Swimming pool to koi pond conversion

billd_bmw(7b)July 17, 2010

I have a 22k gallon 'play' pool that I haven't used in years and would like to convert it to a koi pond. My pool is 3ft deep on both ends and about 6ft deep in the center. It has a jacuzzi on one end and built in steps on the other. dual drains in the center of the main pool as well as dual drains in the jacuzzi. The corners are rounded, not square.

Have a 3hp pump connected to a Hayward 4 cartridge filter, a heater and some other items.

It has direct sunlight for most of the day in Summer (know that is an issue already) and sometimes in the Winter I have seen ice form on the surface. Although very thin.

I would really appreciate hearing suggestions on how to make it happen.

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We had a thread a month ago about the very same subject - see below. I was fascinated by the link Nancy provided - someone named Erik converted his swimming pool to a fish pond. It was a lot of work, but at least the hole was already dug.

Good luck,

Here is a link that might be useful: Swimming Pool to Pond Thread

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Thanks Anne, I did see that one. My pool is an in-ground plaster pool and wondered if anyone had converted one of those.

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Just over ten years ago we converted our 26-foot, in-ground pool to a smaller sized pond. Seventy-two yards of fill later .... plus mucho other stuff....we had our pond. While pool filters and pump are great for really keeping clean water we got rid of them. The power to run a 3/4 hp pump was a bit much. We essentially run the pond with just under 250 watts now. Secondly, if we'd tried to continue using our pool filter we'd probably have to backwash it at least once a day --- with all the costs associated with supplying the extra water in the process. Much happier with the pond! Besides, who could do laps in a circular pool anyway?

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I would really like to keep the structure of the pool intact. Looking for alternatives to the cartridge filter. Learning about sediment filters and wonder if anyone has converted one to it.

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Ok the first thing what is the size of the piping that was used on the pool. You said there are dual bottom drains on the pool. Are these valved individually? Is there any skimmers on the pool? The water from the current filter come back into the pool through jets in the walls of the pool. Is the jacuzzi a totally separate system or are they both tied together? Do you actually have a 3 hp pump on the pool or is that a misprint? Do you care if the walls of the pond are the current color? What is the pool made of? Does it hold water without leaking? How old is the pool?

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Sorry for my delay in responding. I was trying to find a plumbing schematic from when the pool was built, but was unable to get one. I am the second owner of this house.
The built in skimmer intake pipe, inside diameter is just over 1-3/4". I'm not sure if the dual bottom drains are valved individually, but with my research I would say probably not. The pool was built around 1991 and from what I saw, they would both be connected to a single line feeding to the filter. Not sure what size pipes.
The water from the current filter does return through jets in the walls of the pool. The jacuzzi is on the same system, and I have electronic valves that divert the return to the Jacuzzi at programmed times. The jacuzzi jets are in the wall also and have bubbles through those jets when it's on. Not actually in jacuzzi mode.
I have a 3/4 hp pump. was a mistype.
I don't really care what color the pool walls are. They are white (well mostly) now and I have seen pools with blue and black.
I'm not sure what the pool is made of. It is a typical in-ground pool, built in 1991 or so.
It does hold water well, although I do have to replenish in this Texas heat. That is another concern of mine. Evaporation and how to keep it full without tap water. It gets direct sunlight for many hours of the day in Summer. The water temp is about 83 degrees now. Know I'll have to find some way to shade it.
Thanks Mike. I appreciate any suggestions you may have.

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Most pools are either constructed of "gunnite"...sprayed cement...or more typically they have a liner over steel panels. If your pool has a liner more than likely it is the standard vinyl liner which usually has about a 10 year life span before deteriorating from sunlight exposure plus chemicals. The deterioration traditionally shows up as holes along the water line on the side of the pool getting the most sunlight. Why bring this up? If your pool was put in around 1991 the next question is the age of the liner. It would be a shame to try to convert something and have the liner progressively fail over the next year or two.

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It is an in-ground pool and I believe it is gunnite. Forgive my ignorance on this. The walls are solid and show no signs of deterioration.

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