottom of the page!!

I would LOVE a new riding mower for Christmas!! I always want practical things. I'm the lady who would be terribly disappointed with the perfume and diamonds and wish I had been given the blender:-) Speaking of perfume, I am very sensitive to it too and other chemical smells. Sometimes I've been nearly smothered by it or at least think I'm going to smother.

Re screaming kids. Sometimes parents don't consider how tired their kids can be and the only way a toddler can show his/her feelings is to cry. But I see a lot of very spoiled older kids out there and that really upsets me. I was in a produce market one day and there was this grandma with a boy in the cart that looked about 5 years old. He was hitting her and pinching her hands and trying to bite her until she could hardly push the cart, and screaming the whole time. She kept saying "Now Joey, that's not nice honey", etc. She looked at me and smiled, very embarrased looking. I just smiled and said, "Sometimes kids need to know who's the boss". She looked startled but then she got this determined glint in her eye. He was still chewing on her hands and she smacked him! It was his turn to look startled:-) She said, "Don't you EVER try to bite me again!" And you know he didn't! The rest of the time we were in the market he was very good and even chatted with his grandma in a very sane way. I sometimes think kids appreciate knowing who is in charge. Let me add, lest someone think I'm too harsh on kids, I think kids should be treated with respect and that they should learn to treat their parents, peers, and everyone with respect. I don't believe in yelling and threatening. I believe in meaning what you say and saying what you mean.

Deanne, what was Doug thinking with the sewing machine?!

The breakfast cereal is done, and I'm starving:)
Happy day to everyone

This is the old post:

Good Morning:-)

9 degrees again. "They" keep saying it's going to warm up but it doesn't.

Brenda, I can just imagine the relief you all felt when the doc realized he had the wrong chart! A egotistical doc almost killed my dad. Daddy is on insulin but he also has severe ulcerative colitis and was in the hospital with that unable to eat more than a few bites a day. This doc kept ordering the insulin like Daddy was eating full meals 3 times a day. Daddy was getting weaker and weaker. He and Mom had already agreed that he would check himself out of the hospital and come home to die. The RN came in to give him his next insulin shot and he begged her not to give it to him because his blood sugar was already dangerously low. She didn't but a short time later he heard the doctor swearing at the nurse for not following his orders. When he came into Daddy's room, Daddy asked him if he ever bothered to read his chart and told him "you're killing me". The doctor was angry and stormed out of the room but later came back and apologized. Finally used his brain and ordered insulin on a sliding scale according to the food eaten. Daddy did come home to die but I hooked him up with my wonderful doctor friend who saved his life and he would save my son's life a few years later:-) Daddy is about 6' 6" and had lost weight down to 117 lbs.

Chelone, how very frustrating to expect the staff to teach your mother what she needed to know and they didn't do it. Grrr!!! I appreciate the diversity of this group too. That's part of the fun of sharing:-)

Taryn, thanks for sharing the flax pancake recipe. It looks yummy!

Since I'm quite new here, I don't know how the forum was before (re Eden's and Ei's comments) I've been wondering about how religious is too religious or how political is too political. Like yesterday, I was going to say that DH and I had to go to a meeting where our potential new pastor was being interviewed but didn't post it because I was afraid it would be too religious. This is the first and only non-garden specific forum I've ever participated in so I'm continuing to learn how it all works:-) Advice is welcome;-)

EP that is so neat that you found that history with your father's name. It would be great if you could contact the person. Yes, it is amazing what you can find on the Internet. I've been able to fill in some missing links in my family tree and help some folks fill in some branches in their tree:-) Those eggshell ornaments are so pretty!!

Drema, I can identify with you trying to find your way. I am "famous" in my family and DH's family for getting lost. In fact it has been said about me that "she can't find her way out of a 2 ft square box with both ends open". You are so brave!!

GB I am definitely in the category of misspelling definitely:)

Sylvia, I may have told about DH's accident on the Introductions thread but maybe not. Anyway, we were tree planting in AL in Dec of 97. The planting site was a typical clear-cut with huge ruts about 3 feet deep. He being crewleader, was busy checking tree spacing, depth, etc. He tripped on a tree branch and fell into the rut but his upper body hit the ground on the far side of the rut. He turned his head to avoid smashing his nose (which has been broken several times, twice by me:-)) and put out his arms in the hands up "I surrender" position to try and break his fall. It was that quick and that simple. He had some pain for a few days then the pain grew worse and worse. He went to a chiropractor in the small town nearby who put him in traction for a couple hours every evening after work. That was the only pain relief he had. In mid January we had to move the crew to NC. DH drove a semi that pulled our travel trailer, I drove a small pickup and DS drove the big Ford. It took us 24 HOURS to drive from AL to NC because poor DH had to stop and rest so often. I begged him to call his uncle to come down and drive the semi but he was too stubborn to do it. He saw another chiropractor in NC. I tried to get DH to quit and turn the crew over to another crewleader but he steadfastly refused. This was a very tough good-paying contract that our company only got because our crew did the job. DH knew that if he quit, 30 men would loose their jobs. He would get up and go to work at daylight after having slept one hour or maybe none. The crew pulled together and supported him. One guy drove the truck, they loaded the trees out of the cooler and back in, checked each others' planting quality, etc. Sometimes all DH could do was lie down in the field and wait for the day to be over. He hung on until the contract was done April 1. His left arm hand grown weaker until he couldn't even put his hand in his pocket or roll the truck window down. I don't know why we didn't realize that something was seriously wrong. I am normally much smarter than that!! I learned a lot from this experience about knowing things and asking questions!!! Then he faced the 6 hour drive to his parents home also in NC. When we made it there he immediately saw another chiropractor who set him up for an MRI, then a neurologist. After many, many tests, some quite painful, he was diagnosed with brachial plexus injury. The brachial plexus is a bundle of nerves that come from the spine. His were stretched. Apparently if they are torn they can be reattached by surgery. Because of the nerve damage, the muscles that are ennervated by those nerves atrophied. For him this included muscles in his left arm, shoulder, torso, neck, face, and the left vocal chords. Not every muscle in every area though; some just tingle as if they are waking up from being asleep. The constant severe pain and lack of sleep pretty much bankrupted him emotionally and mentally. A mild anti-depressant helped him sleep which started him on the road to mental and emotional recovery. He doesn't take it now. The neurologist said that the nerves have the capability of healing themselves but they grow at a very slow rate and some people have miles of nerves so they don't regrow enough in the person's lifetime. There is no way of knowing which person will recover or to what extent. The purpose of the physical therapy is to help build up any muscles that are capable of being improved and to strengthen other muscles to take over. Also to prevent further debility, as would happen if the left torso muscles stayed weak and caused pinched nerves in the spine. Some functions are just not there anymore and some are coming back somewhat. He has constant pain at some level, usually low unless he does something to trigger more pain. And he often does that:-( He is gradually learning what he can do and what he can't do. He was very troubled about losing his singing voice. He had a very nice baritone voice and now can't sing at all. Especially heartbreaking because our family and his siblings often gather around the piano an sing for hours at a time. Now he joins in by playing guitar or bass guitar with us. Well, I'm sure I've told you way more than you wanted or needed to know. I just got carried away!

I get my flax seed from a co-op in MI that delivers to a buying club that DH's aunt runs in NC. They ship UPS too.

Da, come sing carols with us:-)
I tried posting this early this morning but it was rejected by GW. I don't know why.

Deanne, what lovely pictures! You continue to inspire me with your gardens and plants.

Michelle, thank you! I enjoyed your lovely Christmas photos too. I have never seen a picture of Kenzie so will be looking forward to some:-) I must have missed the post about the bracelet. What are you making it out of?

Marian, I read the definition on your link. Very interesting and enlightening. I'm glad you shared it.

GB you are making me want some clematis so badly!!! What a contented dog:-)

I hear DS sanding the dry wall in the bathroom. It will be my job to help paint the room. We haven't picked out any colors yet so it will just be the primer for now. I will attempt to post this again and see what happens.

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

V, glad the taxes are less. That's always nice:-)

Hi Cindy! Hi Barb!

Thanks Sue and Cynthia for sharing some guidelines with me.

Hope I haven't missed anyone.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


For you chocoholics, I came into at least 10 pounds of Godiva chocolates in the kitchen at work this morning. One of our VPs brings them every year. Luckily they don't tempt me. My weakness is the homemade cookies that will surely arrive later.

Deanne, Tom wants to know how Doug smokes the salmon. Maybe they can trade cooking tips. The lasagna is my MIL's recipe. You first have to make a batch of her sauce and meatballs and go from there. The lasagna is the one and only food related thing Tom makes all year besides sandwiches.

Oooh... my boss just handed me an envelope filled with cash. You finance and accounting people would get a kick out of how the Christmas envelopes are calculated here-it's some wacky formula based on a percent of a weeks pay discounted by some other obscure factor and rounded off to the nearest Why mess with tradition?

We're getting out after lunch today. It's supposed to be in the low 40s. Who wants to join me for my afternoon walk around town?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We need some colour on this thread! More 2005 memories:

Guess I have to brave the grocery store soon....

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Deanne, it sounds like you had a fun day. I actually only ate 1 truffle. Ill let you know about the crab dip after we try it. New recipe, so could be a dude??? Hopefully, you can laugh about the sewing machine now. That is the joke around our house, I really dont like to sew and Rick keeps asking if I want a new machine for Christmas. He thinks a new sewing machine would make sewing more fun. I told him it would be a bad thing for him to give me.

Marie, I loved your birdhouse picture.

Babs, do you have my gift? ;o)

VG, I certainly didnt mind hearing about your husband. Hopefully he will continue to recover.

