Sunflower seeds: How deep to plant germinated seeds

kanuk(Zone 5 Qc Canada)May 11, 2008

Help!! I've got a bunch of germinated sunflower seeds and I don't know how deep to plant them. I'm new this season to growing from seed and I'm having a blast & seemingly good results.

I tried the baggie method to germinate some sunflower seeds and to my surprise within 4 days some had already germinated. It's now about day 6 and most of the others are germinated as well.

The first to germinate have already produced long roots(1-2 inch) but all are still holding onto their seed shell.

How deep do I plant them? Had I just direct sown them the packets say 1 inch deep. Does that mean just plant the seed head area 1 inch deep now also?

And what about the long roots?!!

Do I need to create a deep hole and place that root down into it leaving the seed head toward the top and an inch below soil?

If you can help I'd appreciate any advice.

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I always direct sow them. they don't transplant well. so I would plant them right away. just be gentle with the roots and plant around an inch or so deep.

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caroline_2008(Z 6)

I winter sowed mine in the jug, and when they were
about 3 inches tall , I planted them in the bed.
They are now about 8 inches tall and doing great,

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kanuk(Zone 5 Qc Canada)

cindjo2~ When you say "plant an inch or so deep" ... do you mean I cover the seed shell that's still encasing the cortyledons an inch or so deep?(in other words I would plant it and not see anything above ground) At that depth will the cortyledons be able to pop up through the surface? Or do you mean plant the roots down into the soil and leave the seed cased cortyledons at ground level or above?
I'm so inexperienced I apologize for my dumb questions but I really want these to have a chance to survive.
I wish I would have direct sown them as you say but I what started out as an experiment to see how the baggy germination method worked has left me in this situation ...
because it worked! LOL

caroline~Wow. Have you got a green thumb to spare?!!!! I could use one right about now. Post us some pictures when you get your sunflower heads!! I hope I can get mine to do what yours are doing.

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I would leave the cotyledons esposed. I would not cover them. yes leave them ground level or slightly above.

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kanuk(Zone 5 Qc Canada)

Excellent! Thanks so much for your help cindjo2! I truly appreciate you taking the time to help.
Now maybe I'll see sunflowers in bloom in my garden this year.
Happy gardening!!

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