Black Beauty Elder

yawineyApril 3, 2013

Is this elder a candidate for a container? I have either a sunny deck location that could fit a large container or a partial shade spot that is hidden. I have heard all elders grow too vigourous for containers but the black lace and black beauty are supposed to stay smaller. Anyone have experience with this?

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Sara Malone Zone 9b

In my experience they are all so vigorous that they would outgrow or break the pot in no time...'smaller' is a relative term!


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Thank you. There will be about 4 ft of space between the lace and the beauty if i put it in the ground. I guess i'll just do alot of pruning as they grow.

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Sara Malone Zone 9b

I train some up as multi-trunked trees, leave others pretty much alone and coppice some. They are another of the 'you can run them over with the lawn mower and they will not die' shrubs. They root so easily that sometimes I just start new ones and toss the old woody, messy ones. Well, 'toss' is the wrong word - usually we hook a chain around it and pull it out with the tractor!


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Cool. Thanks. Sounds like they will work perfect in the spot i have in mind. I may have to mow over suckers coming out too far in the future.
I think I"ll leave the Lace alone with more space to bush out and prune the beauty to go upwards since the Lace will get the sun first and shade the lower part of the Beauty.

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