I tried to get a good picture of the bracelet, but I have a problem taking closeups indoors. The flash washes everything out. I took this without the flash, but then it isn't a good shot either. There is a Swarovski crystal for the birth month of each grandchild and one for great-grandchild Kenzie. The other beads are sterling silver.

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Good morning!

VG, I have no problem at all with someone mentioning that they had dinner with their pastor, that they went to lunch after they attended church, that they or a family member sings in the church choir (and that they sang like angels), or that they are working in or around their church property.....none of that bothers me in the least and I don't find it crossing any lines or sensibilities. There are ways of presenting things that are informational and then there are ways of presenting things that are offensive. I believe that the majority of people just know instinctively where a line should be drawn and if someone occasionally would step on or over the line it could be just ignored. It is when it becomes habitual, without regard for the thoughts and wishes of others, then that becomes a problem....for me at least.

I had hoped not to say anything more but maybe while we are figuring out all of this I should say why I became upset a couple days ago.

Most likely I would have been okay if the court case had been mentioned as a fact. "We had something happening in our local area that hit the news big time. We had reporters and camera people from all over here waiting to hear the outcome. It was the xxxxx case and the judge ruled today". What I had trouble with was the extra, unnecessary words that were thrown in there that conveyed, to me, a sense of glee and 'gotcha' in the judge's decision. Now, saying that------maybe there was *no* glee and *no* 'gotcha all who may agree with the other party'.....but that was the way I read it and the way that at least two others took it.

Here is an eye-opener for anyone who thought I was in agreement with those that lost in this judge's decision---I knew nothing about the case, what it was, who/what it was about. I had to type it into a search engine and look it up.

It is a controversial subject, as I found when I looked it up, there are those who would have been very unhappy with the verdict and those that felt the verdict was correct. This is not the venue to say "YES! that was so right of the judge to decide and that those in the suit.....etc.", or "NO! The judge was wrong......etc."

A person has to realize that for 99% or more of the statements we'll make about a religion, a court verdict (especially regarding religion), something pertaining to human rights or about anything having to do with a political party or even a politician--------those are hot topics for people.

Heck, that is why they have those television shows where people bring up controversial subjects so that, if we chose to, we can see people yelling, punching and tossing chairs at each other. Certain subjects are volatile, and because of that, those that set up online groups state that we don't go there in our discussions.

Months ago Sylvia, at least once, in a description of how she felt about a political leader was, well.... less than complimentary in her description of him. I found it very offensive to read her opinion of someone that I had higher regard for than she obviously did. I did not say anything at that time even though I was offended and upset that she didn't stop to think that what her personal opinion expressed was going to bother anyone else.

When it happened again, I thought how could anyone not realize that this isn't how everyone feels and there are people who would be offended by reading it?

Perhaps I should have said something quietly then....but I didn't and after that I have read her posts with less than enthusiasm because I was expecting that there would be another time when I felt something inappropriate and insensitive would be said by her.

I don't feel very good about myself when I write that--that I had painted someone with a brush that said "this person is going to say something to offend me--it is just a matter of time before it happens".

I think partially it was to steel myself and be prepared to bite my lip and to walk away......but as we all know that isn't what happened.

Sylvia probably had no idea that she was stepping on anyone's toes with voicing her opinions.

She (and everyone else) has every right to have opinions and to feel the way she does (they do) about things!!

Every right!! But, out of respect and kindness, certain opinions and feelings need to be kept to oneself at times and in certain places.

It comes down to basic courtesy and respect for others.

Now that it has been brought out in the open, that other valued Idylls have mentioned that they have either stepped back, thought of leaving or have been silently unhappy for quite awhile----this has got to change.

We are a diverse group of individuals, which I am thankful to have in my life. But we are also a caring group and if you care about someone you are going to be very careful not to hurt them in your words, actions and deeds.

Heavens! (Yep, I would have said that anyway! But funny that it lept from my brain to my fingers at this time lol). I certainly didn't expect to be writing a long note but I think it might help? I sure hope so as I don't want there to be discord within the group and certainly not me that stirred any problems up!

I also feel that I need to mention the other topic that has been brought up by some of the members. There is a member, whom we care about, who is very sure they aren't doing anything wrong. They have said that they believe if they don't continue to express themselves in the manner that they have in the past, that they are denying their faith and who they worship. There have been and are emails and some phone calls behind the scenes right now. I have been surprised at how many 'thank you for stepping forward' notes I've received and how many have been wishing someone would say or do something. I have to admit that I'm thankful I wasn't the only one being bothered by certain topics.

The consensus (others correct me if I'm wording this incorrectly!) is that everyone cares about this person and wishes them to continue to be a part of the group--- they just need to show the same courtesy and respect in following the rules of this forum as everyone else tries to do.
The Idylls (using that term loosely as I know not everyone even notices certain things or may not have been bothered by it) allowed it to go on because we realize that they have special circumstances in their life and that they have not comprehended that they are hurting others.

There is a problem right now that they don't accept that they are doing anything wrong. This person is writing repeated emails asking to be told *exact* words and *exactly where* those words are so that they can best understand what they've said that has offended. I've not replied again because I've tried to explain it already, as others have in the past days, privately and as kindly as I was able, and I just don't have anymore words to point out that it isn't just a word here or there, it is an attitude that comes out at times.

The fact that they've not curbed what they do, when presented that they are being perceived as insensitive and inappropriate to some, is just as hurtful to some of the members as this whole discussion has be to the member we are alluding to. She doesn't want to hurt others (does not see how she has hurt anyone) and we've not wanted to hurt her.

I don't wish to hurt this person.

I wish them to continue to be a valuable person in this forum. But I wish them to treat all of the members with the respect and courtesy that others have treated them by obeying the rules. It has been gently pointed out, long before these past days, that some are bothered by the wording.

It just hasn't sunk in that there is a problem with what they do and there has been no willingness to accept that they can be here without sharing certain aspects of their beliefs. I don't know, at this point if things will work out without more hurt feelings. Which makes me incredibly sad as I don't feel that I'm a mean spirited person or someone who looks for ways to make others feel badly. Kick me (just kidding! lol) if I'm wrong.....

I purposely made lots of paragraphs to make this horribly long note easier to read. I hope that is helpful to those who were confused as to where I was coming from and why I wrote what I did. I also hope that I've not caused more hurt feelings.

I'm surprised that I've written all of the above. It has taken me a long time this morning to do it and I hope that I chose my words correctly to convey what I mean. The written word is very difficult at times to convey what we are really saying, thinking and feeling. I tried to be careful so that nothing I felt would be misconstrued and even more hurtful than it might already be to those who I do care about.

Initially I logged in to share a picture of our little guy opening a gift from us last night. It is amazing how off of that task that I got.

My best,

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

T, thank you for having the courage to post these issues. AND for caring enough to want to keep the Idylls the special place that it is. It's the diversity WITH respect that makes Idylls so special.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I have to fess up, I've been staying away more because of these issues too.

It all comes down to the opinion some have that they are 100% correct and if you don't believe as they do then they are to 'convert' you. I've been so busy with therapy that I haven't read as much as I like but I find I do not post anything of my therapy due to comments, some made in private emails. Basically if you have enough faith you won't need any medication or therapy. Just forgive and move on. I disagree totally but did not want to upset everyone.

Sometimes forgiving and moving on is the solution but some times things are not that simple.

Oh well, enough of that subject other than to say THANK YOU again. I think this subject needed to be brought to light and discussed.
I hope all of your Holidays are wonderful. T, your GS is just SO cute! Thanks for the photo.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Oh, there are lots of things at TSC I'd like to have :) I think he wants to tell me what it is-he keeps giving me hints even tho I'm not asking for them. He says it's something I've never seen before. It's 6' tall, or so he says, anyway. I have to admit, I'm pretty curious.

Wow, 'bug...did you run into the Happy Hollisters at the grocery store?? Hope you can get the gang together in January!

Deanne, I love to watch people open presents, too. It sounds like if Doug and Jim AREN'T secretly related, and the very least they would have a good time talking about how they try to do nice things, but....they just don't understand us, lol! He was giving me hints, and I told him I only need one..."Does it give any indication that at any time you ever listened to anything I said?" He said, "No." Maybe I'll be bringing my new come-along over to pull your sewing machine out of the house :)

Babs-I always pick up a few Yankee Candles just in case I forgot someone. Added insurance, plus since I usually haven't fogotten anyone, I get Yankee Candles! Lol, I got a mental picture of Jim going down to put wood in the stove in fuzzy pink slippers...too funny!

Sylvia, I think it's a law of nature..batteries always go dead right when you want to use them. I've become a bit of a battery pack-rat. I've got just about everything, unless it's one of the goofy little round ones for a watch or something.
You want to grind the flax seed. I think it tends to sail right through your system without getting much good out of it otherwise. Yogurt and hot cereal were always how I ate it, but there are recipes for stuff. I haven't given up on finding a good muffin recipe. Just haven't had time to do any looking.
Hope Louie gets feeling better :(

VG-we all just about fainted when the Dr. said he had the wrong chart. I know docs are human, too but least double check the name on the chart, especially if you're going to deliver news like that!!
What a nightmare your Dad went through! I don't know much about diabetes, but I thought the insulin was injected after you tested your sugar, and you needed it?

Michelle-Nice bracelet! What a neat idea!!

T-Cute pic! I bet he'll have a grand ol' time playing with that!

Gotta go wrap more presents....
Later, all!

Oh, V-glad the tax bite isn't going to be quite so hard!

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

VG - I was wondering about the cause of your DH's problems too - on the introduction thread you mentioned the name of the problem (I had to look up what it meant as I hadn't heard of it before!) but not what happened. WOW! Scary that a simple fall could have such terrible repercussions. The increase in mobility of the shoulder that you mentioned sounds great and I hope it continues.

