Frost? We don't need no stinking Frost!!

gltrap54May 17, 2014

Yuuup! We've tied or broken record low temps, dating back to the 1890's, the last three nights! May 5Th is our (30 year average) LFD...... Yeah, right......

Fortunately, I just happen to have a huge supply of scrap Agribon, destroyed earlier by NE Kansas winds........ LOL

A lot of local naysayers failed to cover their tender vegetation & they paid the price! Temps in the low thirties got a lot of tomatoes, melons, annual flowers..... I failed to cover my potatoes & they suffered some light frost damage.

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I pulled my plants in and I told the Iris they were on there own. Last year we got snow the first week of May. This year two days of frost in the middle of May. It seems mother nature has some problems.

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mori1, I'm guessing we've been dealing with some very similar weather.... ;)

I removed the Agribon today.......... Let's hope we can get on with spring now.....

My tomatoes, peppers, & melon (transplants) all look terrible even though they were covered! I've lost several sweet pepper plants in spite of my best efforts.....

Does gardening have to be this difficult?

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I think Mother nature likes to have a little fun at our expense.

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