Things are dry and desperate here.

Min3 South S.F. Bay CAJuly 26, 2014

(re-posted from reptile forum)
The creek below us has dried up and besides, I haven't heard any frogs down there in a few years - it used to be so noisy I had to close the doors to make a phone call.
I have 3 ponds in my yard and they have all been busy with little tree frogs every year including this one, but the smallest pond, about 5 feet round has turned into a bog with all the plants. I have no idea how deep it is any more but the frogs like it. I need to know the best time of year to thin out the plants without bothering the frogs. If it is better to just leave it as it is I will, because their situation is so desperate. Any advice is welcome! Min

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I have no answer to your question - sorry! I would guess that, if the frogs have no alternative, they will return to your pond regardless of when you choose to thin plants. But that's just a guess.

I do feel for you all out there who are suffering for water - it's a bad situation.

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

I assume the frogs would never want the plants disturbed. More plants = more cover and food. If you had to pick a time I suppose when food was most abundant.

However there is a harshness to nature. I wouldn't personally be overly differential to the frogs and would divide the plants or do whatever when I needed to. Trying to do too much for any species seems to always have the opposite effect long term.

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

Thank you lisak, waterbug guy and also FHFchrish (whose reply didn't show up here for some reason). I appreciate your thoughtful input. Guess I will just thin out the water plants a little at a time over the summer. We won't any get rain until about October and we all hope it goes on until our reservoirs are full again. Stay cool! Min

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