Pieris without bright-colored foliage

ginny12April 28, 2010

Can anyone recommend a pieris--Japanese andromeda--that does not have brightly colored new growth? Either plain green or as non-red, non-pink as possible?

I have a lot of pink flowering shrubs and trees at that time and the new pieris growth would really be a color war. As I need about six of the same pieris, it would be very obvious right in front of my house.

I know they are breeding pieris for this bright new growth but I'm not a fan of it--at least where I need to put these shrubs.

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Several of the dwarf forms produce little to no colored new growth - 'Cavatine' or 'Prelude'. Also 'Sarabande' and 'Snowdrift'.

Even with those that produce colored new growth, the effect doesn't last very long. And some of the pink flowering forms ('Valley Rose', 'Valley Valentine', 'Flamingo') produce new growth that is very complimentary to the flower color, although the bulk of flowering is over before a lot of the new growth emerges.

Here is a link that might be useful: Great Plant Picks pieris evaluation

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

They all come out tinted, but bronzy or otherwise comparatively subtle coloring is common. The gaudier effects are not so usual among Pieris japonica, that trait often comes from P. formosa forrestii. Buy when new growth present to get what you want.

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Thanks for these suggestions and I'll work on it. Hardiness is also an issue tho many pierises do very well here--it's a standard evergreen.

It's not the foliage clash with its own flowers that I'm worried about--it's with the many other flowering trees and shrubs I have.

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Have you looked at Pieris x ÂBrouwerÂs BeautyÂ? To me the foliage looks just olive green and hasn't looked too reddish as it emerges. The winter flower buds have red tones, but it seems to fade to gold come spring, and the flowers are white. Unfortunately, the voles got to mine, but I liked it while it lasted.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

That one's a hybrid with the eastern North American native P. floribunda. You could also try P. floribunda itself.

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In another recent thread, a poster and I happened on the fact the new foliage of Little Heath was variable. Her's was very bright. Mine is dull and bronzey. We were speculating that the difference was possibly due to age (hers is older, mine is younger) or sun (mine is less sun).

I am also noticing that my pieris's vary on timing. Right now my Cavatines are still in strong bloom. My Little Heath's and Silver Flame are well into the colorful new growth phase. My big old unknown peiris is just finishing up bloom and hasn't put out any new growth yet.

That may help matters. or not. Certainly makes the puzzle interesting!

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