Idyll 243 - Preview of Coming Attractions

deanneart(z5Southern NH)December 9, 2005

Twelve inches of snow in 7 hours! Jeesh. I'd say this winter season is starting off with a bang.


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Better you than me Deanne! I was happy to see that in spite of the snow, the bags of recyclables were picked up this morning. I debated putting them out last night, since if there's snow they sometimes skip the pick-up and clean streets instead. Not my street mind you, but streets that need to be open for any movement to occur. I know I say it every winter, but I used to pratically cheer when commuting home from Mass to NH. The minute I hit the NH border the roads were as clean as they could be.

I'm not vegetarian but avoid meat most of the time for many reasons. I'll take a soy burger over the alternative, and fruits and veggies and carbs are my typical meal. Winter squash and spinach and brown rice tonight with date bread.I do have a niece who is vegetarian and need a cookbook to add to her box. VG, any recommendation? I've bought her some in the past and have the names written down somewhere so I won't duplicate. Well truth is I keep annual spreadsheets of gifts given for every year so that I know what I've given and don't duplicate.

In honor of Sue's party, I quit work early today! Tried to take doggies for walk but the layer of ice on top of snow was not working for them, so we made it just out of the driveway and turned around. They even followed their foot prints back down the driveway, then wobbled slowly around in back to empty themselves. I've shoveled a path for them now, but can't shovel the neighborhood so walks are curtailed for today anyway. Any sun at all tomorrow should melt things, it's not that deep.

It's not too cold out (33F) but a little windy and raw. A nice night to settle in the living room with glass of wine or vodka and a fire. It will be first fire of the season. I do like the smell of a fire.

Later, Cynthia

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

So I managed to start an Idyll without double posting. The snow flew fast and furious today and I don't remember the last time I saw winter precip come down this fast. Thank heavens it was a fast moving storm.

Doug arrived in Keene after two hour drive and just called a short time ago and is now on his way home. The snow has stopped so hopefully he won't be too late getting home for dinner. I just saw the WEather Channel and they said that Keene got 17 inches of snow today.

Love George Carlin, too funny. Chelone, I'll bet you loved 'Up in Smoke' te he.

Eden, you are too funny and more so because I wasn't expecting that! LOL ~~ Bravo on the French.

Mary, so sorry about your Mum and DS and their travel woes. Hope all works out for them and that your Mum arrives soon.

Sue, I expect pics of the 'queen of the ball' all gussied up and sweet smelling. I'd especially like to see the new 'do'. Have a great time at your party tonight.

EP I LOL about the Cherokee word for 'bad hunter'.

VG, I like your attitude! HOw neat about hand feeding the birds. Good for you with the piano lessons and pursuing things that are meanningful to you. I've always wanted to learn how to dance with Doug and we started working on that four weeks ago. I also wanted to be 'slim' and I'm still working on that one. I want to learn how to speak French again and I haven't done anything about that yet. And for my biggie, for years I've wanted to start working on some major paintings. I haven't had the nerve to give up my current means of earning a living and just paint canvasses. I keep thinking I'm going to do it 'next year' but as you said, I'm not getting any younger either.

Bug so how is your back doing with all the cleaning?

T, hope you had a great lunch with your DD. ~~So start writing. You are never too old to start pursuing a dream.

Michelle, my Mom used to make hooked rugs with old wool clothing. She dyed the wool and did some wonderful work. I wish she still did that but she hasn't worked with that for years.~~ Thanks much. Glad you like the little rose.

Eileen, the leaves on my TaW coleus change shape. They don't get that neat twisted shape until they get a bit larger.~~ Glad you like the painting. No I don't have Dainty Bess do you have a photo of that?

Woody, love your pics from this morning. It looks like that here now.

Cynthia, I decided to give myself the whole day off today and spent the afternoon updating that map of the driveway garden. (which is up on that thread for anyone interested) Your squash, brown rice, date bread, vodka dinner sounds pretty good to me. Maybe I'll indulge myself in a glass of champagne tonight in honor of your first fire! LOL I love the smell of wood smoke too.

OK I guess I'd better stop rambling now and do something about fixing dinner. Doug will be famished tonight by the time he finishes clearing out the driveway.

Stay warm everyone,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

We actually got over 9" of snow here today and it's 35 F right now-warmer than Cynthia. I think I'll relax for a few minutes with some wine before getting dressed. The hair came out nice but a little "higher" that I would have preferred. Tom's comment, "Just what you need to be...taller." lol We'll see if I can get any decent pictures. Maybe the dogs will pose with me.



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oakie doakie ... I 've brushed the chip off of my shoulder , and took a brief nap .... so am in a better mood !
Just out of curiosity , I Googled ' Christian Stoner ' . It was the name of more than one well known man , but the main one lived in Pa.
Naturally , lots of the sites that were listed were about 'Christians' . It prompted me to think more clearly on that subject also . The name ' Christian ' is sooo loosely used . It does not have the original meaning .
I am sorry I was so touchy about it .

I haven't opened the last thread yet , but know there are several additional posts . I'll get to it later .


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"Up In Smoke"... hmmm... can't quite remember, but I probably did love it... along with "Airplane" (my room-mate remarked it was really dark in theatre, then realized she was still wearing her sunglasses, lol), and "Tron".

We have about 9" of snow on the ground, all between noon and 4 PM; it really came down! I was glad I stayed home. It's moe fun to WATCH the snow than have to actually DEAL with it. :)

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Marian, open up the last thead... , nothing bad there! just a lot of affirmations of how different we all are and how much we all really LIKE the differences. Take a hit of that 18 yr. old vinegar (strain the glass off first, though) and read the the tail end of the last Idyll. It'll do you good.

Trust me! :)

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We sold the van!!!! The people decided very quickly that they would take it and gave us the price we wanted. Woohoo! We drove to a local bank where we both have an account and were able to transfer the money out of their account and into ours. It worked so slick. He said "take $xxxx out of my account and put it in their account" he signed his papers and walked away from the teller, then my DH walked up to the teller and she put the $ into our account. I was busy signing the the release of title and writing up a bill of sale.

My teeth are shiny clean (that always feels so good) and we had lunch with our daughter. It was nice. Oh, no cavities. :o)

Sue, I hope you & Tom have a great time at your party tonight.

Everyone sounds like they are in good spirits and enjoying their Friday.

Eden......if you are going to try making up the snowman can also use chocolate covered raisins for the reindeer, too. ;o)

Deanne, my apologies for not telling you how great that painting turned out! Very very nice.

VG, I'd love to feed the birds and good for you on doing your piano lessons. We have a piano here that no one has played for 20+ years. DH & I both would like to learn how to play but never have signed up for lessons nor devoted time to do so. So much time wasted.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL , Ei ! I wasn't saying that you meant me ! :-)
You are such a dear . I can be pretty annoying at times .

Woody , please do not think I was offended at you ! I have nothing but admiration for you .

Ummmmm , I LOVE baked winter sguash , espacially Butternut , all by it'sself , with a lot of Parkay or Blue Bonnet on it .

100% wool fabric that is beyond other uses is great for the compost pile . Very rich in nitrogen , and breaks down easily .

Thanks Chelone , I have read the last of the other thread ( unless more has been added in the last 20 minutes ! ) I appreciate all the kindnesses shown .

Teresa , how great about the van sale . I can imagine how good that moola looks in your account . Wish I could get something for my old Toyota .


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

I wasn't paying attention to the length of the last thread so was the last one to post over there... GB - I was commenting there on the copper mesh - what I was looking at that was so expensive was the same thing your friend used in the kitchen cupboards - but I need 45 sguare feet of it - ouch$$

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hello Idylls!
Been very busy this week with Ebay and just took an over an hour to catch up on the last idyll. Holy cow (jumpin' jicamas for the non-meat-eaters), you guys have been all over the place! And back! Made for interesting reading, but no comments from the cheap seats here. I'm not going to prattle off all the things I do for the environment, nor am I going to defend why our family has two vehicles--we all do the best we can, and make our own choices about things. It is interesting hearing others share their differences and experiences, when it is done without judgement.

Marie, nice to see you sounding chipper and developing healthy interests. The camera club would be good for you, and you would be an asset to them...

Hi Norma, nice to see you! Snow pic I can relate to--the other one, I wish!

Nice to see David pop in too--hope you can make next year's Idyll-union III.

Yeona thanks for checking back in. How's she doing now?

Babs I forgot to say I loved AJ's cake! Too cool!

Mary I sure hope your Mum and sister get where they're going soon. Good luck with the wee ones on your own this weekend too.

Ei and Woody great snow pics! Hi Scout, you angel you!

And Michelle, 'Kenzie is just adorable in her first costume! Nice job on the bedroom too...

Eden I forgot to tell you what a sweetiepie Bella was too in Grandma's pics. Having 3 rough and tumble boys I love seeing the girls in their buttons and bows! In fact, bought my bro's three daughters a ballerina bar and mat and video, and 3 Disney ballerina costumes--Snow White's wedding gown, Cinderella and a Princess outfit! I just love the girly-girly stuff I don't get to indulge in often.

Hey Cynthia..Have you caved and ordered the silly Santa outfit for Katy yet? Maybe it comes in corderouy..

Yay T, wish our house sale went like your van sale. BTW you are never boring, and would make a fantastic comedy writer!

We had a snow day here too, though nowhere near what Deanne got. Probably 6-7 inches, good "donut in the parking lot" weather. Actually it was a 'planned' snow day--no school for the kids as it was parent/teacher interview day. Glenn is on nights so we were both able to attend, and the boys just brought their snowboards with them and had a blast on the hill behind the school for an hour. All three doing well in school, little Brennen in enrichment again, though Shane and Devin are getting lazy about homework, which is going to be addressed pronto. Up until this year they've been pretty much able to finish it all at school, other than projects, but now they are at a level where that just isn't enough, and are going to have to learn good study habits if they are going to get through the next decade or (hopefully) longer of their education. Will be making some changes re computer and playtime until those habits are firmly entrenched.

Deanne, your painting is lovely, and I really enjoyed seeing the 4 generations shot! That's not possible for me now, but I'm going to strive to get a 3 generation shot over Christmas. Re the bathing suit comment, I'm so sorry if you took that personally! I was referring to me, not you. Though we work towards the same goals of slimness and fitness, we come at it from poles apart. You were always large and have only the last few years gotten smaller. I was always small, and only the last few years have gotten larger. And after much hard work losing 25 pounds earlier in the year, unfortunately 17 of those had found me again since Labour Day and this house situation began. I wouldn't be caught dead in a bathing suit right now, not because I care what others would think. I'm sure they wouldn't think anything and I'd go pretty much completely unnoticed (insert sigh here--didn't used to be that way.) I am my own harshest critic, and it's all about how I would feel about it. Which would be completely self-concious. I just read your comments and wanted you to know I was talking about myself, not you--you're looking great!

Okay end of pity party here, I'm now back to doing something about it. Went on the Fat Flush plan again Tuesday and am thrilled to be down 5 pounds as of this morning! So now it is 12 I have to re-lose, then another 12-15 to my goal. It works quickly but it is hard to do--no sugar, no salt, limited herbs and spices, no herb tea (though I cheat with Sleepytime), no grains of any kind, no caffeine, no dairy, no alcohol, no starchy carbs, no condiments except pure apple cider vinegar, no fats other than 2 tbps flax seed oil, nor anything processed. With Christmas coming up I know there will be all kinds of temptations so ordered a box of chocolate/almond Carbolite bars (from my Lakota supplier, at 70% off as they expire in February) in case I get really tempted. At 130 calories a bar it's not going to really 'blow it' even if I have a few. But I've been good so far and I'm feeling pretty good for day three of this, actually better energy than for a long time. No caffeine withdrawal headache this time, but I've got a sneaking suspicion I'm actually allergic to wheat. I'd been convinced by the Glycemic Index diet that whole grains is okay, so had re-introduced it the past couple of months. I'm wondering if that could have caused some of my fatigue? Will try sprouted essene bread after the first 2 week phase of this is over and pay attention to how it affects me. I haven't had the energy to go to the gym since October and hoping that changes real soon.

In other news, my sister and her new beaux are visiting tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours and I can't wait to meet him! He has my Mum enamoured and my brother doesn't want to knock his teeth out (the usual reaction with my sister's boyfriends, IF they ever get to the "meet the family" stage). Gayna has met his kids and is spending Christmas with Matt's family, so seems like this one might be a keeper! Fingers crossed she has finally met Mr. Right after so many Mr. Wrongs...

No news re the house situation, except that the other offer supposedly coming in on the house we want to buy has apparently fizzled. I'm not even sure there really was another offer--they seem to conveniently materialize just before our conditional offer on the house is due to expire. I wonder if the agent is just trying to scare us into firming it up without selling this place? I don't know anymore, getting jaded about the whole business. We find out tomorrow whether the sellers will accept our higher purchase price and not accept any other offers, or not. No more open houses for us until January. Maybe my hands will gain a layer or two of skin if my bathrooms suffer for a little while.

George Carlin is a classic, a fav from way back. One of DH's favourite memories of his Gram (Great-Gamma-Gamma) was the two of them listening to the seven dirty words routine on her ancient hi-fi stereo. She thought it was hilarious; he thought she was a pretty cool Grandma...

How's Ebay doing V? I need to go back and check and then add you to my favourite sellers. My Szigeti postcard now has 9 watchers and just got a starting bid at $49.95! Should be a good night to watch the countdown and hit that refresh button. Maybe with the diet and enough postcards I'll hit the beach too.

Well dinner's ready, so time to sign off. On the menu tonight, mixed greens with flaxseed oil/apple cider vinegar dressing sprinkled with cayenne and fennel seeds. Followed by green and yellow wax beans and 6 oz of chicken breast marinated in cumin, lime juice and garlic and poached in water with more of the same. Hot stuff to get the metabolism cranked up!

Have fun tonight Sue! Stay warm and dry everyone! Hi and good thoughts to all I missed.

Take care,


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Now I feel like we got off easy with only 5" of snow! But it's back down to 10 F and a -6 windchill, so it's mighty raw out there tonight. I walked the silly dog and he had a riot sticking his head all the way down into the snow.

Marian, glad that chip's gone. As someone else said (Chelone?) I relish the diversity of this group. I found it interesting to hear how some came to adopt vegetarian ways. We have a couple of vegetarians in the extended family, but they are a bit more defensive in discussing their views. I'll confess that I love my beef a lot! Thank heavens the only food allergy/sensitivity I've developed is avocados, which was pretty easy for me to give up. Not like you eat avocado every day, you know?

Woody, through my recycling contacts I know that the price of copper is quite high right now so that's probably working against your plan. Too bad, I think that would look quite interesting but I'm sure you'd like to eat also! Isn't hardware cloth such a funny term for what it is? I've called it wire mesh when I'm talking to people and get a very blank look at the mention of hardware cloth.

So speaking of George Carlin and inappropriate humor, Chelone have you seen the movie Dogma? I think you would enjoy it if you aren't offended by the heavy use of the f word. The swearing is gratuitous fer sure, but I still found it (the movie, not the swearing) funny. George Carlin as an archbishop - 'nuff said.

