collecting catmint seeds

tinaltonMay 9, 2009

Does anyone have any information on collecting Nepeta siberica (Siberian Catmint) seeds, or if the plants are sterile? I saved some dried flowerheads, but I don't know what the seeds look like. I don't have much that looks like seeds. Thanks, Tinalton

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The seeds are tiny(but larger than poppy seed)and dark brown. You should be able to see the tiny hole in the top of the seed pods. Turn your flowerheads upside down in a paper sack and shake it. The seeds should fall out, provided you didn't already hang the flowers upside down to dry. Also, if you collected flowers late in the season that were dry, brown and open, the wind could have knocked them around and spread the seed before you got them. If you collected flowers that still had color, you may have taken them too early. HTH

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Thanks, I'll try again this year!

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