Good places to buy non-hybrid seeds

jcahoMay 24, 2007

Can anyone help?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

If you Google the term 'heirloom seeds', you'll come up with countless locations that sell non-hybrid seeds. Also, many of the standard seed companies also sell heirloom veggie and flower seeds.

Good luck!

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nygardener(z6 New York)

Johnny's is a good choice, too. Try also Seeds of Change, Seed Savers, Burpee. Many use a designation such as Hybrid or F1 to alert you that seeds are a cross, not an open-pollinated strain.

Many hybrids are bred to have specific advantages, such as early bearing or pest resistance; you may want to split your seed buying to favor heirlooms but buy hybrids where they would benefit your garden. That way you're encouraging the legacy preserved by seed savers as well as the ongoing work of breeders.

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Go to the dollar store and choose off their rack, you've got oodles of open-pollinated seeds to choose from for about ten cents a pack. You can expect great germination from them too.

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Another good place to look is

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Great Non Hybrid Seed site with an excellent affiliate program!

Here is a link that might be useful: non hybrid seeds affiliate program

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Let me offer a second for (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), which tomakers mentioned. I ordered from them for the first time this year. Very rapid delivery and the seedlings have been doing great. Everything except the stevia, mind you -- the pack just had a few tiny seedlings, and at best I've had one germinate in like a month (I hope it's a stevia, rather than some weed that managed to get in there somehow).

But overall: incredible selection, good quality, and fast shipping.

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seattlemamadrama(8 - Seattle)

After spending $3-5 each for a few packets of Territorial Seed Co. seeds at my local TruValue hardware store, I then went to look on ebay and sure enough there are lots of heirloom and open pollenated seeds for sale there. I bought the rest of my seeds on auctions by GroCoSeeds and have had great success with the starts. I chose GroCoSeeds b/c they have LOTS of positive feedback and repeat business from previous years. They are also close to where I live in Seattle (they're in Oregon) so my seeds arrived quickly and many are good plants for the Maritime Northwest where I live. You may want to search for heirloom seeds and then sort by location (I said within 200 miles of my zip code).

A tip, if you get outbid on an auction for some seeds from GroCoSeeds, don't be tempted to pay more for the item and bid again, because they give you an opportunity to add any of their seeds to your cart after you purchase through their payment system (they use a checkout system that allows you to add items before you pay through PayPal). I saw that I had overpaid for a couple of items that I bid up during an auction, and I could have saved money by buying it during the checkout process.

On that note, if you're in a hurry, you could just buy 1 item from GroCoSeeds and then buy the rest of your seeds during the check out, I guess! The seller is helpful and does answer his ebay messages quickly.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: GroCoSeeds store on eBay

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The local co-op is always a good choice too. =)

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Be careful with Burpee. Some of the seeds I ordered from them last year weren't designated as hybrids online, but when they arrived, the seed packs did say they were hybrids. Unless it specifically says "heirloom", you're taking a chance. If you're planning to order from them, you might want to double-check varieties elsewhere first...


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indy76km(5 - Rumford, ME)

Victory seed company has a large selection of heirloom seeds. I ordered a bunch this year and am very happy with the products and service.

Here is a link that might be useful: Victory Seed Company

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Seed Savers Exchange is also a great resource for nonhybrid and heirloom seeds.

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One of the best places i know of is Dr Tomato seed.They are good priced with lots of seed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dr Tomato seed

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I ordered some tomato seeds from Victory Seed a few years ago. There were only 20 seeds in the packet. Other companies give you about 200 seeds for the same price. If the description doesn't say how many seeds you're buying, if probably a good idea to purchase from someone else. Last year I bought from Virtual Farm Seed Co. and got a better deal & great service.

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One great place that i've found is called Down To Earth Seeds. Great folks there with Char and Scott

Here is a link that might be useful: non hybrid seeds

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countrycarolyn(6-7nwTN) has great prices, I ordered from them last year and I had great germination and great service.

A few more I plan to try this year:

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There's nothing better than a nice garden! Okay, well maybe I can think of a couple things, but that's besides the point.

This year we decided to do more of the Heirloom and Non-Hybrid varieties so we can learn to save our seeds year after year.

We bought a seed kit from a company called They had a crazy deal where we ended up get almost 60,000 seeds and 50 varieties of the non-hybrid types I was looking for. Definitely got some good seed this year.

I got worried at one point this summer though because it was so hot for a week straight. But now it's like an edible rain forest in my backyard :)

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