Sylvia - your DH's fall is another scary one. I worry about DH falling everytime he goes up on the ladder to clean eavestroughs. He's not allowed to play with chainsaws though :-) so I never have to worry about that complication. It's not something that you'd think of off the bat but my deafness increases risks to his safety in that he could injure himself and be calling for help but I wouldn't be aware of it until I went looking for him for some reason. A few night ago, Chelsea decided to sleep in a different place in the hall. Randy got up in the night, didn't turn on any lights and tripped over Chelsea and fell. I was not aware of it until he told me about it the next morning. If he had broken something, he could have been there for hours before I'd have noticed. Needless to say, we're adding more nightlights to the hall! When he's up on a ladder, I tend to follow him around to watch out for him. At least this year he seems to have given up his tendency to clean the eavestroughs by walking around on the roof and squatting at the edges to get the leaves etc. out of the eavestroughs!

DH is making mincemeat tarts at the moment. We just did a taste test comparing my mincemeat to a bottle he bought at the store and concluded homemade was better!

Brenda - I'm waiting with bated breath to read what the gift from TSC was :-)! I'm in the prefer practical gifts category.... (Books are always good too...)

Cynthia - I loved the Doggie Wonderland! I've saved it to share with other doggie people. Are you the author?

Yesterday we made up 4 gift bags of homemade dog cookies and dropped them off to Cheslea and Misty's doggie friends. One bag had to be repackaged before we left. We had made up the bags and put them on the table in the hall ready to go. Each bag had a dog-bone shaped cookie tied to the outside with decorative ribbon. When we came back 15 minutes later, one bag had the dangling cookie partially removed! I don't think Chelsea really wanted to share HER cookies!

Réveillon here tomorrow night - tourtière, ham and baked beans on the cooking agenda tomorrow.

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T..I am amazed you won't let this die. In my last two posts, I said nothing about the controversy.It's obvious you want to keep it going altho I apologized three times, and said I would no longer mention anything remotely controversial. You could have quietly e-mailed me, but you chose to slander me in this public forum, and I resent it.It's obvious you want me gone from the Idylls. I can't count the bible verses I'ved read on here, and I don't recall any public rebuke from you altho it clearly violates way more than I did. As for the past, I made a political comment when we were discussing working outside the home, and I said I worked three months for John Kerry and in 1976 for Jimmy Carter and he kissed me and told me he loved me. I guess if it had been Rush Limbaugh, I would have been safe from criticism.I am very involved in politics and I am a liberal Democrat..GASP!!!!coming from a long, long line of conservative Republicans. This does NOT make me a bad person. I am a contributor to causes to benefit people, I work for environmental groups and rescue animals of all kinds. In general I lead a good life and have raised two exemplary kids.I love rescuing animals which I did on Thurs when I found a good home for a homeless kitten. I imagine when we were talking about meeting celebrities ,I should have censored myself about meeting Carly Simon because she is even more left wing than I.
So as I asked before, I moved on two posts back and apologized three times so why am I being made the scapegoat when others have violated on a continous basis...Another thought..You keep mentioning people who have left here long before I came..I wonder what made them go..Can't blame that on me, can you? A quiet email from you ,T would have made all this contention unneccesary.
I came on here today to read about how to incorporate flax seed in my diet and then to be bombarded like this on the eve before Xmas eve!!...Sylvia

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mybrainhurts(6, MI)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I don't get it...What's with all the finger pointing? Let's move ON!

I'm looking forward to a guitar concert tonight!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Here is one of the current litters of foster pups! 5 little girls - Border Collie/Newfie mix! It's not the best photo but have you tried to get a puppy to stand still lately? ;)
Meet Angel (she's NOT!)

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Sylvia, I'm sorry I hurt you. I could have sent this apology quietly but I won't since you mention that I am sending everything out in the open.

An apology doesn't negate the hurt feelings ever. What is said is said and what hurts are inflicted often stay wounds that are sensitive whether we move on or not.

No, I don't want you gone. No, it wasn't the things that you mentioned above that hurt me earlier. I think it is great that you met these men, that you enjoyed them and believed in what they stood and worked for. I am not as political as you seem to think I am....or perhaps I gave the impression I was.

I feel strongly about certain issues just as everyone does. There are not topics that shouldn't be brought up in front of just me on this forum. I don't want to be perceived as the Idyll topic police because I'm not and have never attained to be.

A quiet email from me would have made all this contention unnecessary? Interesting. I don't believe it though. Maybe between you and I, and if that is all it would have taken and would have stopped any hurt that I've caused you then Yes, I wish I had taken that step.

The problem has been bigger than this one instance that upset me. There were others upset as you have read and there have been other issues that have been the cause of the upset before you began sharing with us.

I hope that you will realize I did not mean to hurt you but without meeting me or knowing me, how would you know that to be true. I believe that I've just caused a rift between us that I won't be able to fix no matter how hard I try and for that I'm very sorry.

In my opinion you are a valuable and welcome member on this list. I hope you will stay and will continue to share parts of your life, your lovely garden and your home with us. I have no doubt that you are a very kind and caring individual.

I've thought about just saying "I'm going to leave the list since I'm not welcome here by some".... but I like the people here and up until a few days ago, I think I was liked too. Now, I know that I have some who still like me, and some who like me more than ever because I was willing to stand up and say 'this has got to stop'. I also am not oblivious that I may have hurt some, made enemies and also dimished myself in some Idyller's eyes. I'm truly sorry for that because I dislike controversy and I especially hate it when I'm involved in it.

I wrote my very long explanation not to keep the controversy going but to answer the questions that people were asking about what my thoughts were on what the forums allow and what is not acceptable to the forum & this group.

Since it was me that brought up inappropriate & insensitive over your post, I felt that I couldn't ignore these questions and that I should explain what actually upset me and what I wouldn't have been upset about.

The diversity in this group is wonderful and I hope it continues.

I also hope to be a welcomed and embraced member of this group for a very long time as I hope you will be also.

My desire would be to meet you some day, at an Idyllunion, to be able to tell you what a delight it has been to get to know you through this venue and to have you say the same to me.

We do not have to have the same beliefs, we do not need to have the same outlook on things, but we do need to be kind to each other. Being kind on a forum is to be sensitive to how others feel.

I did not slander you, I did not mean to hurt you.

I explained what had transpired and what impression I was given by what, in particular, you wrote the other day. Your post above feels like an attack and I'm trying very hard to not take it personally because I've obviously made you feel attacked and I did not mean to.

I, too, hope that we've learnt from all of this and that we can, as a group, move on.


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Hi, it's me, trying to lighten things up a bit. I thought this was cute. I hope you all enjoy it too. Hugs to you all! Eden

Doggie Holiday Guidelines

1. Be especially patient with your humans during this time. They may appear to be more stressed-out than usual and they will appreciate long comforting dog leans.

2. They may come home with large bags of things they call gifts. Do not assume that all the gifts are yours.

3. Be tolerant if your humans put decorations on you. They seem to get some special kind of pleasure out of seeing how you look with fake antlers.

4. They may bring a large tree into the house and set it up in a prominent place and cover it with lights and decorations. Bizarre as this may seem to you, it is an important ritual for your humans, so there are some things you need to know:
- don't pee on the tree
- don't drink water in the container that holds the tree
- mind your tail when you are near the tree
- if there are packages under the tree, even ones that smell interesting or that have your name on them, don't rip them open
- don't chew on the cord that runs from the funny-looking hole in the wall to the tree

5. Your humans may occasionally invite lots of strangers to come visit during this season. These parties can be lots of fun, but they also call for some discretion on your part:
- not all strangers appreciate kisses and leans
- don't eat off the buffet table
- beg for goodies subtly
- be pleasant, even if unknowing strangers sit on your sofa
- don't drink out of glasses that are left within your reach

6. Likewise, your humans may take you visiting. Here your manners will also be important:
- observe all the rules in #4 for trees that may be in other people's houses. (4a is particularly important)
- respect the territory of other animals that may live in the house
- tolerate children
- turn on your charm big time

7. A big man with a white beard and a very loud laugh may emerge from your fireplace in the middle of the night. DON'T BITE HIM!!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi all, I'm not sure this will work but I'll try it.
Hoping you all survive the holiday season!

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T..I went for a long walk after I posted on this very lovely day in PA. The whole month of December it never got above 38 as the high and it was in the low 50's...Thank you for your apology and here's mine back at you. I guess I'm very sensitive to take it as a personal attack and I will continue thinking highly of you as I do everyone here. I don't carry grudges. As I mentioned since joining the Home site, and Garden Web three years ago, I have only posted on the Pond, Kitchen and Old House forums and never on an off topic one so I messed up on the rules. Rarely does religion or politics come up when discussing fish and frogs or stoves and went TOO far off topic and it won't happen again..I would like to meet you, T, as I would every one on here at some time. I truly like everyone on here even tho we are a diverse group..geographically and I believe we range in ages from 30's -to 70's. I apologize if there is a 20's person I momentarily forgot. We're bound to be different from life experiences, but as I said before we all love gardens or we wouldn't BE here, most of us love cats and dogs and other creatures, and we love our families..So that's why we are a usually congenial group...So..PEACE!!!!
VG..Getting back to the flax seed, maybe I should have bought the ground.
Brenda..How should I grind a mortar and pestle??
It got so warm today that my bees came out to carry out their dead. I was worried about them. They WILL not soil their hive, so don't defecate in it and "hold it" till the first warmish day. They carried out many, many dead and dropped them in the snow. Hopefully now they can eat since they huddle together to keep the queen warm and don't eat when it's frigid...Sylvia

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You were posting as I was. Please don't leave on my account. I certainly never called you or anyone here a bigot. In fact, to the best of my memory ,never said a mean word about anyone. I enjoy your posts, Marion..Please reconsider and don't leave us. Please tell me I'm not responsible. We people w/ fibromyalgia are a sensitive lot and must stick together...Sylvia

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Being the new kid on the block, I'm troubled by all of this. Please don't any of you go away!!! Probably every single person on this forum has said one thing or another that somebody else diagreed with. That's the way life is. It would be boring otherwise. I enjoy reading posts from all of you. There is not a single one of you that I wish would go away.

