Schip Laurel Shrubs

TaresaApril 12, 2014

Need help on my established Schip Laurels. We plated them over 4 years ago when we built our home and they have done very well every season except this past winter. This past winter we have had the worst winter in decades with temps dipping to below neg 20 below 0 at times. Along with several ice storms. Haven't touched them. Don't know if I should trim off the dead leaves or let them be. Help please. They look terrible as you can see from the picture. Never have had this happen in any past ice storm before. Thanks.

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I'd give them a bit more time before cutting could be unnecessary. By that I mean it is possible that these plants have suffered irreparable cold damage and should just be replaced. Typically, Schips have a die-off point of around 0F to -10. Anything lower than that for more than a day or two would certainly put them in harms way.

There's still some green so possibly some hope. If still alive and viable, you should see the shrubs pushing some new buds along the stems soon. That would be a good time to remove any browned or dead portions.

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Thank you so much for your help.

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