Is Viburnum 'Watanabe' a compact version of 'Summer Snowflake'?

may_flowersApril 29, 2014

I'm on the hunt for V. 'Summer Snowflake' but haven't been to the nurseries yet. Yesterday I came across 'Watanabe' at Home Depot. It's supposed to be a compact doublefile that blooms off and on all season. It claims to be 6' but I couldn't find any photos of a mature plant on the web. Would this be a good substitute for 'Summer Snowflake' if I can't find it at the nursery?

It's only seven bucks so I'm not concerned with HD quality so much, and most likely it was grown in Oregon where I live anyway. They look good.

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They may be one in the same plant. I have both, and neither stays below 6'. They perform similarly. I am sure they are quite mixed up out there in retail land, and one will substitute for the other.

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Thanks, Kevin. Do they have any horizontal branch structure whatsoever like v. tomentosum? I'm really torn between the structure v. the repeating bloom. Tomentosum is the only one I've seen in person.

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viburnumvalley(z5/6 KY)

Here's a nice 'Summer Snowflake' growing in Louisville, KY.

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Like in VV's picture, they are more upright yet still have that horizontal branching structure of their brethren.

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