Intervale Potting Soil Problems?

adc14May 7, 2010

Anyone have problems with Intervale Potting Soil? I transplanted eggplant, crucifers and pepper seedlings into this soil on exactly the same date. Fortunately, I also transplanted some into another potting mix. All of the Intervale potted seedlings became stunted. They developed a purplish cast (P deficiency?) on the lower leaves and the seed leaves yellowed prematurely. The other seedlings are now 3X the size of the Intervale ones. I fertilized with fish/kelp emulsion to no avail. The seedlings were all planted in 4 inch cow pots and received the same amount of light. I plan to contact the company about this. Any thoughts? BTW, Interval soil contains the following: sphagnum peat moss, perlite, aged pine bark, and organic nutrients such as blood meal, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, Actino-Ironî, ferrous sulphate, rock phosphate, green sand, and gypsum.

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Plants CANNOT use blood meal etc.... directly they must first be broken down and converted to a nitrate by bacterial action..... in order for the bacteria to multiply they must have nitrates & phosphates which they get from the soil SOOOOOOOOO there is a shortage of nuitrants for a period of weeks or months then later you get a pay back in nitrates. its no wonder your plants are stunted........

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