All the photos are so pretty and that puppy is adorable.

Eden, I got a kick out of the doggie tips:-)

Thanks to you all for the well wishes for my hubby:-)

I wish all of you very happy holidays and hope to "see" you all back here after the holidays:-)

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Hi Everybody, I was going to wait until after Christmas to post again but I've changed my mind. I miss you all.

First, I'd like to get this out of the way and make a public apology to Cynthia here on the Idylls. In my last post a few days ago I used the word "disappoint" in relation to her. It was a very poor choice of words and a dumb thing to say. Cynthia's one of the kindest, fairest people I know and I have so much respect for her. Cynthia, I'm sorry. You could never really disappoint me. I like you too much.

It's been so much warmer here yesterday and today, that the snow and ice we've accumulated over the last month is finally melting away. I went out to do some last minute Christmas shopping earlier and it felt like a heat wave at 38F. Funny how our perspective of hot and cold changes with the seasons. Bud went to the groomer today. I waited till the last possible minute to take him before our car trip up to my parents because I want him to smell as good as is possible for him. I shouldn't complain though. He's a really good car rider. He's very calm in the car and lays down and sleeps most of the 5 hour trip. I have officially finished my Christmas shopping as of this afternoon. But there's still the wrapping and most of the presents I bought this year are in BIG boxes for some reason.

Michelle, I did pretty good not going overboard with presents for Bella. Mostly because I knew I'd have to lug them all in the car up north and then back again. I love the bracelet you made your mom. It's so delicate, really beautiful. I have one that Jenni had made for me for Mothers Day a few years ago. I'll take a picture of mine and post it when I get a chance.

T, I bet Jamie loved that train table. What a prefect gift for a little boy.

Marie, are you going to a French Club meeting tonight? Is that where you'll be enjoying the guitar music? Brad's been practicing Christmas carols alot this last week so he can play for us on Christmas day.

Jerri, she sure does look like an angel!

Hi Da, great that you're around more and I love your photo.

Sue, swipe some of those Godiva's and send them my way. Oh, and you, Deanne and Monique looked great in the party pic.

Darn, but I've gotta go. Bella's squawkin'. We're leaving in the morning, over the river and through the woods, to grandma's house so I'll talk to you all when I get back.

An Irish Christmas Toast to my Idyll friends, so raise your glass...

"May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch on your door,
And happiness be guided to your home by the candle of Christmas."


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vegangirl(z6 VA)

I'm feeling better already:-)

Michelle, I forgot to tell you how nice the bracelet looks. I'm sure your Mom will be pleased!

And T, I forgot to mention your adorable grandson!! He looks like he is loving watching that train.

Sylvia, it's really better to buy the whole seed and grind it because whole seeds will stay fresh longer. They need to be kept in the freezer anyway. They grind easily in a blender.

Ok, bye everybody until next time.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Nice to see the spirit of the season taking over and ruffled feathers being smoothed a bit. Marian, I hope you reconsider. I think T's explanation was worded very nicely and she is right--too many things have not been mentioned in the past or it never would have reached this point. And more than one are guilty of it.

There have been other comments faily recently that have made some people here feel the need to defend their personal choices. People usually react defensively when someone has spoken offensively, and inappropriately. But sometimes, as it's been pointed out, it is just that what someone has written has been misinterpreted, as things get lost in the translation without the benefit of facial expression, inflection of voice, etc. I don't think that anyone here would intentionally say something hurtful--but maybe they don't always think through the implications of what they are saying first. As least I hope that is why it happens. I often say things tongue in cheek and hope no one is offended...

If we can all agree to stay away from inflammatory subjects, not express our beliefs in a way that passes judgement on others' beliefs, there will be no flames that need to be put out. I value all of my cyberbuddies here and hate to see and/or feel hurt feelings. Glad to see Da and Eden and Jerri back. Miss jain and Saucy and some others who've been missing lately.

Hugs to all,


    Bookmark   December 23, 2005 at 5:58PM
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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Marian - I don't see any good reason for you to leave. Certainly we have different religious views (I'm rather a heathen I'm afraid :-) oops - maybe I shouldn't have said that :-) but I've never been offended by anything you've posted. I enjoy hearing you talk about your garden and property (the copperhead snake stories are particularly memorable...) I hope that, should I manage to reach your age, I would be as vigorous and as engaged with the natural world around me as you are. I also wanted to say that I was very impressed that when I made that smart-ass remark about Sylvia's (?) house name that, after stating your concern about my comment, you then looked up information on the name - both the specific name and the use of 'Christian' as a given name/family name and came back to say you had over-reacted. I thought that was a very impressive thing to do! (And I knew my crack about the name was ill-advised in the first place but my off-beat sense of humor overcame common sense :-)

    Bookmark   December 23, 2005 at 6:07PM
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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I have e-mailed the web-master and asked that all my posts on this forum be pulled . I explained that I was considered too religious . I hope they will comply rapidly , since I have added to my offences .

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(To the tune of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)

Have yourself a merry little Idyll,
Let your prose be light
From now on,
'Delete' will make it all just riggggghhhhtttt.

Have yourself a merry little Idyll,
Make the idyll gayyyyyyyyyyyy,
From now on,
All troubles will be edited away.

Here we are as in wordy days,
Happy chatty days before....
Silly threads which were dear to us
Will come back to us I'm surrrrrrrrre...

Through the keys we all will be together
If the rules allow
Hang a shining gag upon the highest bough.
And have yourself a merry little Idyll nowwwwwwwwwwwww.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any errors or omissions, hurt feelings or any results obtained from the singing of this song. All information in this song is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, rhyminess, sensitivity or for the results obtained from the use of this ditty, and without warranty of any kind, express-o or implied-o, including, but not limited to warranties of discordance, suitability and/or fitness for idylling. In no event will I be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or reaction or action taken in reliance on this little ditty or for any consequential, special or similar affront, even if advised of the possibility of such annoyance.

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Here's one for the cat lovers...

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

T, wise words from a wise lady.

Cynthia...lolol! How many vodka and lemonades did it take to write that little ditty. Don't tell me none.

Marian, please reconsider. I would hate to see anyone leave here because they don't feel they have anything worthwhile to contribute or that they've been personally attacked. Even though I admit to skimming topics of little interest to me I think I have a good feel for all of your personalities, likes and dislikes. It always makes me smile when someone who has taken a hiatus from posting hops back in. Diversity is what makes this group so special.

Eden we usually squirrel away alot of those Godivas until after the holidays. We had so much food in the offices today. People will appreciate them more in another week or two when the holiday gravy train comes to a screeching halt. One year I think we tossed them in the

For you on line holiday shoppers, the deals have started to roll in. Tonight I made a Coldwater Creek order at 50% off everything on the site. Yesterday I bought something I had been watching for months on sale at Talbots and it was sitting on my doorstep today for no extra charges. We don't have any real shopping left to do but just for kicks and giggles I may go hit the stores tomorrow to browse and enjoy the excitement of the season.

Another exhausting week-time to change into jammies and get into bed.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Marian, I hope you change your mind. It's like a family...not without it's squabbles and criticisms. I think Sue pretty well summed it up.

:) Cynthia :) You clever thing, you!

Eden, thanks for the new cartoon for my desktop-cute!

Sue-You just HAD to mention the deals, didn't ya?? The fraud protection people at Discover have already called to make sure everything was okay, lol!

Settled on a year's subscription to netflix for MIL. For those who aren't familiar, you go online, make a list of movies you want to see, and they send them to you postage paid with a return envelope. When you send one back, they send the next movie on the list. Thought that would be nice for her, especially this winter. I dumped the movie channels off the dish and got that for us. Much better. I think I've seen A League of Their Own a million times now. I love the movie, but enough is enough already.

Jim talked over the TSC surprise with his ice fishing buddy. The buddy says it sounds good to him. This is intended to make me feel better about it, I think :)

Have a good night, all.

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LOL Cynthia! You have hidden talents!

Eden, your sharing has been fun and clever, too.

Jerri, the card is great, thank you for it.

Sue, the Jackie Lawson card was another marvel from that talented lady.

Da, I love your photos and if you ever decide to teach us how to do them.....I would love to 'sign up' to learn.

'bug and Deanne......the color you've shared is beautiful and I look forward to more of your photos.

Michelle, your home looks lovely.

I'm a bit on the edge of my chair awaiting Brenda's report on her gift from her hubby. :o) I'm with the crowd that has a list of things that I'd be happy to get from a farm & tool store.....but diamonds always fit, too. :oD

Not intentional if I'm not commenting on something shared recently. I've fallen behind.


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Having fun. More to come. EP

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EP, we must have been writing at the same time. I just listened to your link and it is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

You are one of the jewels in this group. I wish you the best this holiday season and in the upcoming year.


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Megan just picked up Bella so I thought I'd do a quick check in here and then off to bed. EP, that was just great. I've got to show that one to Brad. He'll love it.

Brenda, I have Netflix too this winter. It's so much better than a trip to Blockbuster on a cold night. Add me to the list that can't wait to hear what your present is.

Very clever, Cynthia. LOL!

