Help! Water lily noob!

RiasnowAugust 8, 2014

I recently bought two water lily's from Lowes one a nymphaea chromatella and the other is a nymphaea james brydon. I am a new pond owner so I have many questions as can be seen in my other recent post. My uv filtration system has been running for a good 48 hours now, and I placed the plants in 24 hours ago. How long will it take for me to notice new growth? I know nothing about water lilies and when I opened the container and pulled out the net bad that it came in, the bulb type plants were black but there was still some moisture inside the dome. I really hope they aren't dead... Any information that may help? I'd much appreciate it. :)

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You can see the floating plant locators on the pond surface, if anyone has any other plant suggestions for me to scavenge for in the local streams in zone 9 please don't hold back. I plan on adding commet golfish once the plants are established comfortably and some bugs come to take residence in the pond, so if anyone has any idea of the type of plants that will feed my fish a healthy diet, or feed the bugs my fish will eat, that will help a lot, too!

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catherinet(5 IN)

I hope they were in better shape than the one I bought from Menards (Drop and Grow). It was deader than a doornail, but the lady at the company said, "have WILL grow". Well, it didn't. An all of the containers of these lilies that various places were selling all looked just as dead.
You should have seen leaves in your container when you bought it. I hope you saved the receipt.

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so far, so dead... one seems to want to sprout something, I'm just gonna leave them in the water for a good month and see if anything happens, but so far it doesn't look good... I'm gonna go kidnap a couple of wild plants instead from a stream behind an uncle of mines house and be done with it so I can release the fish in there before they grow old! Thanks for your input, I really appreciate the gesture :)

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If you are in or near a large urban area, I would suggest that you look on craigslist for a ponder who has extra plants. However, it is too soon to worry about your plants. Even big divided clumps of lily plants don't take right off. Well, actually, I have never divided one in the summer and I suppose they should grow faster now.

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