Can I mulch over planted seed?

JadaMariaMay 22, 2014

I'm going to mulch today and I was wondering if I can plant seeds and mulch over them? If so, should I plant the seeds first and then mulch or mulch first and move it to plant the seeds? Would it be better to move the mulch and leave it off them until they sprout and grow a bit first? It's red pine mulch if that matters. Also, I'm not planting seed that need light to germinate. I just don't want to waste all that time, energy and money if they won't be able to push through the mulch. I would say what I'm planting, but there are too many... a variety of flowers and veggies. Sorry, if this is a dumb question, but I'd rather ask a dumb question then spend a day doing something dumb! :o)

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A bit of a guessing game what you are up to., : )
Misc seeds of this and that. The needs of different seed are written on the packet...but just suppose you get free seeds from a friend...look up on the interweb what they time for that? not mulch the seeds. If a big seed, stick it in twice its size, if a itty biity seed, just sprinkle on top and add a dusting of very light dry soil. Tap down with your hand and lightly water.
Very wet and quite warm in NY right now. Don't mulch until your seedlings are up and strong. You will learn eventually what it takes to make a successful garden. Pay attention without frustration.
You might be doing some dumb things...sometimes it is the only way to learn....
-sometimes, 'no light needed for germination', means no light in a dark damp corner at 65 in a basement covered for three days, then tender light for three months before planting in june when the soil is warm...
You will soon discover that in NY, some things grow without effort, and others seem a waisted seed packet and expense...never to grow a thread of green.
It is fun though if you want it to be.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Jada, no you cannot mulch over sown seeds. One of the benefits to mulching is it will prevent the germination of weed seeds that are present, but it will prevent the germination of any seed including those you want to grow.

One common reason for failure to germinate is sowing seed too deeply. Your mulch would add to that depth.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Those seedlings will need to find sunlight shortly after germination, or they die. The struggle through mulch can be deadly if they run out of energy before exposed to sunlight, their only source of energy upon germination.

And there are some species of plants that have seeds which need sunlight in order to initiate germination. It will be your job to do a little bit of time researching each of the varieties you intend to plant.

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