Okay, I need to get dinner pulled together!


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Consider me your translator to the "marijuana generation", Marian! I "did" it, a lot... and it was fun! I make no apologies, nor do I have to be discreet because my kids might read my posts, lol. ;) I decided Bill Clinton was a jerk in '91-2 when he actually said he "didn't inhale"... LOL. Yeah, right! I'll have more faith in a presidential candidate when they say, "Yeah, I slept around, I smoked grass, and it was fun." I like "honest", and I'm able to smell bull--it from a mile away. (The 'rents taught me that). But I think you're great.

(just)T, what great news! nothin' better than some "pocket money" in this the season "of giving"! You must be STOKED.

I have smiled at the shots of the young 'uns. When you don't have kids you mark the passage of years by death of pets. I was looking at the pictures the other day and realized that at nearly 47, I will not bring forthe fruit form my loins... and what does THAT mean in the BIG picture? Obviously, I have to do SOMETHING for the benefit of the generation that will follow me (and fund MY social security... black humor, kids!). I don't have much in the way of family left. I have to "get creative"... and it scares me, frankly.

But it'll be OK, of that I'm sure! good things come to those who are fair, decent, and kind.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Chelone, I'm having this exact 'struggle' now. Life's a challenge sometimes. :(

"I was looking at the pictures the other day and realized that at nearly 47, I will not bring forthe fruit form my loins... and what does THAT mean in the BIG picture? Obviously, I have to do SOMETHING for the benefit of the generation that will follow me"

(((Waves))) Hi all, don't mind me - I'm in lurk mode again!


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Jerri and Chelone - 48 here and no fruit from these loins either... planned that way so we're OK with that. Trust funds in the wills for neice, goddaughter and nephews will have to do as the benefits for the future generations but we're now giving thought to the issue of charitable giving in the estate - that's a harder one to figure out than just leaving it to 'kith and kin'....

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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Hi everyone

Hope Sue is having fun at her party and all idylls are enjoying a warm and cozy Friday evening.

Mum arrived safely at 6PM after a long, long day. Its lovely to have her here. Ruth also made it into Baltimore early afternoon and last time we spoke was on a shopping spree at IKEA.

I don't have time for many comments but wanted to mention to Cynthia Madhur Jaffreys World Vegetarian as a fantastic veggie book. I borrowed a copy from a neighbor and neither Ruth or I could put it down - and we're not vegetarians! However, I do love eating vegetables of any size, shape or form and the recipes we tried came out very well. I'm getting a copy for Ruth for Christmas, and possibly one for myself.

My DH is a huge George Carlin fan and some of his stuff I find hilarious (like the piece about your "stuff"). However, there are times when I find the language too much and have to leave DH in tears of laughter on the sofa. You can also count me in as one of the group who had a lot of fun in younger days. Having just hit 45, such carefree times seem rather a long way off now.

Here is a shot of our new mud/guest room. It's rather a small room so hard to photograph much at a time, but the pic gives something of an idea of the wall color and floor. As it's also the room we use for changing coming in and out of the pool as you might guess from teh photo on the wall. Mum loved it.

GB - if you do end up coming when DH is at RIT let me know. It would be fun to get together. You could even sleep in the new guest room!!

Nite all


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Charitable giving in Mom's estate meant dragging things through probate...until they messed things up and are now being investigated. I will be very careful NOT to have charities in my estate. Give 'em cash 3 years before you plan to die. ;-)

Party tonight was the best ever. Really delightful kids (I hate kids Chelone), good singing, lovely instruments played, excellent food, pet lovers, etc. Hope Sue's event is swinging as I type.

All ages and stages...

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You people sure have been busy today..Must be the snow..We got 9 inches here..light and fluffy. And I got to go to my friend's party tonight. I admire her because she's battling breast cancer and undergoing chemo and gave herself a 60th b-day party AND a Xmas one
Woody..Hilarious about Christian Stoner. Would you believe I have lived here 24 years and knew the history all that time and never made the connection..As a 60's hippie, my brain must be BTW..He was the town's wagon maker who sold the house in 1858 to his brother John who was the town blacksmith and was killed by Rebel soldiers sniping from the train on their way to Gettysburg..a little history lesson for today..
Chelone..I loved hearing the Beatles music all day because I was and still am a huge fan and have everything they ever recorded. I especially loved John and want their music played at my funeral..So senseless. Think about what he would've written in the last 25 years. Even GD has them on her iPod..Imagine is one of the great songs ever written.
VG..Interesting about frozen bananas used as a icecream substitution. The meat thing is a dead issue for me.No pun intended. I actually get nausated smelling frying hamburgers. I think H used to miss it but when he has a chance to order in a restaurant, he doesn't. Your body adapts to a way of eating and I gravitate towards fruits and veggies and bread..
V..I agree about Xmas lists..It's like ordering your gift. And I don't take orders except from grandkids. Adults can buy their own. I like to shop for them. They get 2 gifts clothing and one art or cooking apparatus. I DO cheat and put three shirts in one box for DD and DS..
Deanne..I'm really glad for the snow for insulation for the plants and to provide atmosphere for Xmas because it isn't supposed to warm any time soon.You had the record it seems....Really cold tonight at 19...Sylvia.

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Good Morning!

I'm almost done with my Barnes and Noble order. Problem with gift buying is that I always seem to buy gifts for me too. B&N flashed the newest of the Sue Grafton books at me when I was ordering brain teaser calendars (they make great emergency gifts). I had no choice but to put 'S is for Silence' into my shopping basket. Those who enjoy the Janet Evanovich series would like this series too. I need to add a few emergency gifts for kids and then I'll be pretty much done.

Mary, that room came out just lovely! Very nice and comfortable. Glad your mom made it to your house finally. And hope your sister is on the ground now too. Thanks for the veggie book recommendation! It looked great (though your recomendation alone was all the convincing that I needed) and I've ordered that.

GB, your party looks like fun. Is the tree all decorated now? And do the kitties like it?

Hope Sue has party pics too, but mostly just want to see the big hair!

Later, Cynthia

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Good Morning, It's too cold again. I don't think we've had temps over freezing this month so far. Seriously considering working on the computer room today. That's where everything gets stacked up, especially books. Maybe I should make it into a library? Brad likes George Carlin alot. I think he's funny too but the profanity grates on me before long.

Sylvia, my dh is a huge Beatles fan also. I think that's mostly all he's listened to for the last 40 years. I got in his car the other day and what did he have in the cd player but Ringo's Christmas Album.

Michelle, I meant to tell you how much I like your bedroom redo. Doesn't it feel good to have a room all freshly painted?

And Mary your room came out great. I especially like the flooring. Glad everyone made it to their destinations safely. How are you holding up with the little ones?

T, glad you sold your van. Sounds like you had a good day all round.

Taryn, it was nice to have such a long chatty post from you. I'm thinking that when you start showing your house again after the first of the year you'll sell it just at the right time to move and settle into the new place when the weather improves in early spring.

Cynthia, I always have that problem when I get around books. For everyone I find as a gift I find one that I really "need" too.

Marie, looks like the party was a success. Wish I was there.

Sue, waiting on the pictures of you all gussied up for the party. Hope you had fun!

Time for coffee and Miss Bell will be here soon after. I could use some breakfast too. Later, Eden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Another morning visit from the snowplow today. It's about 19F out there, still pretty, just a bit windy.

Mary, I love the colour of your walls! The lamp reminds me of West Africa- a joyful dancer and musician. Thank you for the invitation. I really think it is time for green nail polish again! I'll keep in touch, but doubt I can come. (Charlotte asked me not to.)

The tree is all decorated Cynthia. Not as I would have done, but there's something about kids putting everything on it in a lopsided way that appeals to my Christmas spirit. The one little boy (Antoine) in the photo above, fell in love with the mandolin and was desperate to take it home with him. He was worried that he hadn't included a mandolin in his letter to "Petit Papa Noel" along with guitar picks. The kitties live in the other half of the house and are not supposed to ever even see the tree.

Speaking of kitties, NuNu has started a new game. She takes dry kibble, one at a time, and pushes it out of MeToo's bowl on the window sill and carefully drops it on the floor. Ting! That's for you Charlotte! Sounds great at 4am...NOT.

Although today is a day to go to the dump and so on, I'm hoping for a VERY relaxing weekend in our clean house. Deanne, I'll confess that my back is OK from the cleaning...because I persuaded two friends in need of money for fuel and medicine to help me. They are gardeners and have no work these days, but give me all sorts of ideas and advice for spring.

SPRING (remember?)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

All righty then...the party was alot of fun last night. As expected, my hair and holiday garb got alot of comments beyond the usual jokers who wanted to know how many days it took for me to get myself looking like I Usually I don't dance but my boss, who could easily haunt a house finally broke me down and I went out on the floor with him for one disco like number. It will be interesting to see what embellishments he comes up with by Monday.

The pictures didn't come out that great. They looked OK in the digital viewer so I thought not having the flash go off would work. I tried to lighten them up in Paint Shop...oh well....

Dogs and the tree as props

Full view with the remnants of a fake smile

Interesting fact of the day...I went to NYC a few months after John Lennon was killed to visit his apartment building, The Dakota and pay tribute to the man. I can't believe it was 25 years ago.

I'm still thinking about the menu for the party next week. Usually my guests bring more than enough appetizers and deserts. We'll get cocktail shrimp and probably throw out some dips and whatnot also to round out the first course. Deanne and Doug are going to smoke some salmon. For dinner, Tom makes lasagna with sauce and meatballs and we also have ham and turkey breast from the Honey Ham store, salad, bread, sometimes baked beans, broccoli casserole, sweet and sour carrots (specialty of my friend, Marge). This year I'm thinking of getting some of that eggplant parmesan I had at the Idyllunion and I like Martie's idea of the rice, chicken and broccoli.

Oven space is a problem even with the double ovens. Because I usually get myself into a huge time crunch between the cleaning, cooking and setting up, advance prep is key. Last year we had our friend's daughter in law come in and help manage the kitchen and it worked out so well that I've arranged for her again. So this is crunch week. If I vanish for a bit, you'll know why.

Speaking of which, I'd better get my butt in gear and start ticking off the list of things to do today.

Have a good one!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OOOOO la la!

Magnifique ! From head to toe!

(something to strive for here...)

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Caught Up and what Fun reading!! Have a two page list of replies but suffice to say: We Are One Powerful Group!! So much wit, intelligence, talent, pensive thinking and true belief in what we believe. And the ability to laugh at ourselves and with others at no one's expense.

10" of snow here. 12" at work yesterday when I drove home. Snow was blinding and 20 minute ride took an hour. No Big Deal. I live in New England and am glad the climate is behaving as it should. In-bloom Lemon tree reminds me that there is life after winter!

Thanks for congrats re: Kyle. He became fascinated with the Japanese culture when his uncle was working there for a few years and would send cool stuff to him. He's in his second semester of Japanese language and is learning version II. Over the summer, he'll be exposed to the final dialect and will be done with that in September, thus making him eligible for the semester abroad. As a History major, he was allowed to take two semesters of Japanese history as a sophmore rather than junior. Now it's a matter of $$ (which has never stopped us from doing anything we're passionate about, before) and setting him up with a foster family. Another no big deal. I am thrilled and terrified at the same time ...

Can't stay long. Now that all holiday-era birthdays are passed, we can get to serious decorating. Snowman yesterday was a bust -- not great kind of snow, but it appears that a fort city is being built around the edges of the cul-de-sac. Think I'll plan a surprise raid LOL.


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Sue, love the dress, love the wrap, love the shoes, and love the 'do. You look fantastic! And you're wearing the perfect accessory, a puppy dog. Your beautiful tree is the perfect backdrop too. Eden

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The ghost of Christmas present :-) You look absolutely terrific Sue, and I really like that dress!

The indoor/outdoor thermometer in kitchen says 52 out /53 in. That means the sun is beating down. I went out to clean off the car as best I could and then moved it to the sun to melt away the rest of the ice. Fool that I am, I'm planning to go to Home Goods today and see what I can pick up for fillers. Hoping (Eden) that I don't find anything else for myself while I'm there. Have to hit the post office too.

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Sue, you are beautiful (all the time). Glad we have also seen your previous Christmas pictures. Marie thanks for sharing your festivities too. Sylvia, I join Chelone in appreciating history. Thanks for sharing your house and Christian Stoner. Chelone, and you 'other hippies' I was a mom during the 60's caring about our kids and thier friends who were exposed to all kinds of 'temptations'.. but came out ahead. During that time period their dad was also gone To SEA for an entire year while we were crowded into a small rental house near my mom in Southern California. Had a beautiful view of the mountains tho... Wondering what 'induced' Marian's 'out of the body experience'... have heard of 'near death' experiences and have had 'perceptions' of my own.. things like that 'run in the family' (spontanious, not induced) and my 'kin' here tell me of similar instances. I feel it is part of our 'nature' that we don't comprehend. I usually don't dwell on things I can't comprehend. ....T we love your humor... please do share long posts with us. VG it is interesting to read your sharing. I grew up in Southern California near a 'religious' vegetarian community where some of the commercial vegetarian foods originated. Also attended services at the beautiful church on occaision. All was a positive experience and a profound contrast to my mother's 'Arkansas' upbringing and nutritional preferences which included milk straight from the cow (strained through a cloth) ,home grown chickens and eggs, and wonderful home grown vegetables and fruits. She didn't believe in anything going to waste and wanted everything fresh. Until I was 12 we had no refrigerator. Food was kept cool by a block of ice in the ice box which was home delivered. We relate to the photos of everyone's grandchildren, dogs, cats, children, and so forth.. been there done that.. we want to keep moving forward.. we don't want everything in our lives to either become a memory or a challenge. We have plenty of that. Mary, your bedside lamp base looks like a figure of a Native American flutist. I have 'known a few'. I love the decor. Woody, you are an amazing woman. It is so wonderful when people focus on thier best potentials and do their best as individuals. Taryn.. best wishes for whatever is in your future. .. V.. we also appreciate your sharing. We think of all. EP

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning! Bright and sunny out today, but cold! We had snow yesterday too, 6-8" or so - my scouts haven't been out yet to measure. It snowed pretty furiously for a while, and we even had some thunder. The weather anchors were all excited! The kids had no school yesterday, and I was gearing up for my commute from h*!! when my SIL called and told me to stay home. Yipeee! That is very unusual, she expects perfect attendance. We made gingerbread cookies yesterday, and focaccia bread. Seems like a strange combo, but he house smelled great when DH came home from his 1 1/2 hour commute (normally 20 minutes). Glad everyone else made it safely.

Marian, I'm glad Tim is OK. What a scare that must have been.

Deanne, your painting is beautiful, and the detail is astounding!

Sue, I hope you enjoy your office party. Your comments about your girly-girl preparations cracked me up!

Taryn, good to hear from you. How frustrating that you are still waiting on the house - continuing to send good thoughts to you. My kids have had homework since 1st grade, not much in the lower grades, but my 5th grader has quite a bit. I let them have a break when they get home from school, and they set a time when they will start their homework. I tell them I like it done by dinner time, so they can relax before bed.

