can I save viburnums?

mandolivApril 23, 2010

One of my viburnums never woke up this spring, and part of another one look dead as well. After doing some searching, it appears as if there are borers. I think the one is completely was looking bad last summer, but I assumed it was just the hot weather and lack of rain in illinois. Is there any way I can save the one that is just starting to go? I'll have to cut down the dead one, but should I just cut down the other one too? I have 3 others that look good, lots of flowers and healthy leaves, no signs of borers that I can see. I there something I can put on the healthy ones to protect them?

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I have this same problem--can't recall which type of viburnum but I beleive it was a fragrant one that made the "snowballs". I cut the dead portion out of one so it is much sparser at the moment. The other is a dead shrub at this point. For my part I will wait and see.
Mine could have been vole damage, mowing damage or some other insect. One had a compromised area at the base. I can't see what the issue is with the other. I did buy these as late season rescues from hot pots on asphalt a few years ago. Possible a root girdled the others. Dunno.

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