How do I get shasta daisy seeds

countrycarolyn(6-7nwTN)May 27, 2009

I have a shasta daisy that I absolutely love I rarely see this variety and I would love to get the seeds from my existing plant. Are the seeds in the deadhead? Also will the shasta be true to seed? Granted I could just split my plant but I would love to share the seeds of this one with more people since this variety is not seen as much. Shasta Daisy Silver Princess is the variety. Thanks for any help in advance.

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THIS QUESTION GETS ASKED ALL THE TIME ONLY IN DIFFERENT FORMS..... the FLOWER is the sexual reproductive organ of the flower.... polination must occure then allowed to remain on the plant long enough for the seed to mature... .......IF you deadhead then no chance for seed to form
there are other poential problems as requires a cross polinator, incompatibility of the pollen etc.....
If the "varitie" is a "hybrid" it will not come true from seed

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Awww thankyou so much, I was sure hoping it could be easy enough to get seed from the little beauty. I think all shasta daisies are hybrids though, I may be wrong about that.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

It would appear from the OP that you have not tried rooting cuttings?

I've no clue if this will work but a quick Google for shasta daisy cuttings gets hits.

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I have tried searching for shasta daisy maybe I didnt use the same wording you used. I have even went to a web site that tells on the reproduction of the plant. I know that with shasta daisy there are 150 different varietys. I also know that Luther Burbank was the first to cross pollinate 2 other breeds I forget which 2. I have searched for this question and which till yiorges told me hybrids would not be true to seed I really thought the idea would work. Heck I love shasta saisy so much that I may continue to try and run a few years trial just to see what happens. So in other words albert did you not read the OP in its entirety. I cleary stated that yes I know I could split. I am not some idiot that post without searching. Why dont you search or your term google the extracting seed from a shasta and see how many hits you get for an answer of your question. If you can post back here with a link for that answer I would sure eat my words.

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Burpee sells Silver Princess shasta daisy seeds. I've had pretty good luck starting shasta daisy seeds so look around and try to start some yourself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seeds from Burpee

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LOL thanks I have the plant I am trying to see if the EXISTING plant I have will produce seeds that would be true. MAYBE you should READ the ENTIRE post before ASSUMING you know the answer to the question. lol but thanks shebear u made me laugh.

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'Silver Princess' is not hybrid, and is propagated in the industry from seed. This variety has some variability - all plants will not look exactly like each other - most notable difference is variations in height. By all means, collect seed from your plant. Let flowerheads fade on the plant, ripe seed will fall from the head. The resulting progeny SHOULD look close to your parent plant, assuming they don't cross pollinate with other varieties.

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YESSSSS, thankyou thankyou thankyou. You give me HOPE lol. Goblugal I am going to try it and I SO much appreciate you answering my questions. I love the plant so much that I have it planted around my garden with other shasta varietys and without so you gave me a good idea where to start and keep seperate from different areas for trial.

I always wondered how do seed companies sell the seed if it doesnt come true from the parent plant. So without me asking you answered that also. I thankyou again for your answer and I will let you know how it goes, though it may be awhile as my blooms are just now starting to fade from the first bloom. You made me happy goblugal!!! :D

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Ok I feel stupid sometimes the answers are always out there the question is how to search them out. I just did a search on how to know when the seed is ripe and I just found some VERY beneficial reading. My search was "ripe seeds in flower head". It does tell how to collect and even how to pollinate your own flowers and some veggies. I posted the link for anyone else intrested in saving seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Saving Seeds.

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So your saying deadheading Daisies don't work? I have had a flower bed full of daisies for about 20+ years and I deadhead them but really didn't know if they come up from the bottom.

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I get seeds from all of my shasta daisies every year and replant them in different places in my yard. I wait until the fall or late summer when the flowers turn to seeds, and they are dry and when I pick one and the seeds are loose. I have given hundreds of seeds away as each flower produces hundreds of seeds. I do not have the shasta that you have. I would love a few seeds to plant in my yard, and will give you some of the seeds I have. I have 2 different kinds.

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