Cynthia, I have to confess that not everything in my Amazon box was a gift! Those sites do have a way of tempting you -and they already know what you like if you use them often like I do.

Lastly, Marie, that pansy picture is stunning. Just what I needed to see after looking out the window at my snow-covered car, which is now frozen like an igloo! There are actually icicles hanging from it.

One last quick thing - one of the brugs cuttings has a lot of roots on it, should I leave it in water a while longer, or pot it up in dirt? I'm new to this cutting thing, but having a lot of fun with it. My coleus have faded colors too, good to know the color will come back in real sunlight.

Well, this post has been sitting here a while, I keep getting interrupted.

Hi to all - enjoy the day!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ep , my 'out of body' experience was spontanious . Nolon and I were going somewhere with my brother ( I don't remember where ) . I was very tired . A 'voice' said to me " If you are so tired ,why don't you get out " , or something to that effect . Suddenly 'I' was above myself , looking down . It was 'timeless' . I had been watching the clock on the dash and it hadn't changed . I was totally refreshed ..... no longer tired ! And no , none of us were drinking , or taking drugs . This was about 49 years ago , at least 10 years before I obeyed the Gospel . I didn't consider it was anything connected with my salvation , but I do believe it is a sure sign that the body is only the 'house' for the soul and spirit . Many people scoff at such happenings , including many of my brethren . All I know is what happened , and that I wasn't dreaming it . The teacher of our Golden Year's Class had a similar experience , but his was while he was at death's door prior to emergency surgery . He has mentioned it to the class on occasion . I'm glad you shared that you and your relatives have had such experiences .
I was grown before we had any sort of 'refrigeration ' . My mother's sister had an ice box . We were fascinated with it when we went to visit them , once a year . We kept our perishables in the cellar that remained cool all year around . Most of the vegs that were stored there were things like potatoes , turnips , rutabagas , onions and maybe winter sguash ( I don't remember ) . I was 13 when we moved from there . Other vegs and fruits were canned . We probably had apples down there , too .
Daddy would bring home a large can of maple syrup . It must have been 5 gallons .
We had our own eggs and milk , our own lard and meat . Daddy had a smoke house where he cured pork cuttings .
Mama would make cottage cheese , but no other cheese .
Our heating and cooking was done with wood .
Mama made most of the clothes for us girls , mostly from feed sacks . I don't think she made our brother's shirts , but she may have .
She raised a few turkeys to dress out and sell before Thanksgiving , and , of course , one for us . I remember helping plucking them , as well as the chickens .
We had feather ticks and pillows that she made .

Okay , That's enough ancient history ! LOL

Sue , you are lovely ! Many moons ago I would put my hair 'up' , but it is too fine and too much of it would fall down . That is the style now , but wasn't then . There was no hair spray then !

I am making a pot of homemade soup for dinner ( noon ) .


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good afternoon all,

Well we just got back from taking his nibs Rahjii to the vet for his well kitty visit and a booster shot. What a set of vocal chords on that cat. He Âsang (more like screamed) the whole way there and back. He is in the best of health and the best news of all is that his heart murmur wasnÂt audible anymore. Everyone at the office commented on what a handsome fellow he is with his lovely spots and long, lithe, fit appearance. Like his human mom heÂs gained muscle weight over the last year. Almost a pound and he doesnÂt have a pic of fat of his frame unlike his grandfather Luke the cover cat. (IÂm embarrassed to say Luke probably weighs in at 15 pounds these days)

So Sue!!! You look fabulous! What a lovely, sassy dress and the wrap is perfect. Also love the hair! LOL about TomÂs comment. He must have been proud to escort such a gorgeous woman to the party. ~~ Your Christmas tree looks beautiful and of course the puppies are the perfect prop. ~~ Please let us know if there is anything else youÂd like us to bring for the party. I canÂt wait!

Mary, love your guest room. That came out really well. I was really glad to hear your Mom arrived safely.

Cynthia, IÂve been known to add a few items for myself to my shopping cart. Just one click can be a bit too easy at times. ~~ I saw the new Sue Grafton book a couple days ago at Barnes and Noble and almost sprang for it but IÂd just bought a copy of the "Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" series to read again. IÂll wait on the "S" book for a bit. ~~ Cynthia, have you ever seen the "Moosewood" cookbook and the "Enchanted Broccoli Forest". My favorite vegetarian cookbooks.

Bug, glad to hear you had help with the cleaning. Your party looks like it was a huge success.

Thanks Wendy and T! Glad you liked the rose.

Taryn, no worries mate. I wasnÂt in any way offended by your post. I just think you look terrific and couldnÂt imagine that youÂd feel self-conscious in a bathing suit.

Wendy, IÂve still got a couple brug cuttings in water but I also potted up a couple and the ones I put in dirt are growing at light speed so if you want to keep them small maybe you should keep them in water as long as possible. That large branch I had in water when you were here is still in water. I cut off the two Âbabies it was forming and potted them up and left the main piece in the water, well it is forming more babies. So left in water is probably fine.

Jerri, glad to Âsee you. Thanks for checking in. Thinking of you often.

V, I"ve never seen Dogma and now have to rent it. Sounds like IÂd love it.

Mary, Yes, yes, I remember the ÂStuff routine. One of my very favorites.

OK time to hit the road and fight our way to SamÂs to pick up the salmon so Doug can get it in the brine in preparation for smoking. I think IÂm going to have him make extra so weÂll have some for here. It makes a great dinner with a salad.

Enjoy the day everyone,

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I was out for 4 hours and came home with bags and bags but only spent $100. Actually enjoyed myself at Homegoods! I don't like shopping, but I love that store. P.O didn't take long either. On the way home I decided to try a new sub place called 'Quizno's' or something like that and they had a scrumptious BLT with cheese on flatbread. It was right up there with D'Angelo's BLT on Syrian. D'Angelo's has the best Syrian bread in the world. Not kidding. No D'Angelo's down here so I'm constantly on the search for something comparable and I think I found it! I inhaled the thing and wish I had bought two. I'm still hungry.

Wendy, I keep rooted cuttings in water 'til February or at least January. Like Deanne said, they grow too fast in soil. Alas, it's a long way to spring.

Ok, I'm going to try to get the dogs off on a walk. There was melted road surface so if we can get out of the driveway, I think they'll be happy! And the air temp is up to almost 40F. Then I can come back and sort out my bags. Got some neat stuff.

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi Idylls. I'll have to go back and read to catch up. Just who was that movie star with the pooches in front of the xmas tree?!!! Wow, Sue, you sure look terrific!

I've had some devastating news here that just has knocked me down. I'm having trouble absorbing it all. My good bud and partner in crime called me a few days ago to let me know she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We did alot of phone hugs and tears but I'm still reeling with the news and often find myself sobbing. Trust me. I haven't been fit for idylling. I've had some kind of mild bug so haven't been able to visit. She has another test Tues. and I'm afraid of the outcome, judging by what she shared w/me about what's going on. I'm powering thru xmas prep, cleaning and Dh's xmas gatherings but I'm in a haze. Gotta get my head on straight here before I talk to her or visit. This one is just awful. She's like family.

I hate this getting older. I've lost toooooo many friends lately and this really brings it home. Cyber hugs to all of you, my dear idyll friends.

Don't want to bring you guys down, too, so I'll stop for now. Also, DH and Bullet are asking for dinner. Later.


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Well life throws another curve ball here. The pit bull(s) attacked a little dog last night. I heard a dog bark and then heard a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. Then as she screamed for her boyfriend I yelled did I need to call the cops. My nutty neighbor was calmly walking through his yard herding one dog, and I didn't see the other one. He said please don't (call the cops). I yelled at him that the dogs were supposed to be locked the hell up. I ran out to help a still screaming young woman in the back alley. No one else had come out to help her. First I picked up her things off the middle of the road. Then she unlocked her car and I told her she couldn't drive. A man showed up just after I did and climbed into a car in the gated carport. It was not her boyfriend. He had not come to his girlfriend's screaming. I had to force the woman to stop running around with the bleeding pup. Finally the previously absent boyfriend showed up and she climbed in the front of her upstairs neighbor's car. The boyfriend climbed into the back. Who knows why he was not there right away, but it sure peeved me off last night. Not one person was there to help her right away. I was farther away than the other people, and I didn't have my car, Richea worked late, but I would have done everything myself if I had. God forbid that something worse had happened and no one closer than me came out immediately to her screams. I don't know the condition of the dog, as it was pitch black out and I neglected to bring my flashlight.

Anyway I reported it to the pound and hope the dogs and owner go bye bye quickly. I've had enough! If the guy had complied with the building of a pen as agreed upon, or even bought a cheap gate latch, the whole situation would have been preventable. He didn't have the money apparently to fix things right. Well I don't think he should have the dogs then! This morning I went and left a note on the woman's door about my report to the pound and hope she reports the guy, too.

This all reminds me of Monique's? bad GS neighbor. I hope her neighbors finally did the right thing.

Thanks for asking after me, BTW. My sister is okay, but shaky. She will be for the rest of her life, I fear. I hope for a miracle for her, but am skeptical that there will be one.

Marian in my neck of the woods stoner is a term for a drug user. I seldom get most jokes and have trouble scaring up a laugh for the more obscure ones, so just ignore them. Glad you're sticking around, and putting up with our antics. I enjoy your company and miss when I don't get to read about your days.

Cynthia we have Quiznos up here, and I like their whole wheat subs etc. Apparently they have them in Australia, too, but I'm not sure about in Lauren's Tasmania.

Sue you look lovely and inspire me to thinking about spiffing up some. I want to cut my hair to my shoulders at least and go buy some good makeup. That's a start at least.

I love the pics and soak up the stories, but don't have time to reply. I hope you know all you share is appreciated and that I do reply in my head.

I'm off to do a grocery shop. Have a great day everyone.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Would you believe it's snowing again? It didn't start until about 1:30 but it's coming down hard and accumulating. I bet we have another inch or two by now. Quite a dramatic switch from our summer of heat and no rain.

Richard Pryor and Eugene McCarthy have died. I remember going out on a very cold, snowy day in January 1977 to see the movie Silver Streak at an old theater in downtown Champaign. The woman in the box office told us that they were open but the heat was not working. We were about to leave when a young boy about 10 saw us and said, "But you have to see the movie; it's so funny you won't notice the cold! And I can show you the one spot inside where you can get some heat!" How could we leave? We bought our tickets, followed him to the warm spot and the three of us laughed uproariously and never felt the cold.

In 1972 some friends and I volunteered on McCarthy's second (short-lived) presidential bid. We were invited to the "victory" celebration at a large suite in a downtown Chicago hotel. We got to see him make his concession speech up close and personal. Later, a man named Peter had a guitar and sat in the back of the room playing and singing. We sat on the floor next to him and sang along, and I thought he had a very nice voice. It was a couple of weeks later when I heard on the radio that same voice singing one of the songs I had really enjoyed. Peter turned out to be Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Marian, I enjoyed your ancient history! Sometimes we forget that many things we take for granted today have not been around for all that long.

Sue, you clean up good! LOL on the tall hair! I have the opposite problem in that I had mine cut today and it has gone flat from all the styling gunk.

We did another brush cutting session this morning and now have a good section of the woods clear of most buckthorn, honeysuckle and euonymus. I've been pleased to see that we have a number of large viburnum triloba throughout the woods. Also found a couple of hawthorns and I think another hazelnut. I'm getting to be okay at winter tree & shrub id. And I won't flag it for cutting unless I'm absolutely positive what it is. Gotta see the thorns for buckthorn, pairs of berries for the honeysuckle or "wings" on the euonymus. It will be easy to deal with the "stragglers" in the spring now that the bulk has been cleared.

I'd better get my act together for tonight's fait do-do. I'll leave you with the song from 1972:

They say that the tree of loving
Shine on me again
They say it grows on the bank of the river of suffering
Shine on me again, and

Weave, weave, weave me the sunshine out of the falling rain
Weave me the hope of a new tomorrow, fill my cup again

If only I could heal your sorrow
Shine on me again
I'd help you to find your new tomorrow
Shine on me again

Weave, weave, weave me the sunshine out of the falling rain
Weave me the hope of a new tomorrow, fill my cup again

I've seen the steel and the concrete crumble
Shine on me again
The proud and the mighty all have stumbled
Shine on me again

Weave, weave, weave me the sunshine out of the falling rain
Weave me the hope of a new tomorrow, fill my cup again

Only you can climb that mountain
Shine on me again
If you want a drink from the golden fountain
Shine on me again

Weave, weave, weave me the sunshine out of the falling rain
Weave me the hope of a new tomorrow, fill my cup again

(change that to falling snow?)

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Bear with me. I am going to try and send some pictures for the very first time and I am SO stupid when it comes to trying new things..If I succeed the first two pictures will be of the Christian Stoner House..thought you would like to see it decorated for Xmas . ...Okay that didn't work. Someone told me how last summer..I think it was Deanne, and I put it somewhere in a file and now can't find it.. Some one please post me instructions again so I can get these on tonight. How do you make your picture follow your post, and not be an attachment to click on. We have Picassa if that helps.. Thanks..Sylvia

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh my , Honey . I am so sorry about your dear friend . What can be said ? I know about stage 4 cancer . One of my dear friends had it , only in a differant location . The outcome was very sad . She opted for chemo , and spent her last days in misery . I wished she had enjoyed her last days , without the chemo . She was the same age as I . Hugs for you both .

Hi , Yeona . I live in the midst of drug country , but hadn't heard that term . Maybe I would if I were around people other than the brethren . In the casual associations that I have with other people , there is no reason to bring up that subject .( I AM familiar with 'stoned' .) Also , I do not watch any TV shows where the term might be used .
I guess I live a pretty sheltered life , and I like it that way . Thank you for your kind words . I feel the same about you .

Speaking of Lauren in Tas , it sure has been awhile since we have heard from her . And there is the new Lauren from St. Louis that hasn't posted in a long time . And several other new ones ... Chloehoover , LilyLouise , Nickeys , David , and Bruce . I don't remember Lisa , in Okla . posting recently . Or Drema , Barb , Dena in KS , Katie ( gonegardening ) in Va . , Sue 2 and cc Suzy in ind . I know , some of the later didn't post much , but I still miss them .
Da and Julie are awfully quiet , and Janie . ' We ' have sure dwindled down in size . Come back , come back ... where ever you are !
Lest it seems like I've forgot ... I am STILL missing Saucy and jain .
Has Brenda posted lately ? I think I saw Norma , didn't I ?


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Marian.. I see you're around. I'm about to go out shopping but maybe you could be of some help in posting pictures because you have in the past and they are well done...I am a complete idiot but not alone as husband can't figure it out either..Thanks..I'll check back later and hopefully post some as I have them all ready to go...Sylvia

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Sylvia , I am not familiar with Picassa . I have Picture Trail . I hope there is someone here who is familiar with it , and can help you .

V , I am glad you enjoyed my ancient history .
I would love to roam your wooded area and see what all I could identify . I've got all of ours pretty well figured out .