OK that's it from me. Good Night All...Eden

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When I went to run errands tonight and ate out, our waitor informed me he hadn't even started his Xmas shopping!!.He'll probably get some bargains. I know I'll be out tomorrow looking for me since everything else is bought and wrapped. Grandson's boogie board is in a plastic trash bag w/ a red bow. Anyone have a more creative way to wrap it??I AM going to get him a Brainteaser tomorrow. Had to check if he had the president one. He has the states one and knows every state and capitols and he's 7. I don't think I could get them all...
Woody..Kids got husband a very long handled electric saw where he can stand on the ground and saw away. Now he just has to duck!!
Cynthia..Very clever, but politically incorrect..You used the G word..
Eden..That IS my tree. I have seven cats and they all look like that...Very cute...Sylvia

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janie_on(z6a Ontario)

Good morning. Well, one more big sleep!! Is everyone ready? I was..until last night. I have a couple of presents hidden and then concocted a treasure hunt with notes for the kids to follow. Wellllll, one of the notes got found last night..hubby headed them off at the pass so the gifts are still safe but now I need to put out new notes..drats!

Off to my parents tonighthome tomorrow going to friends for a couple of days on Christmas Day Eve

a little colour from me! Thanks for posting yours Marie!! They are beautiful

DA I love how you do those pictures.

Sue love that card thanks for sharing the link

T adorable pics of your sweetie! Hell get hours of enjoyment with that setwe had one when our kids were smaller.

Marian, I do hope you reconsider.

Cynthia awesome tune!!

Time to get at it!! Hugs to all!!

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi yall. Here's a post from Thurs. I didn't get back to. The stove repairman interrupted. Needed the oven fixed and one burner replaced! Sheesh.

" Being domestic these days, baking, pre-cooking, cleaning. Nothing like out-of-town company and the holidays to get one in-gear! Of course a 4-day running argument with DD, SIL and SILs X over GDs physical therapy didnt help. SILs X, GDs mother, is a trip and a half and is using GD as a pawn. (Marian, I cant tell you how much Ive thot of you these last few days). Without the gory details, Im furious over 3 "adults" not putting the childs health care first. Sadly, while trying to help, I got caught in the middle of this fiasco (Ive been taking GD to physical therapy). At least 2 of them are off for the holidays so Ive bowed out for now. Sheesh.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Ive had a real scare over the last few days. Thus, being busy and pre-occupied was quite good for me. Ive left several msgs. for my friend and she didnt respond. I was aware of her test and chemo schedule but its not like her not to respond. On the other hand, when things are bad she does tend to go inter herself. Of course, Ive feared the worst and was close to panicking. She wont let me visit so our contact is by phone. We had a long chat this am and shes managing. I was so relieved to talk to her. Im praying shes among the few who do beat this dread disease. Please keep her in your prayers.

Tues., I realized DH forgot to build an additional step at the garage entrance to make it easier for Mom to get in the house Xmas eve. So I sketched up a plan and checked with DH to see what he thot. Then on runs yesterday I stopped at the orange box store, had the wood cut and dropped it off at home before I took GD to physical therapy (forgot my cell). On his way home, DH also stopped at the same place. While he was consulting with the helper, the guy commented, "Funny, there was a woman in here today asking for the same size supplies!" Thank goodness it was the same helper and Dh decided to check at home first before buying. What are the odds of us both getting the same helper and him remembering me?! So the step is built for Mom.

I decided not to rush and put off making the GR drapes until Jan. I still have tons to do before I get back on schedule here. Well have 15 for Xmas Eve; are going to DSs on Xmas Day; will restock on Mon for next weeks out-of-town guests. Therefore, if I dont stop back, its because Im visiting, cooking, etc.

Oops gotta to. Stove repairman is here and theres furniture polish and cloth with my name on it waiting!


After this weekend's festivities, we'll have back-to-back company over the next week with barely enough time to change the sheets and clean the baths in between. If I'm not back, that's why.

I'm wishing all of you and your family have the best holidays ever filled with the warmth and love of family and friends!

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Eden, I posted the doggie rules to my greyhound group after sharing them with the dogs in my office :-) Love the kitty tree too!

Sue, you must have a secret entrance to CWC. I found a 50% effective 12/26, so made my list and will go back then. I've order sweaters and dresses from them over the years but have never risked their pants. Have you ordered pants from them? If they're long enough for you they should be long enough for me.

LOL Sylvia. Well it's not a religion and I respect people who know who they are, but I'll edit that if you give me another word that rhymes with 'way' and fits the context!

As is done in other forums, my going forward plan is to just report anything that breaks the politics or religion rules of GardenWeb and let GW/Ivillage take care of it.

Jerri, nice to see you back here, and the pup is adorable. I miss your foster stories!

Well, it's 44F here already and supposed to be in the 50s today. I'm off work until after New Year's so hoping to get some projects done around the house. Cleaning would be a fine start. Have a Christmas Eve get together to go to tonight, and hope you all are looking forward to your own get togethers with family and friends.

Hello to all and don't go to the Mall! Cynthia

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

It's so nice to start the day with a laugh!

Cynthia - you are so talented. Great little ditty!

Eden, love the cat tree

Brenda, maybe the TSC gift will be wonderful? Of course I asked for a new heat pump for Christmas! LOL

EP, loved the link. Adorable!

Sylvia, we are down to 6 furbabies now but I can relate!

Janie, have a safe trip and the photo is lovely

Honey, glad the oven is working! We had appliance burn out this week too. What timing! Your friend is in our thoughts and prayers.

Today will be a small open house at the shelter I work with. Santa is making a visit and we are having cider and hot chocolate. It should be fun. There are a lot of good folks who bring food, bedding, and donations for Christmas.
I'll be there by around noon - AFTER I:
Bath Jazzy who is getting a NEW home today
Bath 5 puppies and hope they find a nice new home soon.

Time to go get wet!!!!!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Do any of you check your page view stats from Picturetrail? I get an e-mail from them every week or so telling me what pictures received the most views. Well, idylls are apparently still a popular place because the two pictures I posted of me next to the tree in my office Christmas party outfit both received 788 page views!

I don't watch movies so don't subscribe to Netflix but have had the stock on my watch list for a few months. It's had a good run this year-I'm waiting for it to retreat somewhat before considering it.

We have a few errands to run today-nothing major. The weather is gorgeous-sunny and probably into the 40s F. Yesterday afternoon I was able to walk outside for an hour and a half and I plan to do the same today. Tonight we're off to a Christmas Eve open house hosted by our good friends. It's become our Christmas Eve tradition since my mom decided to start skipping off to FL at the beginning of November.

Time for some breakfast-be back later.

Hi Honey and Jane!


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Good Morning, We're getting ready to leave around noon. Whenever we go away for a day or two getting the animals all set is the biggest job of all. Feeding and watering everyone, making sure Tim's peanut supply doesn't run out, filling the bird feeders and the birdbath, feeding the fish and last but certainly not least making sure the litter boxes are all taken care of. Tires me out just listing it all. I've got to give the kitties their gifts before we go too. Everyone gets a mousie and a toy or a ball for some of the boys who enjoy those and then a can of Pounce for all to share. I'm can't wait for tomorrow and Bella's first Christmas morning! I just wanted to say that I wish you all a great holiday with family and friends too. I'll talk to you all on Monday and I will be so curious to hear what Brenda got.


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Michelle but didn't you see the Yankee Candle I left on your porch lastnight-I didn't forget you: )(Whew! Thanks Brenda lol)

At 1pm we'll be at MIL's for gift exchange,church,and then dinner. I made spencer chuck roast as a contribution to the dinner. Doing last minute wrapping-probably the same as all of you.Wish me luck that all goes well @ MIL's. SIL has been up to nasty tricks. Honey I have a feeling I understand your frustration re: who's taking GD to PT.Hugs to you. LOL about the step--great minds think alike,eh?

I just want to say as we dive headfirst into the festivities that I really cherish everybody here and am thankful to be a part of the idyll gang. I want to wish each idyll a special holiday filled with content and naturally....calm; )

OK so I haven't eaten that many cookies but I bombed last night and ate triple cream brie on french bread(why can't I stop myself?)I think I'm doing stress eating. The weather is perfect for power walking but I don't have time atleast today...hmm maybe I should be walking instead of posting! Nope I need to do the wrap dance



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good morning to all,

Sounds like all the activities are picking up and everyone is getting ready for the holiday. We went to Doug's sister's last night for a lovely party. They had a Yankee Swap (which I normally hate but this actually turned out to be fun) anyway, I received and kept three PowerBall Lotto tickets for the drawing tonight. Wish me luck! Wouldn't it be a hoot if we won! Should that happen I could pay for all the Idyllers to fly to Idyllunion 2006... Ahhhhh dream on.

Doug and I were lazy this AM and sat around having coffee and a long lovely chat. What a treat, we never do this anymore. Why is that? After so many years of marriage we seem to live our lives without really communicating sometimes. Then we practiced dancing in our pajamas. Too funny!

Cynthia, love the ditty! You are just too clever.

Eden, that cat tree is great.

How great to hear from Honey, Jerri and Jane.

I still have a ton of stuff to finish today and really must get to the gym so I've got to run soon but wanted to wish all a fantastic holiday.

And Rahjii says Have a Merry Merry to all!

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Here's the kitties enjoying their Christmas presents. I think they've had a little too much catnip...

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Deanne, what a beautiful picture of Rahjii. He's looking so very regal.


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Dear Idylls

The house is full of company and good cheer. I'm up to my eyes in cooking and and last minute preparations but loving every minute.

Seasons greetings to all.


