cascade lace

orchidtrader(z7 ok)February 8, 2013

I was wondering if any is growing Cascade Lace ? and I was wondering if it more disease resitance than its one parent Iceberg ? I struggle with black spot on it. I need a nice white climber for morning sun. Somebody recomended White Cap which I do love the looks of but I am concered about its thorns as it will be planted up the pillers going up to the front door.
I would like something that has those lax stems with out being heavly armored. I perfer white but it could go orange or apricot.

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I recommend the Westerland Climbing rose. I have included a picture of it from my garden.
It's very disease free in my garden in Los Angeles. It has a 8.3 rating from the American Rose Society, which I am a member of. (10 being best)
The Cascade Lace is not even rated with ARS, so it can't be very good.
I usually stick with highly rated ARS roses because they have the highest disease resistance.
kind Regards,

Here is a link that might be useful: Westerland Rose

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orchidtrader(z7 ok)

Very pretty. I had been thinking about Westerland I just did not know it was well armourmored with thorns or if it just average with them. You know I forgot all about the ars ratings. I use to be a member to but that was over 10 years ago and I really just got out of growing roses.
Thank you for your input !

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Mr. Radler, breeder of the notorius Knockout, of which I am not a fan, has recently introduced two white climbers. The one called Milwaukee Calatrava looks lovely in pix. It is said to be disease resistant and fragrant. I think MC could turn out to be Radler's masterpiece, if it is as good as the catalogues are claiming, having repeat bloom, disease resistance and fragrance..

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fig_insanity Z7a E TN

Orchidtrader, the correct name is *LACE CASCADE*, not "cascade lace", and it IS rated by the ARS, with an 8.0 rating. In my garden, in humid East TN, it was fairly disease resistant, much more so than my Iceberg. I no longer have it, but it was a good rose. If I recall correctly, it was self-cleaning, fairly thorny, held up well to heat, was vigorous, and re-bloomed very well.


Here is a link that might be useful: LACE CASCADE ARS RATING

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orchidtrader(z7 ok)

Thanks ... I was trying to type the name from memory and I guess I got it wrong. I will look it up and see, Glad to hear it did well for you.

nastarana I was looking at his Radlers rose Cloud 10 but when I called the growers on it they thought it would have alot of thorns althought they had not seen it yet....

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

There is a reblooming banks rose called Purezza that is thornless (or nearly so) and white. I like her a lot, and the foliage is really pretty on her, too.

If she's not available anywhere, y'all, I have cuttings.

She can get really tall (they say), but she also doesn't grow that fast, if that makes sense. I keep mine pruned lower than she'd like to grow and she doesn't go bonkers like some other roses do. At least in my garden! She's not in the best spot, either (on purpose because of the vigor I read about).

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I had Lace Cascade in my old garden, on a for corner fence where it was much neglected. It got black spot and whatever but kept on blooming, competing with a growing tree and weeds on the other side of the fence I couldn't control. The blooms were fragrant and lovely but spotted and thriped as white roses tend to do. I don't spray so they were far from perfect. When we moved, I opted not to replant.

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orchidtrader(z7 ok)

meredith_e and lainey2 thanks for the info on this rose. Purezza I will look up and see if it will work.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

To see a photo of a magnificent Purezza, check out the letter "P" post that was part of an entire alphabet in rose photos on the Rose Gallery Forum recently. A Forum member, dark lady, showed this gorgeous photo, along with many eye popping other photos.. That alphabet was huge, with hundreds of photos posted. Great participation. Diane

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orchidtrader(z7 ok)

Thanks I will check it out !

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