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Marian, I, too, enjoyed your "ancient history". Maybe some others remember: the milkman who checked the icebox in the garage and left what was needed; the vegetable man in his wood-side truck with fresh produce aboard who hollered "Get your fresh vegetables now!"; or the knife and scissor man who came once a week in our neighborhood and sharpened the utensils while we waited.

Thanks for your comments on my friend. We've had two other (unrelated) friends die of the same thing this yr. I'm closer to this gal than I am my DS and it just tears me up. She's the sweetest, nicest gal you'd ever want to meet. Re your comment on the chemo, the other 2 had chemo as well and hospice was able to keep them comfortable to the end. One of them, in fact, was telling something to a mutual friend when he nodded out mid-sentence. If we have to lose her, I pray they can keep her as pain-free as possible.

Cynthia, we have Quiznos up here, too. DH goes there for lunch often.

Sylvia, I also have Picture Trail and don't know anything about how to post from your site. Sorry. Is there a tutorial for posting photos at auction sites? If so, that would apply here. Wish I could be more helpful.

Yeona, that's just awful about the pit bull and your neighbor. I'd be terrified, too.

Well, DH needs the 'puter. Hi to all. Later

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Honey, I am so sorry. It is tough losing family and friends!

I will be ever so glad to start a fresh new year. We just found out last night that a nephew has a brain tumor. His mother is the one who handled MIL's dying days last month. It never ends. Making things as pleasant and comfortable for all is smart, but energy levels deteriorate after a while here...there is so much on our plates.

V, how nice that you got to work outside. I remember a P,P&M concert in about 1967 in Buffalo. It was the first live concert by a popular group I'd ever attended. There were many later though. I looked up McCarthy on Google to read more about his life...and ended up depressing myself by reading about JOE McCarthy!

I need ideas for a wedding gift for two men far away. Perhaps I'll write them a little heartfelt something and attach photos. I thought one man was hard enough to shop for, but two? Yikes.

DS has announced that he can NOT come for Christmas. There goes all the planning. Guess we'll think of something, but staying home alone would be my choice!

My means of posting photos is unique and I understand NOTHING. But this is what I make of it Sylvia. You need a hosting site. Many use Picture Trail. (I don't) Then you use this formula, using instead of []:

[img src= "the jpg of your photo goes here"]

Does this help at all?


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Honey,I'm so sorry about your dear friend. Serious illness is never easy to deal with, and best friends are so special to us. My thoughts will be with you and her all the way. Norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I don't know how this will work for all of you....but do give it a try. I'm thinking of Honey in particular!

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'bug that was a wonderful presentation.

For those of you who don't have PowerPoint on your computer, you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer. It allows you to view PP presentations but doesn't allow you to make any. It is what I used to view 'bug's link above.

To download the viewer use the link below.

Honey, I'm so sorry for your friend and for you. I had a friend who beat Pancreatic cancer even though the odds of doing so are very low. Perhaps your friend will be one of the fortunate ones also.

Sylvia, I believe you'll find it easiest to upload pictures if you go to one of the free sites such as Picturetrail or Webshots. I am not familiar with anything other than Picturetrail.

Hello to all....


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And more bad news for you Marie? So sorry to hear that about your nephew.

By the way, does the "Potting Shed" sign hang on your bathroom door per chance?

Yeona, sorry to hear the pit bull saga continues. Good for you for trying to help.

Another interesting bit from V about meeting Peter. See, there is always something interesting to read here.

Our weather moderated slightly today. We only had a couple of inches of snow and some of it melted today. It has been really cold here, in the single digits. But not quite as bad as Michelle has had.

Sue you are looking great. That dress looks good on you. The heck with what other people think about your improving yourself. You are the one that lives in your body.

The newly painted rooms look nice Michelle and Mary. I plan to do the utility room and small bathroom after the holidays. Don't want the mess right now.

Need to go put another log on the fire. Stay safe on the roads all you people with lots of snow. Norma

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Chelone, you asked about a week ago about my dogs and Obedience trials. We have two Glen of Imaal Terriers and have been working with Oliver for a little over a year in Obedience (both dogs had puppy Obedience when they were very young though). Hubby first took a set of 6 classes in traditional novice competitive Obedience. Oliver found it a little slow, so we attended a new event called "Rally obedience" last New Years day. It became an official AKC event that day and one of the first matches was in Hamden, CT. In traditional obedience, a judge tells you what to do, whereas in Rally Obedience, there are multiple "stations" with signs telling you what to do with your dog. It is a lot of heeling, sitting, downs, walking around your dog while they are in a sit or down, etc. Cones are used at some stations and you have to have your dog heel as you walk together in a serpentine manner around the cones. Novice is on-leash, but your dog must remain somewhat close to you and the lead must be very loose. Points are taken off if you have a tight lead or if you miss a station or perform it incorrectly. Some dogs DQ b/c they pee in the ring or the handler has a consistently tight lead. Oliver got his Novice title and now the next step is the Advanced class where he will be off lead. This will take a lot of practice.

Took some photos of the pups out in the garden in the snow today

We had our company holiday party last Friday night at a new banquet hall in Hamden. A group of 4 of us got together with the spouses. The food was decent and all of the couples slow danced to a few songs and my friend Maredith grabbed my hubby for a quick one also. FYI, I'm in the pink.

Sue, you looked great for your party! May I bring dessert next Saturday night? What time does the shindig start? Looking forward to it. Our neighbors our having their annual party starting at 4pm and we might put in a brief appearance before coming to your party.

T-glad you were able to sell the van so quickly!

Mary-nice mud/guest room-it must feel good to get it done.

Honey, so sorry about your friend.

Yeona, what a horrible story about the Pit Bulls and their owner! The woman with the puppy was sure lucky that you were around to help her. BTW, we got a fence for our yard so our neighbors probably feel they don't need to get rid of their GSD.

V, I can't remember, did you grow up in Champaign or just attend the university there? My best friend and her family live there now (she grew up in Chicago) but her ex grew up there.

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Okay, here I go again. hopefully the first two pictures are my house taken this afternoon..(Christian Stoner, the fat tortie in front of the wood stove this cold afternoon is Annie, the two cats on the table are Annie's mother Nellie and my favorite , Phoebe, and the orange boy is my sickly aged, but still adorable, 17 year old Louie..Cross your fingers...Sylvia

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Okay some of my cats are big but that is ridiculous. ..what am I doing wrong? I don't want to screw this thread up so how can I minimize? Talk simply..remember you're dealing w/ an idiot. I want to post some koi pictures from the summer so you all can see my water pets..
Sad day to lose Richard Pryor and Gene McCarthy at the same time. Richard was a riot in his early years and Gene was the only person I ever cast an Independent vote for. I had worked for Jimmy Carter in 1976 and had met him..was actually even kissed by him and told he loved me....However in 1980..I left him to go to work for McCarthy after Bobby Kennedy was killed. We had just organized Bobby's campaign in PA when he was killed.
V..Guess who DOES eat half an avocado every day 365??
Mary and Michelle. Both your rooms turned out lovely and you can post pictures well..Mary, I'm sure your mother will feel like she's at home in that pretty room.
Marian..Your out of body experience is well as your history lesson. We shouldn't forget the old ways.
Honey I can SO feel for you about your dear friend..I too have a dear friend w/ advanced breast cancer which has spread. She has such a good attitude and last night at her party got sick at the end...Breaks your heart..
Cynthia ..Quiznos everywhere around here. I do like their bread too and also like Subway's toasted honey wheat subs.
Yeona ..What a horrific dog story...
At about 6 tonight the firetruck was going up and down the streets blaring something and I thought it was Santa. In fact he came this morning and this was a warning NOT to use the water.and turn on TV..I ran to the faucet fearing a water leak and was thinking what to quickly fill. It turned out we have water just w/ 39 times the floride it should have. We can bath and do wash but not cook or drink and they didn't tell us till 9 hours later. Some restaurants closed but the one we went to got bottled water quickly or so they said..How would we know. They had guys in Hazmat suits on at the source. I drink bottled water. I was wondering if the water coming from my door in refrigerator is filtered enough. You can't boil this water pure so I doubt it. ..Just so I can take a bubble bath..Sylvia

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

Wow, the Idylls have been zipping along at light speed. I love it. Rahjii has recovered from his stressful day yesterday and is singing to me at the top of his lungs this AM.~~ I dont know what is with me lately but Ive been craving chocolate terribly. And I ummm.. just happen to have a canister full of chocolate/pecan turtles to fuel that craving. This is a BAD thing. Im going to have to do two hours of cardio to pay for my indiscretions.~~ We are supposed to get the Christmas tree down from the attic today. Im thinking Im going to call my Mom and see if she wants to come over and help adorn the behemoth. For those who werent Idlling last year, a couple years ago we bought a new tree from Sams Club on sale (a 9 ½ footer with all the lights already on it) at the end of the season but it stayed in the box for a year. When we set it up the following season we were shocked at the size of the thing. It isnt just nine feet tall its almost nine feet wide as well. ROTFLOL at ourselves. Anyway we loved it once we got used to it and it really is very pretty.~~ One of my Christmas presents arrived early and we are supposed to get that installed today, a 24" flat screen monitor for my business! Woohoo! I can see me spending more time in the basement in the upcoming months. It is going to be so fabu to be able to have two windows open at the same time and see the full screens on both. I do a lot of graphics work with my pattern packets and it is going to be a treat to work with the new monitor.

Sylvia, love your kitty and house pics. Your home has so much character. I absolutely love the tortie reclining on her back. We had a couple kitties years ago who used to sleep like that. I cant imagine anybody thinking your house is an antique shop after seeing your photos. Looks like a private residence to me. ~~ RE making the photos smaller. I dont know what everyone does who uses Picturetrail but I downsize my images in Corel Photopaint. When I open the picture up I just click the resize icon, make them 6" x 4.5" at 150 dpi and then compress them when I save the JPG files. I think the people who use Picturetrail just upload the pics and the site resizes the images but dont know for sure.

Monique, you sure do look pretty in pink! That is a lovely photo of you but as Ive told you before, you ALWAYS look dynamite. You sure work with an attractive group of ladies.~~ The pics of Emma and Oliver are darling and I especially love the photo of Emma. Sooooo cute with her face full of snow.

Norma, great to hear from you! Ive missed your regular posts.

Yeona, that is just awful about that pit bull. Do you think anything will be done now? That is just plain dangerous. I hope there arent any small children around you who could be hurt by that dog.

V! How very neat you sat next to Peter Yarrow while he played and sang. Id swoon! Peter Paul and Mary are one of my all time favorites. I used to sing many of their songs when I did coffee houses back in the day. I even kept singing their music when it wasnt popular in the 80s and to heck with what was popular. Loved their harmonies. I learned to play guitar because of their music. What a wonderful memory for you.

Marie, how awful about your nephew. Sometimes it seems that when it rains it pours until we cant imagine things getting much worse. So very sorry.

Honey, so sorry about your friend. You must be devastated. I cant imagine anything happening to MJ and I think your relationship with this friend is like mine with MJ. (((((Honey))))))

Cynthia, how neat you had a great time at Home Goods. I love that store too. Ive been wanting to get over there for a couple more gifts but hesitate to go on a weekend. Im hoping to get there next week one day early. ~~ Did you get the dogs out for their walk? Also would love to see pics of the furbies if you get a chance. They always cheer me up.

OK I think Ive caught up and it is now time for my second cup of coffee then I can think about getting to the gym and working off those chocolates I ate yesterday.

Have a great day everyone,

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Yeona, What a horrible story about the pit bull. I'm glad that you did the right thing and have reported it. I hope your city has some laws that will help. Some cities have banned that breed completely. And I realize the owners are at fault, not necessarily the dog, but sometimes that's what's needed when humans can't be trained. I truly hope that something can be done as it can't be fun living in that environment.

Sylvia, how great to see pictures of your herd and your home! I can see why it might be mistaken for a shop with the lovely collection on your front steps and so close to the road. It probably had a big front yard before they put the road through. But wonderful that you still have land in back. What a wonderful house! You can size your photos before uploading, or you can change the width by adding width=500 (or whatever)within the brackets when embedding them in your message. Would love to see photos of your gardens now that you have the hang of including pics here!

Honey, very sorry about your friend. I'm sure that will cast a shadow for you. GB's train link was very touching. Thanks GB.

Deanne, what a terrific gift for you! You're gonna love it! I'm thinking about an Oreck air cleaner does anyone here have one? I need to do some research and see what the best brand is. I know that Oreck gets the most press, and is practically the generic. Don't know if that means it's the best buy and the best technology.

Monique, always love photos of Emma and Oliver. They are certainly intrepid and adorable in the snow. My greys are got bogged down in the few inches that we had. In their defense that crunchy ice coating was likely the problem. Your snow looks wonderfully fluffy, and your garden is beautiful in winter too. I see sleeveless is the thing for parties this year. Your dress is great and you look terrific in it!

V, I enjoyed your retrospective. Nice memories.

Ok, I've got to 'weave me' the day :-)

Have a good one ! Cynthia

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Hi Everyone,

Cynthia, I second Deanne's recommendations of the Molly Katzen cookbooks. Some of my current favorites are "Best Gourmet Recipes from the chefs of Five Loaves Deli & Bakery" by Neva Brackett and any of several by Cheryl Thomas Caviness: Fabulous Food for Family and Friends (I like this one because she has menus and whole meals for entertaining such as Bridal Shower Brunch, Greek Luncheon, Country Time Family Supper, Anniversary Dinner for Two, Valentine Candlelight Dinner, Jingle Bells Buffet, New Year's Eve Pizza Party, etc.) Choices, More Choices. We used the 5 Loaves cookbook in our cooking seminars. We made foods from it and included the cookbook as part of the package. We encouraged participants to tell us what the liked and didn't like and why and actually never got a negative response on any of the recipes from that book. Most of our participants were meat-eaters who were seeking help for high cholesterol, etc and their doctors had recommended our classes. We actually had one doctor who PAID for 20 of his patients to attend. How is that for really caring about one's patients?!! your dinner sounded delicious:-)

Deanne, I saved the map, list and aerial view of your driveway bed:-) Thanks so, so much for sharing that with us. That's another goal for me, to have my driveway bed looking as good as yours! The pictures are gorgeous. I am glad that I can see those for whatever reason because I can't see so many of the others. It's great that you are doing things that you've always wanted to do. I hope you can work things out so you can go for the major paintings too. I'll bet you'll do great at that too.

Chelone, LOL about your room mate and her sunglasses!! That's the kind of thing I do and seem to be an endless source of entertainment for my family. I used to have a Volkswagen Beetle. One timie my friend and I were going to town and stopped to get gas. You know you had to raise the hood to fill the tank. Anyway we paid, and started off but for some reason couldn't see the road. Both of us had our heads hanging out the window trying to see and it wasn't until we ran over a curb that we realized the hood was still up! I have never lived that down and probably won't:-)

T, glad your van sale went so smoothly. Check out I have one of this guy's videos and he gets you playing with chords quicker than if you started like you'd start children on lessons.