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Our first gathering is over. It was a success. All the kids seemed thrilled with their gifts. We had lots of good food and lots of laughter. Im sort of relaxing this a.m. We cleaned up and now will take it easy. This afternoon later we will go to my parents. My whole family will be together. Pretty good since my other 3 siblings are all from out of state. I tried not to spoil Kenzie too much ;o) Twin dollies, a Little Tikes picnic table, tub puzzle, a pull toy train and her annual ornament.

I just want each of you to know how dear you have become to me in the past year and a half. I would be saddened if any one of you would leave. I think this forum is like a family and there will be little tiffs in families, but that doesnt make you quit the family. My wish is that we will have many good conversations in the new year. Enjoy your Christmas weekend.

Its 34 and supposed to get into the 40s today and tomorrow.

Deanne, your morning sounds rather romantic. I had to chuckle at the Rahjii picture. It reminded me of the doggie rules about being tolerant when your humans put decorations on you. LOL

Hopefully Babs and everyone else with difficult family members has a peaceful holiday.

Eden, your kitties look like they are relaxed and enjoying their gifts. The doggie rules and cat tree were fun.

T, what an awesome gift for your GS. I bet hell have many hours of enjoyment from it.

Cynthia, you are in a rhyming mood these days. Your song was very cute. I had to sing it out load to really appreciate it. I could use your help with a poem. In our family we like to give what we call "special gifts" No one knows who will get a "special gift" or who will give it each year. The way it works is if someone does something that you think is funny or you would like to tease them about something, then you give them a "special gift" and if you are able you write a poem telling why you are giving the person the gift. I am not a poet, but my mom is very good at it. At Thanksgiving my Dad teased me quite a bit that day. He is a big tease. So my special gift to him is Edens idea of reindeer poop. I know that he loves chocolate bridge mix, so that will be his "reindeer poop" Its always fun.

Ahhh, Babs you are so sweet to have remembered me ;o)

Jerri, the singing turkey was cute and a good reminder to us all to relax and take time for ourselves during this busy time.

Sylvia, Im sure that my son hasnt started his shopping yet. Last year we all got gift cards from the mall which he purchased on Christmas Eve day.

Honey, that was an amazing coincidence at the orange box store.

I spent some time this a.m. viewing the holiday links and enjoyed them all. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

Nice to hear from Mary and Janie too.

Here is a picture from last night. These are Ricks 2 youngest grandchildren. They are about 6 months apart and are already great buddies. One of the other kids had gotten this video chair as gift.

Have a wonderful day

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Great pictures of regal cat and catnip cats - and cute grandkids!

We're just finishing up the main cooking for Reveillon tonight and the things we're contributing to Christmas dinner at DH's brother's tomorrow. (We alternate each year who does Reveillon vs. who does Christmas dinner. When our nephew learned this year that dinner was at their place he was disappointed - he said he prefers DH's turkey!)

I hope everyone has a great Christmas with lots of peace and goodwill (family stress at a minimum and not too many problems with sugar-fueled cranky kids!)

Merry Christmas to all!


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janie_on(z6a Ontario)


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Love all the pics and funnies you guys. Da that flower is pure art! Very cute grandkids Michelle! Are they going to be tracking Santa tonight? (see link below) My guys love to do that, and Shane goes along with it for his brothers' sake. They also sprinkle fairy dust on our front walk so Rudolf can find us.

We're having a lazy day here. Slept in until 9:00, then had coffee laced with Kempers Bavarian cream and a lavender-scented jacuzzi to start my day. Can't get much more mellow than that. Boys have a friend over now and they're practising their skateboard tricks in the basement. That ended the mellow quick...

I'm just about to go around to a couple of neighbors with cards and reindeer poop (aka chocolate covered cashews). Thanks Eden! I like how they turned out.

We usually go to our friends Dawn and Jason's place in Toronto for Christmas Eve, but they are in Oregon this year, visiting his family. So it feels a bit peculiar. I may see if any of the neighbors want to come over for a rum and eggnog this evening. Quick vacuum will do it for housework. If not, will join Ei, Sylvia and VG in watching "It's a Wonderful Life" tonight. Saw "Christmas with the Kranks" last night and it was pretty good.


I wish for peace on earth, and peace on idylls too...


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Look at all those beautiful drugged kitties Eden!! lol. And Deanne, Rahjii's christmas portrait is stunning! Now I know Holly's last name and wonder if she has a sister named Dolly? Cute Jerry :-) Michelle, those little boys are adorable, but don't forget the Kenzie pic please.

Ok, all I have to do now is stay awake. It was warm enough to do some cleanup outdoors, and it was warm enough to take a really long walk with the reindeer (prancer, dancer and blitzen). There's probably enough time for a quick nap, but what if I don't wake up? Need to leave here at 6:30... Guess I'll move some laundry around and I'm sure by the time I do the other 3 things I discover en route, it will be time to get dressed and out of here. Already showered.

Hope you all have a lovely evening with your friends and loved ones. Cynthia

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Well , I haven't been 'deleted' or 'edited away' , yet .
I have spent the entire day rereading every post that I have posted , that are still available .
I can see where some of what I said , espacially recently, could been construed as offensive to some ...(espacially if they are looking for something to be offended about) .
Let it be known , I too have feelings , and have found offensive things , but have NEVER said so to the offender , either on here , or in an e-mail .( except in answer to their accusations . ) I do point out things that I cannot , or do not , participate in , but not to individuals . I try to keep it as a generality .
I have also read all of the past e-mails that I have recieved from Idyll members . I only found one ( before this present bruhaha ) that was objective , and she was pointing out that I was not the only 'naitsirhc'here ( I spelled it backwards , so to not be offensive ) . She also pointed out that it was inappropriate for us to talk about such things here . I admit I slipped !

I think this all boils down to at least two very stubborn , bull-headed , women who are at odds ... and I am one of them !

I am ready to forgive , but I probably can't forget the meanspirited things said to , and about, me .

BTW , Nobody phoned 'me' . I 'have' recieved supportive messages from two members , and I appreciate the requests to remain here , and the kind comments .

I am not good at compiling dittys , so maybe some talented person can come up with one for this occasion ?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Glad to see you back, Marian.

We're off to our friends' open house for the evening. Enjoy your celebration whatever it may be. When I was out on my walk tonight people in certain sections of town were putting out luminarias to line the sidewalks. It was too light out to get the effect at that point but I just told Tom we should take a drive back through on our way to the party.

Merry Christmas Eve!


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mybrainhurts(6, MI)

My hard drive crashed last night. Crashed in a bad way. Crashed in the final death kind of way.
I spent the last year writing every night... pages and pages of writing(10+ pages a day.) Gone.
Spent the last several years taking pictures and turning them into art. Gone.

I can blame the loss of it all on nobody other than myself. I'd made a mental note to ask my hubby to teach me how to burn a cd with his computer so that I'd not lose them if something happened. Problem is, I never pushed it past the mental note stage.

I honestly feel as violated as I did when our house burnt down when I was 15. Pieces of me... pieces of my mind... gone.

It's really no biggie. It's not life or death. It's not even important. So why have I been bawling all night?
(Couldn't while I was at work. Was way too busy to even think about it, thank goodness)

~da, grief stricken by the loss of her stories

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh Da ,I am so sorry . I feel like crying with you !

    Bookmark   December 24, 2005 at 10:09PM
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I survived: ). No hissy fits. No cussing(from what I can remember). No food fights....but to escape kitchen clean up SIL decided to finally do MIL's laundry instead...: )I see it as a comedy and figure at least she did more than sit on her arse for a change.

Anyone want a whole left over pie? It's in my fridge if you want it. HELLO I ate two cookies as opposed to ten after dinner: )...I'm happy. The roast was juicey and the leftovers went to mom so she'll have decent food for a change.

Marian-good to see you back.

Sheesh 43F: ( This is one night that cosmetic snow would be a welcome sight!

Peace,love, & tranquility


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Merry Christmas eve!

Da, I'm so sorry to read of your computer problem. Don't give up until you check in with some computer whiz.....isn't there a way that some people are able to extract information from hard drives even when they've seemingly bit the dust? I hope it is true and that it will work for you. You must be devastated, I would be.

I hope everyone has had a nice day, spent doing their favorite holiday things with their families or friends. We have had a nice day and look forward to tomorrow and all that it will hold.

I'm still looking forward to hearing what Brenda's DH came up with and I'm eager to hear how all the other hubbys did. I dream of diamonds but am more likely to get flannel shirts or some such gift that is extremely thoughtful (I like to wear big warm flannel shirts around the house in the winter). One year it was rubber chore boots (tall black ones) and a rain hat. Practical........ lol That was a lot of years ago and haven't received any such gifts as that since. :oD

Michelle, I forgot to mention how nice your mother's bracelet turned out. I liked it and thought if I were receiving it from my children, I'd cherish it. A very thoughtful gift!

Deanne, Rahjii looks very regal (someone else said that, didn't they?). He is a beautiful boy and your photos are always so well composed.

Eden, your kitties look like they're having a great time! Thanks for sharing the picture of them with their toys.

Taryn, how did your fun gifts go over? Michelle did the gift for her dad too? Am I remembering that right?

Janie, Holly's Christmas wish is clever and cute. I haven't seen one of those Bud greetings for a long time and it is fun to get to see them again. Merry Christmas to you & yours too.

