Picking the right privacy shrub

johnspirApril 13, 2014

I am looking at creating a privacy fence with nice shrubs. I thought I had settled on the Green Giant Thuja, however, I really want a more cylindrical shape, rather than a pyramid.

I am not sure I want a 40' tall set of shrubs surrounding my backyard but 15' to 20' would be great.

Can anyone recommend something? I read tons of conflicting information and so even a URL to read about varieties that I can buy would be helpful.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a pic of your space.. would really help us understand the situation ...as told... i have no clue how much space you are willing to allow for the footprint ... also.. big city name.. might help ... soil type.. etc ... how long a line of them.. etc ...

and finally.. nothing really stops growing at some magical height.. size estimates are usually at 10 years size.. and they will be twice as big in twenty ...

and though you want it fixed yesterday ... buying anything that is called fast growing.. or giant.. usually means.. they will get too big.. too fast ...

also ... are you limiting yourself to bigboxstore.. or are you will to go diverse ...


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