Taryn, food allergies can cause the weirdest symptoms. My symptoms with my onion allergy include stomach pain, bloating, insomnia and irritability. It took me a couple of years to figure it out and to accept it. I'd stay off onions and garlic for a while and be feeling better and then I would convince myself that it was all my imagination and go back to eating them. Sigh! I finally accepted it and got on with my life:-) I can eat onions once, say at a potluck, and be fairly OK but I only do that very, very rarely. I hope you get the wheat issue figured out soon and get some energy back.

I've never heard of George Carlin!

V, DH has an aunt-in-law who is vegan and is so defensive. I think in her case it stems from a lack of self esteem in other areas. Her brothers tease her and try to get her to eat "dead cow" and other things and she gets so upset and cries. I've tried to tell her to just laugh along with them and not be so defensive. If they don't get a "reaction" they will soon stop. People tease me too but I think because I feel secure in my beliefs, it really doesn't bother me. The teasing is all good- natured anyway. My cousin is always telling my DH that he's going to bring him a big ham bone to chew on or bring him some steak to fatten him up, etc. It's all in fun and no harm intended. But Auntie just doesn't get it:-). So cool about seeing Peter. I loved Peter, Paul and Mary too.

I love having people's Christmas lists! If I don't have a list I am totally paralyzed and can't decide what to get. Very stressful. Please consider doing Mom a favor and make her a list:-)

Re having children. DD1 and SIL have been married 13 years and are still struggling with whether or not to have children. They are 32 and 33 respectively. And DS and DD2 aren't married yet so I many never have grandchildren. I'm not one of those who push their kids to have kids so I can have grandchildren:-) Que sera sera:-)

GB, I'm sure we would enjoy your "jam sessions". We have those often at our house. Lots of musicians on both sides of the family and friends too. So sorry about your nephew. You're right, it never ends:-(

Martie, how exciting for Kyle!!

I love all the history stuff from EP and Marian!! History is one of my favorite subjects.

EP, I remember not having a bathroom or indoor plumbing until I was about 12 years old. when DH and I were married, we spent all of our children's diaper years without an indoor toilet. No fun!

I think I am able to see all the pictures except Sylvia's and Monique's this time! A rare occurrence:) Sue..gorgeous!! Mary, lovely room. Bet you're glad its done:-), Marie..ah spring!!!!

Hi Wendy! How nice to have an unexpected day off:-)
Hi Norma!
Hi Monique, I enjoy reading about the dog obedience things:-)

Sylvia, 39 times the floride! Whoa!!

Honey, I am SO sorry!! My heart hurts for you and your dear friend.

Yeona, How scary!! Glad you had the presence of mind to help the poor woman and her puppy. I hope something gets done about that situation. Glad your sister has improved. Ihope things will get better for her too.

Never heard of the term "stoner". Don't know what they are called here but there are plenty. My cousin (I have lots of cousins:-)) is a sheriff and they are always busting up meth labs.

Well, I've spent about 2 hours reading and writing and I'm still in my night clothes! It's a gray day with fine snow flurrying around. I must get dressed and see what I can get into today. yesterday, I went for a long walk in the hills with Lady and would like to do the same today. DD and SIL are planning to come this coming weekend for our Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and in two weeks come back for Christmas with us and my parents. Actual Thanksgiving was with DH's family.
Hope everyone has a good, safe and warm day:-)

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Cynthia, I don't know about the Oreck air cleaner but this past year we got the upright vac and the hand held canister. I like the vac because it is easy to handle and can be adjusted to both the carpet and smooth floors but the hand held canister makes such a loud shrieking noise I have to leave the house if Partner decides to use it. It is only designed for light jobs. The only thing wrong with our old canister is a worn out hose which is expensive to replace so we went for new appliances.. but really prefer the old Sears canister for big clean ups. We've had it almost 20 years. We keep mending the hose with Duck tape. I think the advertising and brand name are very influential. Partner has a hearing impairment anyway so the noise is not intolerable for him. Good for me that he is a 'partner' in every way.
Sylvia, appreciate seeing your home. Looking forward to more. I also noticed the basket of 'segmented pincushion balls'. My sister made them when we were children. I have one she made at age 11.. wonder where the pattern originated. Mine have remained intact for over 60 years. I made a pattern from the old ones I have and have made a few. They were used as pin cushions. I wonder how many 11 year olds now would have the patience/or skill to sew one of them. I bet Mary's daugther could do it. Now, they seem to be used decoratively. The wound up 'rag balls' also bring back memories of 'nothing being wasted'. Old clothing was recycled into quilts or rugs. I bet Mrs. Stoner (if there was such a woman) had very little 'spare time' and wonder if she had 'household help'.. She probably had her own horse and carriage and knew how to hitch them up.. The 'first kitty' has almost identical markings to our eldest 'grand cat'.
Our thots are with everyone facing challenges... the only thing we can do with 'life' is 'deal with it' however challenging. We have wonderful memories and studying history is reinforcing but we do not dwell in the past and look forward to whatever 'future' is ahead. We have lost quite a few 'significant others' during the past 20 years. We also hope our 'prescense' is significant to others. If something is too complex to understand we try to be as informed as possible. Am among those who prefer not to deal with 'programming' everything from the coffee pot to the TV. Also prefer not to think about the 'afterlife' but have faith if it is to continue it will be as good as we have made the present one.
Enjoying everyone's holiday photos. EP

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Another frosty morning!

Great that there is another person who has learnt to post photos. I love seeing photos!

Monique, you looked lovely! I think you are one of those ladies who probably always looks lovely though. :o) Emma & Oliver pictures were great it Oliver who has his tongue sticking out in the one picture? For some reason I wanted to remember that Emma is lighter colored than Oliver? They look like they are really enjoying themselves.

Marie & Honey, you two are especially in my thoughts this morning.

Sue, can't remember if I said how lovely you looked in the pictures you just shared. Tom must have been quite tickled to be walking into the gathering with such a beautiful woman beside him. I hope you had a nice time.

Cynthia, I enjoy your posts and look forward to reading how things are going with you, your pups and kitties. I hope the snow clears up enough that the dogs will get to enjoy their daily walkabouts again.

Eden, I'm a bit envious of you getting to babysit little Bella so frequently. She will have such a great bond with you & Brad and just think of the calories you are burning every minute with her. ;oD

EP, a delight to 'see' you, I hope you & Partner are doing well!

Michelle and Mary.....both rooms look great! I promised myself that I'd do some interior painting in January. I don't think I'll be changing colors though.....I still love my lite lemon chiffon walls that are covering most of our rooms. Our bedroom and master bath is a taupe with white trim and I still love that although everything could use a 'fresh' coat of paint after all these years. I'd love to change the color of DH's hobby room (our family room) but that is his domain and I guess I should stay out of there. I dislike a green color he chose for the walls of the sunroom, I'd prefer to change it to the yellow used in the living room & kitchen (both adjoining the sunroom) but it has a vaulted ceiling and I'm still debating on how much energy & desire to paint I have......I don't do heights happily (klutz that I am) and asking him to help paint over a color he chose? Not good for the relationship. ;o)

Coffee this morning with Baileys.......ahhh, wonderful!

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful morning,


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Great Sylvia, you posted pix! I love your home. It's so pretty and the pix look like postcards! And your Torti! She's soooooo cute.

"Bug, thanks for the "Train". It's so meaningful.

VG, you've been taking lessons from Yeona! Great post.

EP, so good to see you posting regularly. Did you ever think of becoming a writer? I always get great visuals when reading your posts.

Deanne, thanks for the pix and diagram of your driveway garden. You are truly a Gardening Diva! BTW, I remember the photo of your xmas tree. It truly is gorgeous! Ours is a pre-lit 7-1/2' slimline and it's great. We bot it when we lived in the condo, but I love it here, too, b/c I don't have to move furniture out to accommodate it. Since we're probably having 15 for dinner xmas, we need all the space possible. Also, we don't have to dismantle it. We just carry it upright to the basement and throw some sheets over it til next yr. If I won the lottery, I'd build a house with a "tree closet" so I could roll the fully decorated tree into it and shut the door!

Cynthia, are we going to get some more critter pix from you, soon?

Eden, I love, love, love your upside down xmas tree. You are really a trend-setter. I've read about them and they're all the rage, but I've never seen one before. I love your decorations, too. Your home is so warm and inviting!

I have to go out to get boxes to wrap some gifts and misc. other stuff today. Among other things, I also need to do something with the basement b/c I have to set it up so the kids can play down there.

Hi to all! I'm off to get stuff done. I hope to get some pix for you. Back later.

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Why thank you, Honey:-)

Lady and I had a nice walk up the hill, 30 degrees and very windy. We've had snow flurries all day but not much on the ground. Supposed to get 3 inches tonight The church board meeting was cancelled because we still have quite a bit of ice from last week.

DS & DH have to make a trip tomorrow to MIL's (2 hours) to take Uncle's van that DS has been working on. He replaced all the wiring for the electric doors and wheel chair lift. The wires were old and kept breaking at critical times. They just left to take the van to a friend's house in case we do get a lot of snow. Vans don't do well in snow. We live exactly 1 mile down in a "holler" and sometimes we can't get out unless we're in the truck with the 4-wheel drive, if the roads are bad. The 1 mile is paved and facing south so it usually melts off pretty well. Well, I'm just chattering along needlessly:-)

EP was that Loma Linda?

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Thanks Honey and ..T. Thinking of you too. Yes, VG.. I lived in the San Bernardino area from 1940 until 1951. Then in Riverside until 1953. My parent's home was near Loma Linda. EP

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I had a fire today. The living room is now 'closed' and the cats are in there enjoying the remains of it. And I went to the grocery store to stock up on candy ingredients. Most years I make white chocolate dipped apricots for my sister (I know, complex), and some years I make a lot of other types for gifts. It must be 'some year' because I'm in the mood to make candy. Maybe it's because I found a bunch of decent containers when I was cleaning the attic last month. Covered dishes and tin candy boxes that I'd saved but don't need. Or maybe it's because I'm in the mood for candy myself. Actually I like giving somethings that can't be bought. Anyway, I did the apricots this afternoon, and dried prunes too since they were there...pretzels in dark chocolate and then made peppermint fudge with crushed candy canes. Still on the list are pumpkin fudge, maple fudge, divinity (my mother always loved divinity), ritz crackers in dark chocolate (my personal favorite!) and something with butterscotch chips in it. I can't remember that recipe but bought the chips and I'll figure it out... And I bought coconut just in case I want to make chocolate chip macaroons. I know, those are cookies, but if I make them small, who'll notice.

T, it's funny you had Bailey's for breakfast. I was thinking about having a cup of coffee with Bailey's in it last night. It's seemed just right for a cold cozy night. But I didn't bother looking for the Bailey's because I remember throwing it out when it curdled (yep) a few years I go. Pretty sure I didn't replace it. Shelf life of that is just a couple of years. So drink yours quickly.

I brought the portable humidifier out of storage and plugged it in in my office. My skin is so dry it hurts and keeps me awake at night. I read that if you put three ice cubes in a glass, add water, stir and wait one minute it should sweat. If it doesn't it's too dry. I put vodka in with the ice in the interest of science. Then took oatmeal bath and checked the humidity. Office is up to 40%, so my keyboard will get sticky soon.

VG & Deanne, thanks for the additional veggie book recommendations. They all sound good, and I may acquire a few of them for myself! VG, I didn't realize you had taught cooking seminars, how neat! Any tips for those of us who try to eat healthy and/or avoid meat?

OK, I was trying to take updated pics of Foster Rippie in front of the fire and this size>is what happened with most of them...

That's Monty in his lovely green velvet Christmas collar walking in front of the sweetly posing Rippie just as I was clicking the shutter!

Katie says 'those boys are tupid.'

This is what it's really like most of the time. The only time they get energetic is when I take out the camera.

That's Monty with Katie's pink blanket, Rippie with Monty's blue blanket and Katie with Rippie's purple blanket. Rippie could have had the bed on other side of my desk, he just felt like company so splayed himself in the middle....

Here's the one decent shot of Rips. He looks fat, but he's lost weight since he got here and at least has a waist now! He's just more 'square' than most greys:

Too late to make more candy, so I'll eat some instead.

Ta ta, Cynthia

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Cynthia, I see Oreck Air Purifier web sites at the bottom of the page. EP

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Ive missed a lot here. Its been a busy weekend. Friday night was DHs office party. Not a fancy affair. Nice place and nice meal, but other than the boss wife, daughter and sister-in-law who all work there, everyone was fairly casual. Everything from beaded dresses to blue jeans. I was somewhere in between.
Sat. all day was shopping and we got most of it done. Lots of wrapping to do. The guy that I used to work with passed away on Friday. He is related and also a good friend to Ricks son-in-law and daughter. They left early this a.m. to go to the funeral which is in Missouri. Ricks 4 grandsons came home from church with us. We ate a quick dinner and then went to the oldest boys Christmas concert. It was a high school band and choir concert and lasted almost 2 hours.

Honey, so sorry about your friends news. I lost a very good friend to it 2 years ago, she was 43.
Marie, hopefully your nephews brain tumor is treatable. I know several survivors of brain tumors.

Sylvia, your house looks very much like the house I grew up in. Next time Im at my parents, Ill have to take a picture.

Sue and Monique both look fabulous in their holiday finery. The pup and kitty pictures are fun too.

Mary, your room looks great. A very cool lamp too. How did the tiling the floor go? Im considering trying that in the 2nd floor bathroom.

Taryn, maybe someday you will have a granddaughter to do girly stuff with :o)

Cynthia, I plan on making mixed nut clusters, truffles, pecan tassies and thumbprint cookies. Nothing too hard. If I have spare time I may add more.

Other comments: Quiznos is here but not Home Goods, Ive read all the Sue Grafton books but passed up the latest when I saw it at Sams yesterday (had to stay focused on Christmas shopping), I purchased a book that contains the 1st three Elm St. Quilters books for mom for Christmas, I have the perfect person to get a bag of snowman poop, I remember when the milkman left glass bottles of milk in a box at the back door and a truck came around in the summer and mom always bought our school socks from the lady, I remember George Carlin and we eat meat.

DH got a huge bone as a grab bag gift at the party. It was called a meaty mammoth bone. Jaden was elated. We arent sure what kind of animal the bone came from, but the knuckles were the size of a softball. Jaden cant even carry it.