Oops, I need to get off of here and wrap up some little gifts for my mom.....and then off to bed so Santa can come (okay, so it is an excuse to get some extra hours of shut-eye). ;oD

My best to all,

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Well, I watched "It's a Wonderful Life for the gazillionth time and got weepy again. Jimmy Stewart can do that. It's really corny and dated but I love it and never miss it. BTW..Mrs Martini,,(the actress) died today..
I went out and about and nothing impressed me. You need to do WAY better than 25% on xmas at TJ Maxx. I don't even look till it's 75%, and all the amarylsis' were gone from Big Lot. I bought only one a few days ago thinking they were probably duds and this thing has grown and sprouted one full inch in 4 days!!!It will brighten up the sunroom soon.
Deanne ..Lovely kitty picture and I was going to reciprocate but no co- operation here. But I will perservere and guarantee one from one of my unwilling cats in this holiday season.
Eden..My cats had cat nip mice from Petsmart but played w/ the paper and ribbon more. How many do you have..looks about the same as I have ...7 now.
Jerri..Dear puppy picture. How do your cats interact w/ the pups. I have had dogs..grey hound and afghan hound but as full grown animals and my cats loved both, but I was curious about puppies.
Michelle...They are two beautiful boys..look like twins. They should be models..
DA...So sorry to learn of your hard drive crash..Had that happen to me and wised up at last because it IS like a fire w/ precious things lost. Hope something can be done for you.
Hi Marian.....
To all...have a wonderful Christmas day w/ your familes..Sylvia

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, Idyllers. I'm with others wishing for peace on earth and on Idylls.

I love this group for its ability to come back from a difficult situation, and even grow a bit. I agree, no one needs to leave, we just need to stay away from hot topics. Everyone here is so good at supporting one another that it's easy to see how the lines blur. We are the lucky ones though. This type of hurt and fighting has destroyed many a forum group. Thank you for continuing to try. I like to think that we make one another better through these Idylling times. I know I've felt better sharing with all. I don't want to lose that.

Love the gorgeous cats and kids pics. We celebrate Christmas on the Eve, so our big dinner and presents opening happened already, and, get this, Richea got us a digicam. I almost fell over. We usually spend a few $$$ on each of us, the kids get the lions share. The only catch is that I have to learn how not to break it. I really am a gadget owner wannabe. I can't seem to work them or I break them somehow. My computer is the only computer that has more problems than all the other computers in the house. For example, we can't network it. I can see everyone else's computer but they can't get into mine. It's a puzzle and Richea fixes problems like this all the time. Anyway I'm afraid of the camera, so it'll be a while until I put on a brave face and touch it. Pictures to come, in other words, in a month, or maybe two....

Take care all, and holiday hugs all around.


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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Quick post! We were awakened at 6:30 by a call telling us that DH's sister wrecked on black ice on her way to work. (She's an RN) Not too far from our house. DH went right away and found her OK, just the left side of her face stinging from an impact to the side window but considerable damage to the car. He thinks it will run ok but the windshield is gone, left fender and door bashed in. He took her on to work. BIL is on his way here to go with DH and DS to pull the car out. She had hit the road bank, spun around and gone over the other side and hit a tree. If it had not been for the tree.....she would have gone in the river.

Love all the pics. I agree, the boys could be models:-) So could the kitty:-)

Hi Yeona!
Glad you're back, Marian:-)
Gotta run,

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Merry Christmas to all!

VG - What a way to start the day - a banged up car is not too bad an outcome, considering the alternatives!

Gardening and cooking were the theme of gifts here - lots of 'toys' to try out and books to read - good rainy day things to do, which is just as well as rain is what we've got!

We ate too much last night for Reveillon and will, no doubt, eat too much tonight at dinner at BIL's place. But it takes a stronger person than me to resist Christmas goodies!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Merry Christmas morning! It's cloudy here today but relatively warm at 35 F. The forecast is for rain and mid 40s. Not exactly Christmas weather but better than a snowstorm as far as I'm concerned. It's been a feeding frenzy at the bird feeders. Tom thinks he saw a fox in the field next to the house earlier this morning. A resident fox is one way to keep the rabbit and vole population under control. I worked out all week to give myself today off but I feel like taking a walk. Maybe Tom will join me and we can take the dogs for a spin around the neighborhood.

Da, don't despair too quickly over the hard drive crash. As T pointed out, there are plenty of technoids out there who may be able to recover your files. Here we have Geek Squad and Geeks on Call, computer wizards who drive around in brighly painted VW bugs.

VG, scary about your SIL. Hope they checked her out before she reported for work.

EP, that eggshell ornament is very cool. Did you make it?

We had a great time at the party last night. It was another fairly late one (for us anyway). We didn't get home til after 11. Our friends and two of their sons have rottweilers and all the "girls" were there last night. What a great bunch of stewardesses for the breed. All were chosen from breeders who breed for temperment. They range in age from 11 months to 4 years. No problem mingling with food toting toddlers amid a good sized crowd-not a grumble from the bunch. We left Zoe and Nick at home though because they are intimidated by the size and would have spent the evening hiding under things or wrapped around our

Today it's an hour plus drive to BIL's house for dinner. Supposedly there will be 24 people and I'm having a hard time imagining how that will work in the small amount of space they have. MIL has already expressed concerns and suggested that if it gets too crazy we can retreat to her house (5 minutes away). Sounds good to me. Dinner isn't til 4 and we've been asked to bring appetizers to keep the maddening crowd at bay while they wait for the main event. We're bringing 3 pounds of cocktail shrimp and a cheese and cracker platter.

Enjoy your day!


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Happy morning and Merry day to all!

The dogs are pooped from playing with their new monkeys. Katie's orange monkey makes the best grunts and there was a little tiny bit of resource guarding going on - that's how much she liked it! The kitties are drunk on red and green catnip mice and I am just thrilled with the gift of not having to travel!! I could do just fine never seeing an airport during the holidays again, thank you.

My dinner with friends last night went on pretty late, but was lots of fun, food, and wine and the roads coming home were great with relatively little traffic and no snow or freezing rain.

There are boxes and bags all over the house and I've been dipping into them and opening things off and on this morning. A new robe, a raffle ticked guaranteed to be a winner, 50 dollar bills falling out of an envelope from my day (yes he sent cash through the mail!), and lots of home made doggie cookies that are being hidden for later. I gave them each one cookie last night and thought Monty was going to choke on Christmas eve.

VG, NOT a good thing to happen to your sister-in-law, but how nice that she has her own personal AAA right in the family! I had a spin-out like that 20 years ago when cell phones and car phones weren't yet common. It was the middle of the night and my target was a lake in January. A woman pulled up and I could see her carphone glowing as she dialed it. Needless to say, I was at the car phone store the next Monday having my car wired. Cell phones were just coming out and not as good as car phones in those days.

Da, yes do find someone who can recover your data. A horrible thing to happen, but I believe most should be reclaimable and they can transfer it to your new drive. I've blown a few drives myself. Even had some drives repaired.

I have to go to the neighbors and play santa moving the toy bags to the attic, and then going to friends for drinks and desert later today, but otherwise free as a bird today and loving it!

Hope all have a wonderful day with family and friends, and drive carefully! Looks like freezing rain outside my window right now, but it's 39F, go figure.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Da, I'm so sorry to hear about the hard drive. For sure have someone look at it. I know they have ways of retrieving files, and what you lost just can't be re-done or replaced. Best of luck with that, and let us know how it comes out!

VG-Thank goodness your SIL is okay! What a way to start Christmas!!

Can't hang around long, just thought I'd pop in and solve the mystery of the gift from TSC. He did good :) He got me a nice 6' copper obelisk with a weather vane on top. I think it will work for one of my integrifolias. GB, bet you can tell me that...Petit Faucon or Rougougchi (sp) will be okay with 6', won't they?
Also, he got me the laser level that I've been wanting since they came out a few years ago. I'm really excited about it, because this winter we'll be moving our bedroom upstairs, and now I'll have a dining room and I've got tons of family pictures and stuff I want to hang in there. OH, and of course...Apollo 13 was in my stocking, right where I put it this morning, lol!
The kids got Jim and I a nice telescope. It took us about an hour to get it all put together. It's too cool...we were watching deer in the woods with it this morning.
Phillip cooked breakfast for us all, then he and Christina took off to go get ready for MIL's this afternoon. I think I can sneak in a nap, which is sounding pretty good.
So far, I've managed to stick with my eating program, and the scales are still telling me I'm lighter every day :) I had supper here last night, vegetable soup, yeast rolls, and jello salad. MIL brought a cookie and pudding dessert that is really good, but I avoided the temptation AND made her take it back home with her.
Jim is doing a fish fry up there this afternoon. MIL always has veggie trays and stuff, so I should be able to do pretty well today, too. If I can get through the holidays without blowing it, I KNOW I've got it whipped.

Hope everyone has a great afternoon and evening!

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Happy Christmas Idylls! EP thanks for sharing your Xmas displays with us. Love the miniature especially...

VG what a horrible way for the day to begin! But thankfully she is okay. Cars can be replaced...I also have been thinking about your DH and his injury--has he tried acupuncture? It restored my health including pretty severe nerve damage down my left arm recieved with a double-whiplash car accident in 1988. I went 12 years later and it worked! And after nothing else had helped. Just a thought.

Da, so sorry to hear about the crash, but hopeful a 'puter whiz can retrieve your precious files. Take your Xmas gift certificates and invest in a burner. I think it was David who impressed upon me the importance of backing up photos after he lost a bunch once.

Marian, welcome back!

Babs, bet AJ took much less time to open his gifts then to wrap them eh? It was all over in about 10 minutes this morning, lol! Mercifully they let us sleep past 5:00am this year. Probably our last "Santa Christmas" as Dev is starting to question it too. See his note?

The wrecking crew, around 7:30am:

Must admit that Gamecube is keeping them awfully quiet!

Brenda, ya did good! I got Glenn's wee gift at TSC too--a set of Dale Earnhardt playing cards in a collector tin. We don't usually get big gifts for each other, but will buy something we need for the house when the boxing week sales start. A microwave I think, ours is rusting inside. I dream of diamonds, lol! Actually that's not true, I'm much more practical at heart.

