Love Lies Bleedings from seeds

ikehglMay 11, 2012


I've got many seedlings (perhaps 100) growing in a pot.

They are of different heights,from about 2 inches to about 4 inchs tall,depending on when they sprouted.Some have 2 leaflets, the older ones 3.

I would like to transfer them to the garden.

Should I wait longer ? How mature should they get before they are ready ?


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I have a seed packet for this plant that says to sow seed thinly because crowding will lead to weak leggy seedlings. You situation is exactly what I had last year!
You might want to thin a bunch of them right now and let the stronger ones grow a little stem diameter before planting out, if there are any that haven't gotten too leggy.

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I thined out about 50 of them and planted each seedling in its own little container.I still keep the rest in the main pot' to transplant later.
Most of the seedlings went into a shock and drooped.A few didn't make it.For the rest I supported then with bamboo sticks and watered daily. They are in full sun (about 6 hours) and so far seem to be doing very well.
I wait for the stems to get thicker before transplanting them to the garden soil.

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