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Okay, you have unleashed a monster. I'm trying to size the pictures now. The first are the fish..outside in the summer eating from my hand and the 2004 babies in the pool in the basement where the water temp is 46.The kitty on the wing chair is 12 year old Maddie, and the next Izzy is the one beside the twig cradle..She followed me home a year ago this week in a cold snowy night and I'm still fostering her. She tripled her weight..The Tuxedo is my sweet Minnie who died last month and the tiger looking thru the window is Emma who died in March. They were sister's and died w/in months of each other...Sylvia

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I'll need to get a better picture of dear Emma. She loved looking out the back window..The picture of Izzy beside the cradle was taken LAST Xmas when I just found her. I'll post another of her fatness soon. She's not cute anymore...really obese..
Deanne..I did have some Dove pecan turtles today..I so love them. I can resist a lot but never them..
Monique..Dear doggie parrot was named oliver...
EP..Funny you noticed my rag balls. I now have fresh Xmas greens in there but that's the center piece of my farm table..a big bowl of about 25 rag balls and in the other wooden bowl are some of my collection of antique pincushions..I also have a large collection of wooden sewing boxes which is weird since I have never been a sewer in my life except for 7 th grade home ec. Mrs Stoner was in fact Ms Stoner..never married. She was a child in the 1840's, her father was killed in the 1860's ..shot by rebel soldiers going to Gettysburg by train. He was standing in front of the town pump which is still standing in front of the house. I get all my gardening water from it. I don't know if it's visable in the picture I posted yesterday. Her name was Ella and she lived w/ her brother and mother till they died and then continued living here till 1927 when she was declared of "weak mind" and the house was sold at auction. Apparently it wasn't in good shape and they were going to tear it down, but they divided the 6 plus acres and made a side street called Stoner Ave. and put an ally in back and built all the houses on my street from my land. My neighbor has my small barn on his property. Good people got the house and put in a clay tennis court..long gone, the pond, many rose bushes..also gone and built the back porch and sunroom. Every one was good to the house but two architects who lived here for 2 years in the 60's..a married couple . They took out a kitchen fireplace..three still remain and put in cruddy looking cabinets and did stupid things in their short tenure.
T pour me a cup w/ Bailey' it..Cynthia..never had it around long enought to curdle.....
Lily just jumped on my lap and I realized she was excluded from the pictures. I featured my deceased cats and forgot her..She's a tiny tortie w/ a white bib. I have three torties in all...the mom and fat daughter and Lily isn't related. She was found on the street in the city at 3 weeks old. No wonder she's a ditsy cat...Sylvia

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Love all the pics. Cynthia, thanks for the look at the furbies. They are all so 'cat like'. I love the way they just curl up like kitties.~~ Your chocolate covered apricots sound yummy! Glad I'm not close by or I'd be scarfing them up. I've been fighting this chocolate thing lately.~~ Cynthia, we have the Sharper Image air cleaners and I love them. They do what they are supposed to and I find it amazing the amount of stuff they get out of our air. They aren't cheap but I've had mine for a couple years and they've operated as advertised with no problems in that time. And they are totally silent. Essential for me as I have one in our bedroom.

Sylvia, great pics of the fishies and kitties. The koi look like they are all tucked in for the winter.~~ Your house looks like a treasure trove of interesting antiques. You must miss those kitties. They look like sweethearts.

Hi Honey, thanks, glad you like the Driveway Garden map. It took me forever to update that because I had to do it in PHoto Paint but I'm really glad that is done. I hate having unfinished projects hanging around. ~~ I'm with you on I wish I had a tree closet. There is a company around here that is doing people's Christmas decorating and can't keep up with the business. Right now it is just the exterior decorations and lighting but I'd imagine that they could expand into interiors also.LOL

Michelle, glad you had a good time at your party. NO pics?

OK time to get myself to the gym to pay for that chocolate I ate over the weekend and to put some calories in the 'bank' for Sue's party on Saturday.

Have a great day,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today they tell me my computer will be down.

I will spend part of my day at the dentist's. Somehow I've been shifted over to a new dentist, a woman named Jamie Liu. I've met her once. We shall see what joy it brings. There's a Quiznos near the dentist's offices.

5F and rising here!

And now it looks as though our family Christmas will be in mid January! How things change! April will be Oklahoma family time.

Here we eat some meat but not a great deal. I've recently read both Q & R by Grafton, also Quarry by Sara Paretzky. I remember separating the cream from the top of the milk bottles brought by the milkman. I also climbed through the milk box when I forgot my key. The vegetable truck used to have a horse pulling it, but that changed. Movies were 10 cents at the Varsity, 12 cents at the Kensington. My allowance was 25 cents per month. A Hershy bar was 5 cents. I remember liking the trolley better than the bus. The coal truck dropped coal for the furnace down a chute to the basement. My parakeet was cremated in the furnace. :-( I got my hair cut at the barber shop along with my Dad. We bathed once a week (whether I needed it or not!) and shared the bath water. Eeeew. Shampoos only every second week... Prell shampoo, which was green.

Time to start the day!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So as I'm looking out of the office window at the snow-covered ground and the frost on the miscanthus sparkling in the early morning sun, the skidsteer that is clearing the parking lot moves on and I hear a red-winged blackbird trill. Huh? Oh, it's a promo on NPR for a story about birds later today.

Darn! If it had really been a red-winnged blckbird, I could have run outside, captured it and started driving south. But instead I'm stuck here in the snow and cold.

I spent most of yesterday blowing my nose. I'm feeling better today but still not up to par. So I'll wave hello to everyone and sign off so that I may blow my nose again.


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Do you 'cat people' grow catnip for your kitties. I grow it for the grand cats. It is a 'survivor' plant. Daughter rubs the cat toys with a fresh leaf of cat nip and they love it. Sylvia what are the interesting objects in the background behind the black and white kitty? Good morning to all. EP

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Marie , we only bathed once a week also , and all 5 of us siblings used the same water . The oldest were first ! I presume because they were cleaner to begin with . We bathed in a round galvanized tub . The water was heated on the wood-burning kitchen range . It is amusing how the modern generations think it is so unhealthy to not bath daily , and yet , check out how many people from that era that have lived to be 100 or more !
Our milk was from our own cows . We had a separator in the kitchen . It had many parts that mama had to assemble and disassemble daily . I loved the thick cream from our guernsey , jersey , holstein and shorthorn cows ( daddy had a 'heintz' mix ! lol ) .
I do remember a man coming around with stuff to sell , but since I was only a child , and much more interested in other thngs , I do not know what all he sold . There may have been 2 differant peddlers . One had vegetables ...if I remember right .
After we moved to Jerome , when I was 13 , we burned coal . The coal man dumped it in a pile outside our side yard . Mama carried it into the house in a coal bucket . ( No wonder she had a rupture ! ) She dumped the clinkers in the driveway that went around our fenced yard . I have scars on my back from being shied off my horse in a clinker pile !
I don't remember the prices of things , but we siblings would take a bucket with a dozen eggs in it to the local store to buy a soda pop and a candy bar .
Mama frequently sent us to the store with her grocery list . In the winter we would pull sleds to haul the purchases on . We had to go over a raised railroad track . When the snow was wet , it would cake on the bottom of the sleds ! We would be dragging a snow bank ! Not easy . I guess the older girls had their share of that , but all I remember is my brother and I doing it . In the summer we pulled the little red wagon .
Back in those days that area had only 2 seasons ...winter and August ( lol ). I had seen it snow there every month except August !
We lived 8 miles from the nearest town ( a very small town ) . Mama took me there , to the beauty shop , and I got a permanant from the old fashioned machines that clamped on your hair . Usually she rolled it herself , or braided it .
Okay , that is an addition to the ancient history for today ! LOL
Here is a picture of me and my siblings , beside our studebaker with the wooden trunk . I am on the left , with the teddy bear .


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Not quite so ancient history. ;) Growing up in Chicago, I do remember the scissors man who used to push a cart through the alleys. There was a bell that would ring slowly as the cart was pushed along, and the man would sing out "Scissors! Knives!" as he went along.

There also was a man who brought a pony and some western-style clothes in kids' sizes, and he would take your photo. I have a wonderful hand-tinted photo of me on the pony wearing chaps, a vest and a cowboy hat, posed in front of my mother's red rambler rose in full bloom.

We had a small grocery store across the alley from us and occassionally our moms would send us over there to pick up milk or bread or some other necessity. My mother was not a smoker, but I know some other kids in the neighborhood (only 5 or 6 years old) could take a note from their mom and get mom's cigarettes. I was sad when the little store closed when I was still fairly young. We had a grocery store about a block away, but going there involved crossing a busy street without a traffic light, so I couldn't do that on my own until I was older.

We lived a block away from the intersection of two busy streets (thoroughfare with stoplights) and it's amazing how those streets defined our world. Someone who lived on the other side of either of those streets might as well have lived in China.

If we wanted to play with one of our friends on the street, you would go stand outside their back door and call their name, "Yo, Mary Grace!" If they were home, they'd come out. You wouldn't waste a phone call on someone whose house you could walk to.

Saturday night was bath night, then Lawrence Welk. My brother and I each got our own tub of water, though!


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Hi Everyone! These past two months have been absolutely crazy for me, but I have hopes that things will settle down now. I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden my time was shot and unbelievably I haven't even had time to read or lurk, let alone respond to the idylls. I skimmed the previous ones a little bit, but probably have the details mixed up. I think it is easier if I check in and try to read a little at a time, instead of speed reading a bunch. So, I am officially going to try to get back in the groove here.

My big news is that I am getting a new job. I start on the 19th. I am looking forward to it, but am sort of nervous about it, too. It will be a one hour commute for me through the city. I bought an mp3 player and am filling it up with music, which will also come in handy for exercising. I am going to be working at a local university, so I am pretty excited about that. It will be a new adventure for me. It could be a big mistake, but I am going to give it a shot. Hopefully I will learn and grow from a new experience. Hopefully my sons will go to school there, they can go for free if they are accepted. I have to drive right past the gym every day on my way home from work, so hopefully I will be working out every day. Now it is in the total opposite direction from my way home, so I have to make a special effort to get there, and sometimes I don't make it out there after work. I have been at the hospital for 13 years. Definitely a change....

Honey, I am SO SORRY about your friend. My thoughts are with you, and her.

Yeona, hope all is well with you. I am afraid of pit bulls or any kind of dog that is agressive like that. I have a friend at work who has 3 pit bulls and she said that they are very nice, but they still scare me.

Sue, you look absolutely gorgeous! And your tree is so pretty, house looks very cozy. By the way, I have one of your pictures from Banff on my desktop for the holiday season. I haven't seen a wrap like that, does it have sleeves?

Monique, you look lovely too! I loved seeing Oliver and Emma in the snow. Personality shows through!

Slyvia, thanks for sharing your pics. Your house is very pretty. Now you can just post lots of pictures.

V. Skip was stuck at Midway airport last weekend. He was flying Southwest, and they cancelled one flight after the other, and there were no guarantees he was going to get out on Sunday either, so he ended up renting a car and driving home. That was actually Devin's idea, because we were supposed to go get our tree on Sunday, and we can't do that without Skip.

Ei, nice to see you posting song lyrics again! Gardenbug, I loved the picture of the blue jay? in the snow a few idylls back. Very cool. And T, I have always thought you were hilarious, with a funny sense of humor. Cynthia, love the green velvet collar. Marian, glad to see you are hanging in there!

Hi to all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

In 1997 when we left Toronto there was still a knife sharpener man who walked the neighbourhood ringing his bell. DD was just complaining that my knives were dull during her last visit here...and that reminded me how I used to save my things for that man's next visit.

We never had novacaine for dental work. I still don't have "freezing" when I have dental work because I hate seeing the needles. It worries the dentist at first, but they adjust.

And during this season, I am reminded that in the US it is "confectioner's sugar" but here it is "icing sugar". In the US I went to first grade, but here my children went to "grade one". Mom always bought margerine with the yellow dye tablet inside for my sister and I to squeeze and colour the lard. As we got older she pleaded with us to remove the tablet altogether. Cashiers had to actually count change in those days and use their brains a bit, but Mom could always compute faster than them. I remember Dad changing from 45 records to 33 1/3 rpm, then to taping things, then to CDs. We never had a TV.

My girlfriend Kathy was one of 5 children. Her Mom had an ironing machine! I was impressed. (I didn't mean that pun!!) She gave us both Toni Home Permanents. My mother never noticed until I made a fuss about having my hair combed, so she had it cut off. :-( Kathy and I had roller skates with a key for tightening them up.

The Sears catalogue provided hours of entertainment and I remember dresses we got for Easter one year that looked much like the ones in Marian's photo, with tiers of ruffles.

This really makes me feel like an antique today!

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Not a lot of time to yap but I just HAVE to congratulate Sylvia-you are a picture poster now! It really is fun when you can post pics-for us as well as you: )
Your house is just the style I love-it belongs on a Christmas card.I think Deanne should paint a portrait of it for your wall(I'm sure she's not busy...heehee)

Sue may I say you looked radiant for your party! You clean up good,girl: )

Love the dog pics.
Very sorry to hear what you went through Yeona regarding the pitbull dogs-so scary.

Michelle & Honey what a hard time for both of you-I'm thinking of you both.

Monique! That is a cute dress-you are looking marvelous!

V! look at that blonde hair of yours! What a great photo.

When does the weekend get here-Oh it WAS here?I must have missed it...


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Wow, sylvia, you really get into the fish don't you. I'm impressed.

Marian, thanks for sharing the adorable picture of your family.

Drema, good to have you back. Best of luck on the new job.

I'm enjoying all the old time stories. It makes you more grateful for modern conveniences, but I sure would like that knife sharpener man to come down my street :o)


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I was going to say good morning but no it's good afternoon. Where'd the morning go? Just back from UPS to mail back the heat registers. Now that they're all computerized there it seemed to take twice as long, lol. I hope the new registers I ordered fit. I also made a trip to Target this morning. I can sure tell I'm part of the grandma generation and not the mom. I wait until Bella's not here before I go out to any store. It's just not worth it to me to drag her out. But this morning there were moms with shopping carts full of little kids. I know I was like that when mine were small too. Now days I'd never be able to even remember why I was at the store for trying to keep up with the children.

Oh Cynthia all that candy sounds so good, especially the fudges. I went to Homegoods yesterday after you talked about your trip there. I love that store too. I found a few things I would like to have but nothing for anyone on my list so I was good and left empty handed. The pups look like they're at a slumber party. Cute pics.

HI Drema, congrats on the new job. I hope it's one that you'll love and you can't beat free tuition.

Yeona, I sympathize with you on the pitbulls. We still have them living across the street from us too and I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of them. The ones by me never have gotten loose but I'm always afraid one of them will. Hope you can convince someone to do something about the ones terrorizing your neighborhood.

Marian, I love, love, love the picture of you and your sibling. How cute you all were. We had a milk man who left the milk in a box on the front porch when I was growing up and I remember coal being delivered down the chute to my grandma's cellar. No knife sharpener though. I too would love to have one now a days. I can't stand trying to prepare food with dull knives. Brad sharpens mine for me.

Honey and Michelle, I'm so sorry about the news on your friends. Also for you nephew Marie.

T, I'm really enjoying getting to spend so much time with Bella. When I was a child my grandma lived 2 houses down from us and watched my sister and I while my mom worked. I always felt just as at home at her house as at ours and I had a wonderful, carefree, and happy childhood. That's just what I want for Bella too.

V, sorry to hear you have a cold and glad it's a little better today. We used to go to our friends houses and call for them too. When I told my kids that they thought that was crazy. Also had a corner store with penny candy behind the counter. And my mom used to send us for things too.

Monique, you look so pretty all dressed up . Oliver and Emma always remind me of cuddly big stuffed animal dogs. They're so cute!

Sylvia, how great that another person here has mastered posting pictures. It took me a long time to figure out but it's fun being able to show things that you're talking about. I love all the kitty pictures. Can't wait to see more from you.

Time for some lunch here and then I'm working on organizing my gardening books. When I was cleaning up the other day I kept finding ones I'd bought that I'd forgotten about and I need to stop doing that because then I buy duplicates. Not good.


