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urvishtMay 1, 2012

I started eggplant seeds indoors in a seed starter mix and transplanted them in a 2 inch bio-degradable containers about a week ago, using a soil-less potting mix with no fertilizers in it. The bag was outside and was wet due to rain, and the soil was quite moist when I transplanted the seedlings. Last night I noticed a white fuzz on the outsides of the containers and I wiped it off. I am now wondering if this is damping off disease. If it is, is there a way to eliminate it? I have washed the trays with bleach, taken the containers out of the trays and put them near a small fan. Besides using chemical fungicides, is there another remedy I can use to kill the "fungus?" I have a feeling the soil i used must have been compromised since it was sitting out in the rain for a period of time. What can i do to sterilize this soil again. First time seed starter here so any information will be helpful!


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

White fuzz isn't damping off - it's just some external mould. You get it on peat pots too. Ignore it. If you really had damping off your seedlings would be falling over and dying.

True damping off is easily prevented by simply not over watering your sowing medium. I wouldn't worry about the potting soil at all as long as you water sensibly. It will never be truly sterile from the moment you open the bag. We are surrounded by fungal spores all the time but as long as you don't provide the conditions they need to grow they will cause you no problems.

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