Help needed with tree id

LoggyMcChopperson(Europe zone 7/8)August 14, 2014

Hi all,

I'm currently undertaking a little project to identify all major species of tree/bush in our summerhouse garden. However, this one tree has just been really difficult for me to place.

The tree is a good 5m/15ft tall with the trunk splitting very close to the ground and lots of dense, low spreading foliage. It's located in Denmark.

The leaves are very finely toothed, perhaps c. 7cm/3in long. The underside is slightly white with a prominent white central vein. Younger branches have white spots/lenticels on them, but the trunk is a plain smooth greyish brown. Sadly there are no apparent seeds or fruits at the moment, which has made identification a real pain.

I'm attaching a second picture in the following post. It's not exactly great, obscured by rain, a rusty badminton net, a couple of yews and some birch/rowan in the background. It does at least give an overall shape perspective though. I've also attached a link to my photobucket gallery, with more images of the tree.

A huge thanks for any help you can offer - I know it's not much to go on!

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket Gallery

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LoggyMcChopperson(Europe zone 7/8)

...And here's the second picture. I have a couple more blurry shots of the trunk and leaf undersides, but not sure if they will help with the id.

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LoggyMcChopperson(Europe zone 7/8)

A little bump as a last desperate effort to find some assistance with id'ing this tree!

I've now created a photobucket gallery with more pictures of the leaves and trunk, and attached it to the original post.

I'd really be extremely grateful if anybody has any suggestions as to what this might be, as it's the very last one to go in my project to identify every tree in my summerhouse garden and I am completely stumped as to what it might be.

Thanks for your time! *fingers crossed*

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

If you don't get an answer here, you might try in GW's Trees forum.

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LoggyMcChopperson(Europe zone 7/8)

Thanks, that sounds like the sensible thing to do.

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