Are my Boxwoods dying?

bripowApril 2, 2013

Last May I planted Boxwoods all along my patio. I was in the backyard the other day and noticed some of them appear to be dying (leaves turning a bright yellow color). Are these dying beyond the point of no return and need to be replaced?

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

The way the photo appears they seem to be "tipped back" by winter. A rule of thumb is that if the foliage is orange colored it will recover but if pale tan, that part of the plant is likely dead. I don't think you should remove them, but you might clip out the tan stuff and the rest should be ok - spring will tell.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

tough winter in my adrian mi ...

die back.. cold damage ... or they didnt harden off properly last fall.. perhaps due to late or heavy fertilizing.. or its just a function of the transplant stresses ... also.. the wall could have kept them active thru soil warming.. instead of slowing down in late fall ....

if they were anything other than boxwood.. i would tell you they are about a foot or 2 too close to the wall.. but with these.. you can trim them..

ignore them for a month.. until they start sprouting.. and once that is underway.. go in with hand shears.. and snip out the obviously dead stuff ... back to a live bud ...

there is a very distinct pattern there.. and i bet you can figure out what happened ... and i am guessing they are on the east side.. and in midwinter.. the hottest sun.. in late afternoon.. just peaked over the patio.. which also warmed in the sun and amplified the heat ...... warmed those tips.. repeatedly .... and they repeatedly thawed and refroze .. and finally gave up the spirit ... am i close???? [i think you can also see .. with the greener parts below.. just about what average winter snow cover was .... as the greener parts were wind protected under the snow ...... most of the winter.. yes???] .. that will be either brilliant analysis.. or total BS.. which is it.. lol ...

life is in the buds below those parts ..... can you see new buds swelling??.. if so.. the plants are not dead in any sense ... i would not allow a warranty claim ... YET .. anyway ... and in adrian.. buds are NOT swelling yet ... as some of the soil is still frozen .. patience ...


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