Hi Yeona! I hope you're right...

I can't see Janie's link, in any browser! Also my PC won't let me clean temporary files anymore, and I'm thinking we may have picked up a virus. Hoping my bro can fix it tomorrow when my family all comes for dinner here, but am going to start backing up some files in case we need to reboot windows again. T, that is when we'll exchange our gag gifts.

It is really warm here too, and we've lost most of our snow. They are calling for rain tonight and tomorrow--how strange is that? I have to make a decision fast about whether to move my plants in the greenhouse to the neighbor's veggie patch or trust my Auntie Ebay psychic that we'll sell around my BD and move them straight to the new home, since we'll close 2 weeks later. Hmmmm....

Enjoyed "it's a wonderful life" last night too. We watched the movie Jersey Girl this afternoon, with George Carlin and that hunky Ben Affleck. Liv Tyler and the little girl were adorable too. Really enjoyed it. Will see what other movies we can scare up after dinner, which is nearly ready.

Hi to anyone I've missed, but just about time to have black forest ham glazed with wine and honey. But FIRST, a treat for you from jain in California! I hadn't heard from her in months but sent her a Christmas email telling her I missed her here, and all her fun decorations, and she sent me pics to share! Captions are hers as well. Will do the 24 hour thing then remove them.

So enjoy, and Merry Xmas all, and from jain too...


the 12 days of xmas

a crummy pic, i took it to show the fog to a friend, but you can see i plunked nutcrackers all over the place!

and lets not forget the reindeer! flora is hosting an all day rose buffet..

the 3 wise men...

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

What a great surprise! I'm so glad I got to see these. Thanks so much Jain and Taryn!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Taryn , Thanks ! What A great surprise ! I love hearing from jain ,and seeing her pics . I love your 'wrecking crew , too . And thank you for what you said to me in your posts .

Marie , your flower pics are beautiful !

Michelle , I like your bracelet . I would like to have one with my family's birthstones , but there are not many of us , and some of us share the same month . Those two little boys are so cute .

Sylvia , I hope you got my e-mail ,and know I have no ill feelings toward you .

Woody , as I have said before , I have nothing but admiration for you ! Thanks for what you posted .

I am enjoying the 'dogless fur tree ' pic .

Thanks , Sue , Brenda , Janie , Honey , Babs ,Yeona , VG , and all who have expressed good will .

EP , that egg is really neat .

Deanne , Rahjii is very handsome with his big bow .

VG , I'm so glad your SIL is okay ....what a scare !

Last night I thought we would be confined to home today . It was snowing ,( after raining ), and I expected it to be icy this morning , but it warmed up during the night ; rained some more , and the snow was almost all gone by morning .


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mybrainhurts(6, MI)

My thanks for the pats on the back. I'm a little less upset today, quite content to spend time with the family. It's been quiet here but quite lovely.

I've been utterly distracted by the gift of the most sought after item on my all time wish list. I can think of so many ways to wear it and had it marked as the next item that I was saving money to buy. Someone made sure it was at the house this morning. I'll be playing dress up until dinner.

T, I know photoshop. That's about the only program that I can explain to you step by step how to do it. If you use another program, use google to look up some combination of the name of the image program that you use with tutorial or how-to with it. "paint shop pro tutorial" for example.

I'm greatful that I did not lose entirely everything. I had put a lot online though now nobody will ever know how the garden looked for the last bit of the season. Oh well. It was a dry year and I hardly water. I feel it's a bit of a waste after reading about water restrictions and renewable resources.

Oh how I've missed jain's pretty pictures.

Uh oh.. time to go. I heard the thirty minute warning. That's only enough time for two or three outfits. Joy and peace to you all.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am thinking when the iVillage is 'back' from the holiday that my posts will be pulled as I requested , so I want to repeat that I have enjoyed most of the time that I have spent here . I have meet , and become friends with many , although I have never met any of you face to face . I have only heard the voice of one ( Eileen ) .
If I am allowed ( by iVillage ) to continue posting here , I will try to watch my every word very carefully .... knowing I will be under constant surveillance .
Maybe putting words in print , on open forums , isn't such a good idea after all , espacially when you are getting on in years , and not as sharp as you used to be !
If I should slip again ... "Goodby Marian " ! That is not too easy to live with .......

Marian ( trying to pull in her horns )

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

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I hope everyone had a wonderful day. We are back home relaxing for the evening. Last night was so much fun with all the nieces and nephews and Kenzie of course. She had so much fun unwrapping her gifts and truly enjoyed playing with them too.

Taryn, it looks like lots of fun at your house on Christmas. What an adorable note.
Thanks also for the lovely pictures from Jain.

My dad enjoyed his "reindeer poop" as it was bridge mix and he loves it.

Yeona, Im happy that you got a camera. I would love to see more pictures from you.

VG, what a scary way to start the day, but Im glad she wasnt hurt.

Brenda, I knew that your gift from TSC could be a great one. Jim did well.

EP, I remember similar ornaments as a child.

Monique, Emma and Oliver's Christmas card is quite nice with the cute pups and the pretty flowers.

Kenzie with all the gifts.

With her Dora doll (notice how she is sitting)

Night all

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What a nice surprise to have pictures from Jain. I've missed her and thought of her birthday on December 17. Thank you Taryn. Fun to see the children. We had a wonderful holiday with ours home for a short while. Enjoyed it all. That particular eggshell ornament was done about 30 years ago. It was one of the first I did. I did about 6 new ones this year. The nativity is the last one I did a few years ago. Have done one for each of the 6 grandchildren. The pattern was in 'Family Circle' December 13, 1977. Made the first nativity set in 1983 for eldest grand daughter when she was 3. Pictures of some of the others are on our Picturetrail creativity album. No little ones in our family now. We got some much needed rain yesterday. Best wishes to all. EP

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Good Morning, Got home last night. Slippery roads and quite a few cars in the ditch along the way but Brad, Bud and I made it home safely. We had a great Christmas. It was nice to all be together and my mom and dad loved having everyone there. Bella opened gifts throughout the whole day. She likes to rip off the wrapping paper one tiny piece at a time so it takes her awhile for each package. I enjoyed seeing all the holiday pictures here. Looks like everybody had a warm and wonderful Christmas. Brad's working over the holiday week, 12 hrs everyday. It's also holiday pay ,triple time, so that does motivate him. It's going to be a long week for him though. He does have off New Years Eve but works 12's again New Years Day and the Monday after which is also a paid holiday. Anyway, I'm going to have lots of time to myself and hope to be productive with some projects around the house. We're off to grab some breakfast before he has to leave so have a great day everyone. Eden

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Sylvia , I answered your e-mail just now . I hope you are getting mail now .


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Happy Birthday Monique!

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Happy Birthday to Monique. We have appreciated your sharing.

It is cool and damp here this morning.

We send good thoughts and hugs to all. EP

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I just got this e-mail from GardenWeb:

GardenWeb mail response mc0901092620360ec rosa


I can certainly remove your posts, but because of the amount of time required to search for these posts, you would need to send me a list of urls of your posts. Time permitting, we can remove them, but it may take several days.


Tamara Amey
GardenWeb Community Manager

>Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 17:56:21
>From: (Marian_2)
>Subject: ABUSE: Perennial off-topic Conversation Forum

>[This message originated at GardenWeb]
> >I am asking that all the posts that I have on the above mentioned site be pulled . I have been accused of being too religious with my posts .
>Thank you

Since it would be quite a job to do as she suggested , I will just have to ask you all to ignore my previous posts that were offensive .

Thank you , Marian

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Happy Birthday Monique

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Good Morning,
I wrote a l-o-n-g post last night and my computer froze up again so I lost it all. I had responded to everyone:-( Sigh! I appreciate all the kind comments about SIL. Glad to see everyone here, glad you all had a nice Christmas with family and friends. Where is Martie?

Happy Birthday Monique!

I have enjoyed seeing all the pictures and glad to finally get to see a picture of darling Kenzie:-). All the children look like such sweeties and so do the pets.

29 degrees, snowy and very windy. It seems colder and more wintry today than it did when it was in single digits. I have lot sof indoor projects so will get to them.

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You know what? Self rightousness and self pity are very distructive. It is better to climb down off of one's' high horse than to be thrown off. It is everyone's priviledge to respond or not respond or share or not share as each feels appropriate.

Could I please suggest once again that separate threads be initiated for the individual birthdays. This would be especially beneficial for threads that have multiple birthdays. It would also keep focus on the ones who deserve the attention and for those who wish to express good wishes and good feelings...

we are keeping our posts limited right now to keep open our communication for the family.. Wishing the best to all. EP

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

EP, what did I say that brought forth that comment??????

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Happy Birthday Monique!!! Here's a "summer poinsettia" for you. Hope your day is great!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

From a website called "Friendship Poems" :

Two Souls, One Voice
by Paulus
although two souls are meeting
there is but one voice
capturing the moment
captivating and controlling
the thoughts, actions, words
leading the way for conscious
desire and decisive emotion

stories and daily goings- on
are frequently passed
between the one voice
and the intermixed beings
creating a warm happiness
a sense of belonging
an aura of completeness
a comfortable existence

time, a distant memory
fading in and fading out,
its power and autonomy fall
on blissfully ignorant,
yet distinctly aware,
ears - focused and true

with the quantity
of well spent hours
adding up and summarizing
the feelings and beliefs
shared and opposed,
comes an ability
to confide and uphold
moments, eternities
abundant with understanding.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

That was from the page for cyber friends ... I failed to mention that !

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Oh my word Babs, that is stunning. I'm just going to sit here and pretend it's mine.

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WOW Babs, that is beautiful!!!


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