Branches on YEW tree turning brown.

gardenbug(8b)April 21, 2011

Zone 8b, Fraser Valley, BC


I just noticed that a couple of branches on my Yew tree are turning brown. Can someone please tell me why this might be happening? I believe this is a Hicks Yew. I planted it at the end of October and it looked okay through the winter months.

Should I cut of the brown branches and give it some kind of a foliar feed or fertilize? Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

has it budded out otherwise ???

if a soil test indicates something is missing from the soil .. then amend the soil ...

otherwise.. we do NOT suggest that you fertilize a stressed plant ...

insure proper watering..

i would give it another month of so.. before i decided to cut on it.. but i dont know how far along your spring is in your zone ...

PROPER water is all a transplant needs .. IMHO ... but for PROPER MULCH ...


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Forgive me Ken, but am very new to growing yews. How can I tell if it has budded out? It has little round brownish colored buds on it but I don't know if these are new or if they were there before.

When I do a soil test, what type of soil is best for yew? I have clay soil but it has been ammended with compost.

I won't fertilize it. We've had lots and lots of rain for the past few months. Believe me, our spring hasn't even started yet. During the month of April, we've seen lots of rain, wind, hail and the temperature for this time of year is lower than normal. Thanks Ken.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Yew must have excellent drainage at all times. Yours probably has a water mold infestation going on. Impossible to be more certain without more intensive investigation. If you were down here I would suggest trying the Cooperative Extension Service in your county, for assistance.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

For a plant just put in in October, and not a clear definition of "a couple of branches" it is tough to say. Might have been mishandled at the nursery, transplant shock, whatever. Don't fertilize, wait, and if you can post a pic that would help.


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I'm having a similar problem in North Texas with a Podocarpus (maki?) in front of my house. The top side of the leaves are turning yellow/brown, with small brown spots. Is anyone familiar with this problem, and know how to treat it? Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bozemeier(6 (Southern IL))

We have 4 yew trees which are all the same age and at least 40 years old. They are all next to each other but one is getting big brown patches on it. No one has ever done anything to any of the trees yet this one looks bad this year while the other three look great. Any comments to would be greatly appreciated.

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