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Sylvia, your house is very picturesque (sp?) and your cats look quite content. Thanks for sharing. And now the fish. I was hoping you would show them. Interesting history of your property.

Monique, happy to see Emma and Oliver enjoying the snow. Also good to see you with your group of friends. You all look very nice. I am thankful that I don't have to get dressed up for any events tho, because it is my least favorite thing to do. (Get dressed up, going out is fine.)

EP, I chuckled to myself when you described the hose on your old sears canister vac. That is exactly how mine is too. It must be at least 20 years old also. I just purchsed a new one and delegated the old one to the basement to clean up around the wood stove. That way I don't have to drag one up and down the stairs.

Deanne, I can just hear Rahjii expressing his displeasure on his trip to the vets. Jasmine always does that too.

Martie , I too am excited for Kyle and you. We have one grandaughter in college and know it is a struggle for her parents. I like the way you relate to the kids in your neighborhood. Hubby and I have always enjoyed the neighborhood kids.

VG, I enjoyed your account of taming the birds.

T, my favorite tale of yours was the goat that got stuck in the fence. Though probaly not funny to you at the time, you have a great way of looking at things. About time for some more pics of that special little guy of yours.

Cynthia, I was just hoping for new pics of the gang and here they are. I have sort of been in the mood to make some candy and cookies too. Buuuttt... in light of my actions the past couple of days I think I will rethink that. I have gone a long time staying out of that kind of stuff. Yesterday I had a melt down and ate a lot of sugar and starchy stuff. Sometimes my body just tries to take over and get me eating that way again. It is hard because that is the stuff I love,but a few bites just calls for more. So I got out of the house early this morning and walked in the woods. The birds were so noisey. They were everywhere. Yesterday I noticed the cedars were full of cedar waxwings stripping the berries.

Michelle, sorry to hear about your co worker.
Our grandson had a band concert this past week too. I felt bad because it was so cold that night I just couldn't drag myself out of the house. Also the thought of sitting on those bleachers for two hours was less than appealing. Last year DH and I both suffered the whole time. I did appoligize to him for not comming and promised to be there next year.

My favorite Quizznos sandwich is toasted turkey on rosemary bread. Mnnm yummy!

I have read the first two Janet Evanovich books, and DH is reading them now. I have more of them but am missing 3 and 4. I have the thrid one on reserve at the library because I want to read them in order. I think I will have to look for the Elm Street quilters series too. I bet my DIL would enjoy those too.

Marian, we had a cream seperator too. I hated washing it. What a cute picture of you and your sibs. You look quite spunky then too. LOL

V , I love those old pony pictures. Show us please?

Drema congratulations on your new venture. I hope it will be just what you need. Great that the boys can go to school there too.

LOL, Marie. At being impressed. I am envisioning a flat you. LOL. We had one of those too.

Hi Babs, How is the playground monitoring going? Did you say that was at AJ's school? Ryann is not in school already is he?

Hi, Eden and everyone else. Time to go accomplish something . Norma

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Hi everyone. Finally got the report on the miniature dobie, (Doberman Pinscher), attacked by the pitbull. The same pitbull who tried and failed to attack Leah was the culprit in the attack on the Dobie. The Dobie has three broken ribs, was torn open in the stomach to the guts, and has a multitude of other bites. The Dobie survived, thank all that is good, and will recover. And the woman was bitten as well. Not badly but enough for the cops to become involved, hurray! Her BF, David introduced himself to Richea, and said he was sleeping and didn't hear a thing for the longest time. I feel better about that. Some people sleep, and very heavily, lucky them. Now I can at least have hope that the pitbull guy will lose one dog, if not both. Maybe the fool will move, too.

I feel badly for anyone with these types of dogs living near them. Maybe with enough people objecting the breeding of too strong dogs, like pitbulls, will stop. It would be nice.

I have to get back to work, but wanted to update. Hope all is good for everyone.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Yeona - that was such a scary story about the puppy and the pitbull. I'm glad the puppy is going to survive and I hope the pitbulls leave one way or the other!

Great doggie and kitty pictures on this thread - loved the snow terriers and cozy grays. I would like to get one of those black and orange kitties - I like that color combination best. Unfortunately I developed allegies to cats a few years ago. I got by on anti-histamines while our last two cats were still alive but we probably wouldn't get any more now. I miss having cats though...

Sylvia - I agree with whoever said your house should be on a Christmas card!

The Christmas party girls look great too!

Marian - I've enjoyed your 'history' stories - a lot of that is familiar to me too. We lived with my grandparents when I was small. My grandfather was 80 when I was born and lived to his mid-90s. He was firmly rooted in the Victorian era and did not permit a lot of 'new-fangled' things in the house so we lived more like people did in the early 1900s rather than as they did in the 1950s/1960s!

GB - do you have dental work like fillings done without freezing?! A dentist could do that on my left, paralized side, but certainly not on the right side! I hope your nephew's tumor is a benign type. I have lived with two brain tumors for 16 years now. Disabilities go with the territory but people can survive reasonably long periods reasonably well with some of them so I hope he has the 'right' kind!

Honey - good luck to your friend too. That's a scary prospect.

The planter bench project in the basement is moving along well. The three boxes are assembled as of this afternoon. Hopefully, next week we should be able to assemble one or both of the benches. We have to widen the cut-out area for the side pieces before we can assemble them. Then we just have to sand it all and put a clear protective finish on it all. Here's what it looks like as of this afternoon (the work area in the basement is an unfinished mess so don't look too closely at the background...:-)

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Picaso sounds like fun. More photos please, Sylvia. Don't know if our service would be powerful enough to handle it. Wonder what Ms Stoner would think of all this going on from her house. We appreciate the history but sure am glad we aren't living in it now. EP

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Waiting for penuche to cool so I can beat it..waiting for dinner to heat so I can eat it...

Drema! Congrats on your new job, changing after 13 years takes courage. Half of the expertise any of us has is in the company knowledge, so it can be daunting to move to another place. You'll love it. A chance to work out every day, who could pass that up lol!

Norma turkey on rosemary has my mouth watering. I'm having pasta and veggies.

Marian what a terrific picture of your large family! And all of you so blonde. I got blonde as I aged :-)

I forgot to mention earlier that I really liked the bird feeding story too Vg.

Woody, I'm envious of the insulation that I see in your cellar! Wow. Oh yeah, nice bench :-)

Lots of other things to mention, but I think my supper's done, so that's it for know... I have to eat quickly before the fudge gets to 110F. Hi Babs!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Cynthia , the sister on the tricycle is my only full sister . She has never been blond . The tallest one wasn't either ( it's the sun on her hair ) , and neither was my brother . My hair got darker and darker as I aged . I still have very few grey hairs . ( Actually , none of us grew up blond . ) I never knew what color my dad's hair was . He was grey from the time I was born ! Mama was dark haired .

We only had the one tricycle , and no bicycle .

I think I am having a rebound from my nasal spray . My nose is soo stuffed up ! I hate it . I am not a mouth breather !

Woody , I am anxious to see the completed project . Have you already settled on what you will plant in it ?

Drema , good to 'see' you . Congrats on your new job . Sounds challenging , but great .

Marie , my sister is like you . She does not let the dentist deaden her gums . She says he really would prefer too , but she just puts her mind on something else , and toughs it out . I don't think I could do that .

Sylvia , congrats on learning to post pics ! Your house is lovely . Your kitties are too .

Monique , I love your doggies in the snow . That is a good looking group of friends ( and you ) .

Yeona , I'm glad the pitbull episode is being taken care of . It is so good that the woman wasn't badly injured . I hope the Dobie recovers . I am very afraid of pitbulls and any other dog with that temperament . I can not comprehend what kind of people would harbor such creatures .
( It's a scary world ! )

V, I'll trade my plugged nose for your runny one ! LOL

Woody , my dad was sort of like your grandfather . He never lived where he had an indoor bathroom . He went with mama to visit my sister in Boise . He wouldn't use her bathroom , but went to a neighbor's outhouse ! lol
( I wonder what the neighbor thought . ) He didn't want a TV until we lived with them for awhile , and had one . He would go to sleep while it was on , but if it was turned off , he would wake up and want it on !

I'm just skipping around on my responses , so am surely missing a lot .


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Cynthia , the sister on the tricycle is my only full sister . She has never been blond . The tallest one wasn't either ( it's the sun on her hair ) , and neither was my brother . My hair got darker and darker as I aged . I still have very few grey hairs . ( Actually , none of us grew up blond . ) I never knew what color my dad's hair was . He was grey from the time I was born ! Mama was dark haired .

We only had the one tricycle , and no bicycle .

I think I am having a rebound from my nasal spray . My nose is soo stuffed up ! I hate it . I am not a mouth breather !

Woody , I am anxious to see the completed project . Have you already settled on what you will plant in it ?

Drema , good to 'see' you . Congrats on your new job . Sounds challenging , but great .

Marie , my sister is like you . She does not let the dentist deaden her gums . She says he really would prefer too , but she just puts her mind on something else , and toughs it out . I don't think I could do that .

Sylvia , congrats on learning to post pics ! Your house is lovely . Your kitties are too .

Monique , I love your doggies in the snow . That is a good looking group of friends ( and you ) .

Yeona , I'm glad the pitbull episode is being taken care of . It is so good that the woman wasn't badly injured . I hope the Dobie recovers . I am very afraid of pitbulls and any other dog with that temperament . I can not comprehend what kind of people would harbor such creatures .
( It's a scary world ! )

V, I'll trade my plugged nose for your runny one ! LOL

Woody , my dad was sort of like your grandfather . He never lived where he had an indoor bathroom . He went with mama to visit my sister in Boise . He wouldn't use her bathroom , but went to a neighbor's outhouse ! lol
( I wonder what the neighbor thought . ) He didn't want a TV until we lived with them for awhile , and had one . He would go to sleep while it was on , but if it was turned off , he would wake up and want it on !

I'm just skipping around on my responses , so am surely missing a lot .


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Here are various scenes from last summer around the yard..None are great, but I have some more to go thru...Aren't you sorry you taught me how to do it? Sylvia

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Sorry I posted almost the same picture twice..First one is side of carriage house and the perennial garden. Pond netting can just be seen. Second is Big Pinky and Sunny and other babies and goldfish. 3rd and 4th are almost the same..sorry. It's the path to the garden house which was shipped form Walpole, Mass. in 1935 on the train. Label is on the wall. Small shade garden is on the right w/ a tiny pool in it.
Marian ~~Sweet picture from the past..My grandmother had a coal stove and lugged coal upstairs till she was in her 80's. When her first son was born 18 years before my dad he wasn't supposed to live the night. They put him on the back of the stove to keep him warm and he survived. Hard to believe. We actually had a house when we first were married that had a coal furnace..$19 a ton. In real cold weather, we might need two tons, and it was hard to come up w/ the $38. We were 22 and 24 and had a baby, and even tho he was a college grad, he made under $5,000 a year and I was taking classes at the local college.
GB..I remember the dyed margarine well. I was allowed to squeeze it in the bowl. I also remember the cream freezing on top of the milk bottle pushing the cap up, 21 cent movies, 5 cent cokes and candy bars..and also Prell shampoo. My mother used Breck or Halo on me and did it every other night. And I HAD to take a bath every night...whether I needed it or not.
EP..Tomorrow I'll post a pic of my roosters you commented on. I bought them in the mid 90's from an old guy who was a retired art teacher. I still attend that folk art show twice a year but he's never there so he could have died. I love them. I have the prices still on the bottom...from $25-30.
Michelle..would love to see pictures of the house you grew up in..
Cynthia..Showed husband your greys and he said like i did that your Katie is Ruby's twin..Uncanny.
Babs..Thanks for the compliment on the house. Some people call it the Xmas House because of the colors , I guess. There was a poem about it printed once called "Yesterday House"..I always loved it for 15 years we lived in this area before we bought it. I wanted an old house but was constricted because kids didn't want to leave their school district which this was in. I was going shopping when I passed the for sale sign and said ..too bad it's not a period house. I was thinking it was a 1930's because of the sunroom which WAS built in that time .But we called the Realtor and ended up making a decision at midnight that night because another offer was coming in. I never even saw the basement!!!!It's loaded w/ charm, way too small closets and upstairs bath is teeny!!!
Drema..Congrats on new job..Much luck
Yeona...Just awful about the Dobie's injuries. So glad he'll recover. It's too scary w/ dogs like that out there. One doesn't feel safe even walking anymore.....Sylvia

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

How delightful to share Sylvia's gardens!

Today is preparation for tonight's dinner for DH's students. It is still very cold out here, but some sun to make it a bit more cheerful.

Yes, the dentist was an interesting experience. The new lady was OK, but not confident. She was worried about the no "freezing" aspect. I had part of an old silver filling replaced and a chip filled. It was not terribly painful, but the smells of the removal of things and the tastes of various products along with the rubber stretched across the mouth are not terrific. Still, I prefer a healthy mouth to the alternative and, unlike some, don't need anesthesia to enter the office!

I have been enjoying reading Alexander McCall Smith's "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency". I am reading the books in order. It is particularly fun for me because of the Botswana setting, but even without that, it is rich and humorous and touching...

Back to cleaning and laundry. I bought 2 amaryllis plants and a small burgundy pointsettia. Spring seems so very far off!

    Bookmark   December 13, 2005 at 9:12AM
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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Poinsettia!(Oy, the spelling!)

The amaryllis are one white, one pink.

    Bookmark   December 13, 2005 at 9:17AM
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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Morning! I feel pretty good about myself. I spent 10 hrs. yesterday in the basement!!!!
When we finally finished the repairs down there last winter, we just shoved things back in storage in no particular order. Also, I didnt get a chance to clean the patio furniture before I put it in storage down there. Since we use it to lounge on when the kids ar playing ping-pong, I needed to get it cleaned up. So yesterday was clean, organize, find and/or pitch day. I also am putting things aside for a garage sale in the Spring. I didnt go thru everything, but the rest is a chore for the doldrums days of winter. I have a few things left to do down there and itll be liveable.

Today I also have a busy day planned the toy store, some returns, grocery shopping and make a goodie for DH to take in tomorrow for his multi-staff party.

V, Id forgotten about standing outside and calling your friends name to come out and play! But then again, my memory is not what it used to be either! So sorry youre under the weather. Hope you feel better soon.

Yeona, thanks for the update on the dog attack. I know some folks think its how pit bulls are raised. I dont agree. Its bred into them. Wish theyd outlaw them.

Sylvia, all your furbie photos loaded for me this am. Theyre all cuties! Oh, the new pix of your gardens, etc.! Bestill my heart. Gorgeous, gorgeous gardens!

Cynthia, those animals look REALLY STRESSED! LOL. I agree with Deanne, they are really cat-like. Speaking of which, how are your lil furbies? LOLOL re "I got blonde as I aged". Yep, happens to a lot of folks.

Drema! So good to hear from you. Congratulations on your new job! Thats great news, expecially the free tuition! You go girl! Thanks for your thots on my friend.

