Planting corn

tanner27May 21, 2014

So not thinking I bought 4 varieties of corn, luscious, bantam, rainbow flint and Tom Thumb. I have a big garden, do I plant a square of each in opposite corners?

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bragu_DSM 5

they are still going to cross pollinate to some extent. knowing that, it probably doesn't matter. unless you care. you could try to stagger, but time to harvest is probably what, 100 days?

YMMV in your zone. call the extension service and ask them ...


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oldmobie Z6, SW MO(Zone 6)

I've been reading that pollen determines the type of corn produced. I would try to avoid having flint corn pollinate sweet corn, as it would likely be harder and less sweet. There are also finer points like the gene(s) responsible for the sweetness of your particular corn. Two common ones being se and su. Bottom line: change pollen source, likely change the taste. Sweet corn, pollinated by a different sweet corn, is still sweet corn. It could be more or less sweet, though. I'd plant the sweet corns together, but I'm not too picky, and like to experiment.

Will you be saving any of the seed you produce? If so, know that your crop next year is likely to be very different if you grow them together. And variable. I don't care about purity, but most gardeners do, so you'll need to decide how you feel about it.

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