I need suggestions for this bush

greendreamhomeApril 12, 2014

I don't know what kind of bush this is, but it's been growing there for at least thirty years. It's never been deliberately watered, but the property is irrigated, and it gets some rain. You can see how it's decided to lean way out, probably to get closer to the sun. (This is the north side of the house, and that area doesn't get direct sunlight.)

If I cut it way down and start watering it, will it grow back normally, or will I just kill it?

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Did you miss attaching the photo?

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Garden Gal -- I don't know what happened, because I did attach the file before, but I just redid it, so you can see my leaning bush!

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My suggestion is to move it or get rid of it :-)) Hard to tell from this distance exactly what - maybe azalea, maybe gardenia, maybe who knows - but it doesn't really matter. Very few broadleaved evergreens will regrow from just stumps or bare wood. And even those few that do, it takes a long time and you have hot mess indefinitely until the plant decides to fill in and look normal.

Whatever it is, it is nothing particularly rare or valuable so just rip out and replace with something more suitable. That means something that will stay in size, tolerate the low light conditions and lack of natural rainfall. Any sweet box (Sarcococca species) grown in your area? Dwarf sweet box would fill the bill to a T!!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

just get rid of it.. and buy a smaller new one if you still want one... its just not worth the heavy labor .. in my world....

andn i bet its not just that it reaching for sun .. which it is...

but i would bet my shiny nickle.. there are other shade trees.. making it do so ...

when it was planted.. the shade trees werent there.. or as young as it was.. and now.. fast forward decades.. its just too dark there ...

which means.. even moving it out.. might not solve the problem...

or i am wrong ... lol

the number one cause of reduced flowering.. on flowering shrubs.. is lack of full sun.. or the requisite necessary ... so if it had been underperforming.. flower wise... there is your answer .. and therefore.. water or fert.. isnt going to change that ...

finally.. all that said.. its planted about 3 feet too close to the house ... that really doenst appear to be a spot.. for a plant that could be many feet tall and wide ... if properly grown ...

if you are young.. and have overwhelming energy ... and want to try moving it.. research it out.. and give it a go.. but do it to learn... and dont get all heart broken if such fails ... proper aftercare .. would be the trick if you do that.. including.. shading it from sun for a month or two.. in your zone ... actually i dont know where you are.. and that would help ...


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Ken -- As I always indicate in my posts, I'm in Zone 9. Specifically, the Phoenix area.

I'm definitely not keeping it. Now I have to find other things to plant in those areas.

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