Weigela and deutzia question

Christie SantercangeloApril 19, 2010

Hello, I bought 5 fine wine weigelas and 2 deutzia chardonnay pearls last year. I got them through mail-order as my local nurseries did not have these specific two. They are still pretty tiny at only 3-4 inches tall. How much growth can I expect this year. 3 of the weigelas are in full sun. The other 2 and the deutzia are in the sun until early afternoon with shad the rest of the day, if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

just mulch them well.. and insure PROPER watering .. deep and infrequent.. rather than a bunch of shallow waterings .... and get them to live thru year 2 ....

thought the sun sounds OK ... there are too many other variable for me to guess how they will do this year ...

set your expectations low.. and then be pleasantly surprised when they exceed such ...

hoping for too much in year 2.. just sets yourself up for disappointment ...


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I wanted some shrubs in my yard basically as early hummer draws. Anyway Im lucky in the fact there is a rural king within a mile of me that has a great shrub selection and I purchased a weigela wine and roses and 2 weigela red prince. The larger red prince was a 2gal size and I have been watering daily and covered in a recent freeze and the larger one is absoutely loaded with buds and there is no way I can see it not blooming fully by midmay, when everything I read is saying june. Anyway I am confused about the pruning after the first flowering, exactly how to go about it. I have a pr of pruning shears.

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