Lavender seedlings, help needed

caroline1510May 14, 2012

Hi all have tried my hand at planting seeds this year and all are doing very well. One of the plants I have tried is lavender. Lots germinated and now I have 120 lavender seedlings! I potted them on in the last few days, all look healthy and had very big roots compared to the size of the seedlings. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on caring for them. They are on a window sill at the moment but was wondering if they could go in a greenhouse and when they could go outdoors. Also should I be feeding them? Any advice would be greatly appriciated, I am a novice gardener but very much enjoying my new hobby!

Many thanks caroline

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Hello Caroline, welcome to the GardenWeb. Lavender should be outside as soon as possible. I am sure it would have no trouble at all in May, in the UK. Congratulations on getting the good start. Lavender is from the Mediterranean area and likes a long hot dry summer, not likely in your area. Here in California it grows like a weed, and we grow a lot of it. Al

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Just to reiterate, Caroline, harden them off (should only take a few days now) and put them outside. Plant them out when they reach a reasonable size e.g. 4 - 5 inches.

To harden off you could put them in the greenhouse for a day or two, then outside and in the greenhouse at night for 2 days, then out permanently. This is a very cautious programme. They'd probably be fine going out at once but I'm just being careful.

Although lavender is from the Med it grows fine in the UK as long as it is in soil which drains well. No need to feed lavender at all. You have enough for a hedge! Good luck.

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Thanks very much for the advice, they've been in an un-heated green house for the past few days and they're looking fine even though there's been some cold night's. Will start hardening them off tomorrow. Just got to decide what to do with them all now!

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Hi again Caroline. I looked up your member page to find your location, and mentioned the UK in my answer to bring out UK gardeners like Flora uk to also answer your post. If you would edit your name to show your location you would get more responses from gardeners in a similar location to yours. Al

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