Plagron Seed Booster

gonene1May 27, 2014


I found this product on-line.
Plagron Seed Booster.
it supposed to help germinating seeds, by accelerating, the germination speed and also has a protective effect against fungi and bacteria.

does anyone here knows about this product?

are there any other products that can help seed germination?

can i use this to break strawberry seed dormancy?


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I have no first hand knowledge of this product, but, statistically speaking, the chances of this product working as described are very, very small. It's amazing how many snake-oil "miracle" products are pawned off on the gullible these days.

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Campanula UK Z8

This is how it works. Using basic horticultural supplies as a measure, anything which says it is for 'specific' purpose (orchid compost, say....or clematis food) is twice the price. Anything remotely connected with cannabis (has picture of ganga leaf, goes on about hydroponics, makes INSANE promises) is around 10x the usual price.....and Plagron, afaik, is very much in that marijuana market (despite the usual coy pics of peppers or tomatoes or vaguely green things on labels), there ya go.....which is why the product will also be promising massive yields, superb vigour etc.etc.
Brandon said it all a bit more succinctly than I did though.

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Thanks for your comments.
I think i was looking for a miracle "something" to help me with the strawberry seeds.
they are taking a lot of time to germinate and by the time a tiny root is showing it is all so moldy that it does not develop any farther and just dies as a seed with a tiny root tail.

I have a neighbor who is a serious farmer he grows flowers for export.
he told me that he can give me some anti mold for pretreatment of the seeds , he also told me not to use damp paper towel for germination , but to use peat moss (he can give me some).
i hope i'll manage to grow some strawberries with his help.

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>> ...are taking a lot of time to germinate and by the time a tiny root is showing it is all so moldy

Definitely go with the peat for germination. Peat seems to be resistant to mold, and to be doubly sure it can be easily sterilized after it's dampened by nuking it in the microwave oven (along with it's container). Mold also seems to be deterred by a warm sunny environment.

Just keep in mind that peat doesn't go far nutritionally, so don't leave sproutlets in only it much past a couple of pairs of leaves.

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