Marigold Seedlings Starting to Bloom?

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)May 13, 2010

My marigold seedlings are starting to try to bloom already.

They won't be planted outside for another week, or maybe two.

Should I remove the blooms? My instinct is Yes, but I also thought I should maybe pinch the leaves last week, so.........

Am I right this time?


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You can leave them or pinch them off neither will hurt the plant. Next year start them later. Marigolds only take about a month from seed to flower and it's a shame to not have them flowering outside instead of inside.

I'd say in your zone it will be the end of May before you can plant them out

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Thanks Oilpainter.

I'm going to be watching the forecast really closely. Since these are the first thing I've started from seed indoors, I sure don't want to put them outside too soon.

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