starting seeds outside in containers

bosewichte(7a/8b)May 3, 2012

More questions...but how else will I learn? :)

I wanted to make a little container garden for herbs, veggies, and flowers this year with some leftover seed. Today I planted tomatoes, mint, basil, garlic chives, clematis, and a few varieties of sunflowers in various containers. I originally set them all up outside, right in the sun. But when I did a little more research after planting, what I read seemed to indicate that the seeds could be easily 'cooked' this way and that I could keep them outside, but out of the direct sun.

What I don't understand is...when you direct sow into the ground, the seeds don't get 'cooked' - they usually germinate. So what's different about sowing in containers?

SHOULD I put them back in the sun, or keep them in the warm shade until they germinate? Another note: they aren't covered in plastic to maintain moisture level. I figure that I can keep on top of it myself without having to fool around with lids...but correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks so much!

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Small containers dry out a lot faster than the soil in your garden, and drought is one of the main reasons for seedling losses. This is the principal reason why most gardeners don't put container sowings in full sun. Do you remember those old-fashioned "Welcome" mats, made of jute fiber or what not? And how if they got wet they'd be like that for a week? If you stand your seed containers on top of something similar, they will not dry out so easily.

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Thanks so much! I'll stay on top of it and hope for some great germination! :)

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