Duckweed...nutrition info, etc, also Mosquito Dunk Question

andrewofthelemon(7b Central Arkansas)August 14, 2011

So, a intro i guess. I have a small koi pond outside, and every year, toads come and lay eggs. When i went from two koi to four, the next couple years, the toad population was descreasing every year. One year, i saw the koi eating the tadpoles, so, the next year (3 years ago) i took half of the eggs, and raised them inside in a 20 gallon kiddie/dog pool in my sunroom, then released the frogs. Ever since then, the population of toads increased, and everything is going good. Well, a few years ago, i got some duckweed from a friend. I raised it in a 10 gallon tub, everyonce in a while moving some into a koi pond so they can eat. Well, someone apparently knocked over my supply tub, killing it all, and all in the pond was eaten. That was four years ago.

I am trying to improve my toad pond (which is now a year-round feature in my house, as i now have some flowing plants, and it makes a good thing to quickly get water out of to water plants.

I don't have a filter for it, just some bubble machines, but between the tapoles, some snails, and me changing some of the water often, it stays pretty clean.

Okay, question time!

There isn't all that much deteriorating plant material (i tend to remove it quickly, as it starts stinking very early on) Although, i always keep the water in a nicely yellowed state. Would the tapole feces be enough nutrition for duckweed to grow? The tadpoles eat on the plants, and i feed them with the koi food i have.

Also, does anyone know if mosquito dunks would kill my tapoles and plants? I'm pretty sure i've seen somewhere that they don't farm birds in bird feeders, but every once in a while, a mosquito gets in and breeds (although they make homes out of the tapole excretement and are pretty easy to kill before adulthood.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

The plant material deteriorating uses up essential nutrients so unless you feed the living plants a bit more than enough there wouldn't likely be enough for the duckweed.

The only thing affected by mosquito dunks are mosquito larva and black flies.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I've used Mosquito Dunks in my wildlife ponds for years with no harmful effects except to mosquito larvae.

I have duckweed in all of them without fertilizing. I am constantly scooping and dumping it in the compost bins. Azolla too.

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