Help! ... what is wrong w/ this R o Sharon?

ditasApril 28, 2010

Hello - I planted 4 Rose of Sharon (Chiffon) in '06. This #1 did very well & grew bigger & taller than the other 3. This season she is not leafing out as the other 3. There are a few small suckers close to her base doing well.

Her canes are turning rusty, crustier & exfoliating some ... . Is there a cure for her ailment? Linked pix taken today.

TIA for any help!!! Â;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ailing RoS

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Dan Staley



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Dan - thank you for your thoughts! However, I don't think Scale is what it is ... I researched just the same in case I'm missing something from what I knew of scales. I have observed the canes as well ... no foamy nor sticky spits/honeydew/sooty residues found, only dry crusty canes.

I'll apply *Cornell Formula* just the same ... 'don't think can hurt. perhaps even Sevin around her base. What do you think? Will also cut one cane & take to nursery to be DX'd.

Thanks again for responding!!! Â;)

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Dan Staley

Pix of scale insects. Your pix clearly show armored scale, fairly common pest of Hibiscus s..

Your County Extension Service almost certainly has a sheet on this critter.

Like the emoticon, BTW.


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Hi Dan - Love those *Insects* link - thanks a bunch!!! Â;)

I did go to a few Univ Extentions, our own included & learned more!

I cut a cane to take to our nursery to be diagnosed ... checked my RoS thread to see more ideas & found your links. I still don't find any critters on the piece of cane that I scraped & dissected. Could those bugs have done the assaults last season & have cause this struggles now?

This pretty good size, cane I took is still quite green inside ... all I did now is preventative ... Sevin at the bases of the neighboring shrubs.

Again many thanks for the links! Â;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pix of RoS canes

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I've got a Rose of Sharon I'm still waiting for to leaf out. all uthe pith is green, but it looks like twigs on a stick. Sorry about yours; they are so lovely when they are in bloom.

Please be careful with the Sevin and try to refrain from spraying it. It is lethal to bees of all kinds.

Marie/idabean (an amateur beekeeper)

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