Michelle, so sorry to hear about your friend. She was so young. Its such an awful disease.

Hi Norma. Good to hear from you.

Oh, Woody. I didnt know you were living with tumors. You are truly amazing. I love your bench project. Itll be beautiful.

Marian, Im one of 5 children, too! You look adorable with your teddy in hand.

Bug, we, too, used the Sears catalog as a source of entertainment!

OK, do you guys remember getting your feet x-rayed in the shoe store? Did your Mom save the cream from the top of the milk to make whipped cream for the top of your Jello dessert?

OK, Im off to get this day started! Ive procrastinated enough! Hi to anyone I missed!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Honey, it is a wonder that I have feet at all! I must have x-rayed my tootsies 25 times each time I went shoe shopping.

I received Nina Ballerina as a Christmas gift from my Mom...from the Sears catalogue. I still have her, even though I didn't enjoy doll play much. She is now mildewed and in pieces...yet I have hopes of some day finding a doll repair person.

Does anyone remember a pepper liquid that was sold to put on your nails so you wouldn't bite them? It sure was awful if you rubbed your eyes by mistake!

Woody, the project is looking super! I'm happy that your new assistant Teresa is now interested in wood working projects too. Also, do NOT give up on French. Your attitude of guessing and daring is terrific! The worst students are those who are paralyzed with fear of making a mistake. How do you learn anything without mistakes?

Today was a suit and tie day for DH. Those are pretty rare.


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Am I a ditz or WHAT? : ) I mixed up Marian with V (the car photo). I'm just cracking up because I was thinking V seemed too young for the styles in the pic. Silly are so cute in that pic(love the hair styles and serious faces!) .

Sylvia-I liked your story about buying your house. We kind of did a similar thing. For several years we drove by our present home(for Chris it was most of his life since he's from this area) thinking how cool it was and talked about what we would do to restore its original look(they did some muddling) but we never imagined we'd happen to find it up for sale when we needed a house-the sign hadn't even been put up yet and we toured it and put the offer in a couple days later and the rest is history. Also no/small closets=old house: )
Your gardens look as inviting as ones I see in garden books! I want to wander those paths!

Norma-I didn't have time to explain that I am only doing lunch/playground once a week. I didn't want to drag Ryan there daily when we have our own activities to attend to-I figure while he's got one last year before school starts I want to do mother/son fun activities as much as we can. Ry starts kindergarten next year. He comes with me for playground time on Thurs. and he does enjoy the kids since we monitor two different grades each Thurs. So far we've been with the 3rd,5th & 7th grades. I imagine I will increase my volunteer time once Ry's in school too...

As far as that sewing job goes I've decided to pass! Apparently there are aspects about the boss that are less than desirable(I am being nice)and many of her employees are frustrated by her lack of organization...I don't need/want that so I'm still looking for other options. I've also been brainstorming for products that I could make and sell(something on the creative side)but most likely I will get back into general garment construction such as women's formalwear. I really don't want to get into alterations but I might need to use that as a stepping stone to get started. Doing the costumes for the Annie musical last year did get some recognition so at least people are aware of me around here.

Drema! Congrats on the job!! Can I tell everyone that you're working where Chris is?? oops I just did huh. He's located extremely close to your building! Wow that IS a long drive-crossing my fingers that winter is mild for your drive this season. You can camp out here if you ever get stuck due to snow: ) Thanks for your email-I'm lucky I found it since it went into my junk mail. Good luck-that's so exciting!

I need to cut this short-the cupboards are screaming to be filled...first,I must shop


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Drive by post. Check out these photos. They are amazing!

    Bookmark   December 13, 2005 at 11:01AM
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Quick greetings from Frozen Connecticut. Home day today and finally caught up with emails and forums. Whew!! Busy cyberfriends!!!!

Wishing good things to everyone. Stay warm!!


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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Hi, I will write more later but wanted to toss out an idea for Babs.

My SIL now does custom drapery but at one time in her life she teamed up with another lady and had a thriving home business. SIL made custom children's clothes and the other lady sold them through home parties. They were extremely popular and the business was really growing, then SIL's husband was transferred to another town and she's never found anybody willing to to the party side of it. Just an idea for you to think about:-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

VG and Babs,

Years ago 2 friends and I did just that! We had knitting machines and made infant clothing which we sold at home parties. It was ever so tasteful stuff in shocking colours (for the period). Personally, I hate home parties to sell stuff, but my one friend loved it and was good at it. We had a brief life as various moves and jobs came up. We were called "Usually Upside Down" and that is exactly what our lives were like! We're still friends though.

Can you tell I'm avoiding work?

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Another trip down memory lane..Honey..I had my feet xrayed many times and always loved getting new shoes for that reason..Mother also made topping for Jello from cream at the top.
GB..My sadistic mother used to put that awful pepper stuff on my fingernails so I wouldn't bite them. Later I started again but for many years now I have had good nails but constantly bit my cuticles!!!Neurotic as a child and still am..Also had a Nina doll and Sparkle Plenty..Remember her? I left mine in the car and she turned really dark brown. So I had the first African American doll w/ long straight blond hair which I cut off...Hang on..for all who love or hate my pictures , more tonight. Just took cute kittie pictures awhile ago. Finally got Lily who never slows long enough...I've taken way more pictures of my cats than my kids..Sylvia

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all...
I have no hope of getting all caught up and posting right now..Jim's in the shower, then we're heading for the grocery store before we get snowed/iced in tomorrow. Just had to stick in my two cents worth on the inappropriate humor....I love George Carlin, Airplane, and my kids got me to watch Dogma-thought I was gonna split a gut on that one. I love anything that pokes fun at us taking ourselves too seriously. Speaking of....anyone else watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report? Too funny. Got Christina Jon Stewart's book America for Christmas. Hoping she reads it quickly so she can loan it to me.
Okay, just heard the shower shut off, so guess I'd better put shoes on.
Later all,

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I spaced out :) I'm also a fan of Cheech and Chong, beginning with their album Big Bamboo when I was just a youngster. Ah, the good ol' days ;)

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Okay. My brain is now focused enough to say something intelligeble ... New job is wonderfully challenging -- lots to learn and smart clients with whom to keep up. A lot of travel through gorgeous old towns to businesses that are in existence for all the right reasons. It is also incredibly social and as a result, I'm not going to make it to Sue's party. I'm am totally bummed, but hope to meet at least one of my fellow NE'ers before Logees on January 22.

Next Okay: I was given a beautiful Cyclamen in full bloom and I've never been able to keep one of these plants alive, much less flowering. Right up there with Holiday cacti. HELP???? I follow the directions on the tag but they don't work. (Bright but not full light, keep on dry side, keep cool, keep in humidity.) Why is it that I can make Leptospurnum scoparium and various Citrus and Rex Begonias bloom but not something as "simple" as Cyclamen????? Is my level of humble frustration rubbing off on the plant?

I'm blathering, I know.

Have been keeping up with everyone's goings on and the talks of things in-the-day. Love the pictures and memories. We take so much for granted.

Not much to tell, so bye for now!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The Library of Congress is displaying a selection from a rarely seen
trove of color photographs taken in the late 1930s and early
1940s. The result is a revelation for those who didn't live through
that era, and whose only images of it may be in black and white...

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Jerri... those are amazing photos. Thanks. How is everything in OKC..? Here in the hills everything is so quiet. We were a very busy and involved family during the 70's and 80's... 'traveled a lot during the late 80's and 90's decided by 2000 enough was enough of that.. had a lot of 'house company' anyway... It's good to get out of our own space once in a while, however comforting it might be. There are no malls nearer than 70 miles. Nice to have our space, woods, and gardens to get out and move about. Good to read that there are still talented women who sew, garden, do things with children, have challnging employment, and take care of pets. In 1976 a friend taught me how to make ornaments from egg shells. Have been doing it ever since. The shells have to be strong and I prefer goose eggs if I can get them. Have about 6 new ones on the tree this year and still have a few unfinished. Have decided we all have enough of them now. I tried to get some pictures but it might be next Christmas before I share them. Have a big bag of unused yarn and need to do something with it this winter. Have enough of everything and too much of some things. Been giving away things that have gone unused for too long. Sylvia, fun to see your space. Partner's Grandmother, Aunts, and Mom all lived in houses filled with antiques. We kept some of the special things to pass on to the family. Still have some of it including a bushel size basket my maternal grandfather made in 1933. All of the family has something special from the past. We have note books stuffed full of pictures. Glimpses of history are interesting .. the trains, memories of the first time we heard a 'sonic boom'. Now we watch how many jet streams are in the sky at a given time from different directions, wondering who is up there and where they are going and why. However, here , they are up so high we don't hear the noise we had to endure in our previous environment. I'd rather stay away from Air Ports and busy roads. Marie, will you be flying into Tulsa International in April? There are some pretty gardens in Tulsa and Ponca City. I suppose you are more familiar with the Bartlesville area that we are. We've passed thru there a few times. Never have gone to Woolarc but have heard it is a beautiful area. How long do you plan to be in Oklahoma? Sometimes such events are good when we are seeking closure and getting on with the next phase of living. It is a 'shocker' to realize when the time comes that we are 'the elders'.. thinking of all. EP

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hi All!

Just quickly popping in to congratulate Sylvia on her picture posting progress. It's always fun to have another garden and home to peek into.

Marie, I saw a segment about the color depression era pictures on the national news tonight. Very cool.

Glad to see Honey posting again.

Drema, congrats on the new job! Some headhunter called me today about a position at one of the local Fortune 500 companies (Stanley Tools actually). I wish I had the qualifications-I could have doubled my income for less of a title than I have now. Incredible what some places pay. If I wasn't so happy with my hours and work environment I'd probably go poking my nose around.

I'm attempting to get the Christmas cards addressed tonight. Usually I send them out every year but last year I got busy and never got around to doing it. With the party crunch looming, it's now or never.

Record cold predicted tonight. Jeez, this does not bode well for actual winter. With January weather in December, what are the chances we'll get February weather in January and March weather in February? Now that I could take.

OK, enough from me. Stay warm!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Trapped at home with no car and annoying dogs! Oh,`nooooooo!

My "cold" has turned out to be nothing more than an annoying sinus thing that is on its way out.

My book sold on Ebay and I'm now figuring out the next steps.

The dogs will bark at anything, include mysterious, threatening black shapes in the driveway that turn out to be nothing more than fenderbergs.

Drema, congrats on the job! Great news!

Okay, I'm gonna get back to the figuring out job.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Quickie here, just poppin' in to thank Marie for posting the link to those absolutely fascinating photos! Just spent half an hour perusing and will go back for another visit another time. The dance, the boys, the sleeping kids, the homestead family, the 4th of July celebration, the convoy of trucks filled with barrels, the black Rosie the Riveter, all of them, wow! Tried to pic a favourite as I was going along but then another one would take it's place. VERY neat tour! And one my Mum will enjoy I think. Been enjoying all the trips down memory lane here too. We still have a sharpener guy come around in spring, ringing his bell. But he drives a truck...

Going to check out Jerri's pics now, then zzz's. To sleepy to catch up, so waving hi...


P.S. Quickie to Martie, cyclamen DO go die back and go dormant so don't feel bad. Link below on aftercare...

    Bookmark   December 13, 2005 at 10:06PM
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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Okay, another quickie for V. As seller you will now see 'send invoice' under your 'sold' section in My Ebay. Buyer can also request invoice then you will just have to click on the link in the email you receive from Ebay to send it. You specified shipping in the listing so just add that amount in under shipping costs, pick the method (media mail, etc) then send a little note congratulating them for winning the auction, specifying any payment options, and thanking them, for dealing with you. Once you have more things up for sale you can also mention that of COURSE you combine shipping if there is anything else that they are interested in.

When they pay (if mailing payment) you can mark the item as paid on Ebay and print that out as a receipt or if they use paypal Ebay will do this for you. You can print a packing slip right from Paypal. Package and mail it out and you're done! Almost--don't forget to leave them positive feedback, and somewhere in your packing slip remind them to please do the same for you upon receipt and inspection. NOW you're done...Have fun!


    Bookmark   December 13, 2005 at 10:19PM
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OK.. one story re the pictures Marie shared.. very much a way of life for people with instruments to get together and play music and have dances in homes. When living on a ranch in Arizona, I remember as a small child sitting at the side of the room watching dancing to 'Put Your Little Foot Right There' and others. We didn't have churches on the ranches but held religious services and had Christmas programs at the school house. Singing was bilingual in Spanish and English. The words to "Silent Night" in Spanish translate to: " Night of Peace, Night of Love, All around is filled with brilliance, enter the heavenly beings glowing with light, happily announcing the baby Jesus, brilliant the star of peace, brilliant the star of peace. (I could sing it in Spanish but probably wouldn't spell it correctly.) "Noche de paz, Noche de amor, Todos duereme en derador, entre los astros que esparcen su luz, bella nunciando el nino Jesus , brilla la estrella de paz, brilla la estrella de paz...."
We would hear people riding horses on the the road near our home singing in Spanish. Christmas dinner was green corn tamales. (To the 'newcomers' I have shared this every year so it it an 'old story' to everyone who has been here for the past 3 years).
Sue, I wonder if that 'head hunter' saw and read about your beautiful and smart head 'right here' . Wouldn't surprise me. Drema good to read your news. Hi to all. EP

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Here are some more kitty pics

    Bookmark   December 14, 2005 at 1:12AM
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I am so stupid..I wrote a post on here and it totally disappeared. I don't know what happened. So this will be brief..The last kitty pictures are above. First is Lily, second is Izzy, third is Nellie and Annie, mother and daughter and 4th is my grey sweetie Phoebe, and last is Louie. Sorry this is the last of the thread for you dial uppers..I forget what else I said..Brain fog..It's quite cold here 11 right now. Weird weather we are having..Keep warm....Sylvia

    Bookmark   December 14, 2005 at 2:14AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I'm still working on perfecting this picture posting stuff. I wrote a post w/ the pictures and it disappeared. I apologize in posting these at the end of a thread because I know how it affects dial uppers. Sorry...First picture is Lily, second is Izzy a year later and many pounds fatter, next is Mom and daughter, Nellie and Annie and next my grey sweetie, Phoebe, and last old Louie...Missing is Maddie who you saw before. I'm done. I won't be boring you w/ any more . I'm like a kid w/ a new toy..I'll try to do the kitchen one day because I think it was Deanne who wanted to see the soapstone sink and counters..
Sue..I just got most of my Xmas cards out today w/ just a few I need to write notes to. I'm very late this year. My daughter and her generation are giving up sending..I guess they do e- cards. Kinda sad...I read that much history will be lost because people don't write letters anymore. I know I don't..I just email friends..I used to write to my mother and aunt every week and I have letters my grandmother wrote to her daughter in the 40's. I saved them when she died this year and found I was mentioned as .."Sarah brought baby Sylvia around today and stayed for dinner"...I wrote to my husband every day for three years when we were in college and I saved them all in a box in the attic. It's like a diary of our lives..My kids will probably pitch them. I need to get GD interested in old stuff...
It's supposed to go down to almost 0 tonight. This is very weird weather and I worry about my fish outside....Sylvia

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Just a test

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