Earwig trap

oilpainter(3)June 16, 2010

Earwigs were eating my marigolds. I figured there were a lot of little ones around because they stripped a couple to skeletons on Sunday night.

When I discovered it on Monday I went to mix up a concoction of Molasses, Oil and Soy Sauce. No Molasses-- so I substituted corn syrup. I mixed it in a baby food jar, buried it and propped the lid over it. I had to be out on Tuesday, but I checked it when I got home around 3.

Wonderful--The jar was over half full of baby earwigs that will be eating no more of my Marigolds I threw out the bottle and bugs and made a new trap this time used a big prescription bottle. We'll see what I will get with this one.

This has to be the best trap for earwigs. Better than earwig bait or anything else I've tried and believe me I've tried most chemical or organic traps. I'm also happy Corn Syrup works because I usually have it on hand and don't use Molasses for baking, so it takes a trip to the grocery.

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Guess nobody's interested, so I'm dropping this

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Laura Grossmann

No! Don't do that! I actually read this a couple of days ago and thought I'd try it when I had some time. Was at a friends house yesterday and he was telling me about this...and today I thought I'd give it a try and came on here to find out again what the ingredients were. Thanks! I'm mixing up a batch right now!

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Ok mamashakesit--Here is the full recipe

Bait for Earwigs Earwigs.

Equal parts of soy sauce, oil and (molasses or corn syrup). The molasses is bait to attract them--the oil doesn't allow them to crawl back out and the salt in the soy sauce finishes them off. Put it in a small container(small yogurt container, larger pill bottle, specimen bottle or anything that is fairly deep) covering 1/3 of the bottom with the mixture and bury it up to the brim in the soil. I like the smaller ones because it doesnÂt take as much bait and they are easier to bury into the soil. Prop a lid over it so it doesn't get diluted by rain and so it is a nice dark place for them to hide--ha. When you prop the lid, leave a small space for them to crawl into the container. You might have to wait a couple of days for it to work, but mine were full of them the next day. It does work. Your container will be full of them.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Hundreds of us read your recipe and are going to try it. Most of us will not respond and tell you how good it works. Even if you don't hear from us we appreciate your sharing the first reasonable approach to earwig control. Thank you. Al

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Earwigs just ate all 100 of my bush bean seedlings, now its most likely to late to grow more, wish i would of known of this before. Thanks for the post!

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Has anyone tried this for slugs?

I know what the salt in the soy sauce would do =:)

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

I heard of the 'recipe' about two years ago and it works very well, if animals do not take off with them during the night (it has happened to me). I use the small tubs you get at Bulk Barn, make holes in the lid with an ice pick or other boring tool. This year, I have been using the oil/water from canned fish, smoked oyesters, mussels and the like, diluted with water. This mixture will also capture slugs, which I found out by accident this year when I had a container placed next to my Brugmansia. I use the small containers the Chinese Takeouts use for their hot sauce for smaller potted plants. I change them every now and then, collect them and toss them out in the Fall. A great way to recycle.

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Well everyone. what were your findings? I would love to know.
All this time I thought my marigolds being stripped down to bones and then death was just a common occurence in cooler damp weather.

Thank you!

Rhizo: Thank you so much for directing me here!


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Would earwigs be eating Zinnia as well? Something ate a huge hole in the middle of each leaf on two of my plants. I saw an earwig on one of them but didn't think much of it at the time.

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I like your I dea for earwig traps. I had an Infestation last year and didnt know what to do. I grow organically so pesticide is out of the question your solution is simple and I am sure it works. but I found a better answer. google ARBICO they are a company that specializes in beneficial insects. I ordered a three pack of praying mantis egg cases. I put one in my yard and as I am friendly with my neighbors on both sides of me I gave them both one as well. within 2 weeks I had manti everywhere. these ferocious predators are so great!!! the bonus also is that they went through their life cycle last year and laid their own egg cases this year so now I have an ongoing population of manti. also Ladybugs are the scourge of pests. you would not think it but ladybugs are the toughest beneficial areound they devour almost every pest you hate. arbico sells these as well. they don't tend to hang around though. as soon as they devour everything they split for greener more buggy areas to feed themselves. either or both and you wont have any problems. GOOD LUCK, and Happy Gardening!!

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bout to try this! i think i have them on my bee balm, hostas, etc

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I use slug traps on a regular basis and usually i use beer, but beer bottles in the garden raise awkward questions, plus i dont always have it on hand. This recipe will be great to compare to beer traps.

Im also interested in bringing beneficial bugs to the garden and flower beds. I have read that dill, fennel and coriander attract a lot of the good bugs. Any thoughts on this? What other planta would serve this purpoae? I do have marigolds and zinnias up right now. Thanks everyone!

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organic_greenjeans(Z 5/6 Eastern Washington)

So glad to have found this thread, thank you oilpainter for sharing! I had just posted in another forum about how buggy we're expecting this season to be following such a mild winter, and earwigs are a particular problem in my area so finding this was very timely! I'm also anxious to try this for slugs because I never have beer around & forget to buy it for the garden.

Mari 88...I don't know about herbs attracting good bugs, but I do know that they usually deter 'bad' ones because of their aromatic qualities. A couple years ago, I inadvertantly discovered that my dill was actually acting as a trap plant for aphid. They destroyed an entire crop of it, but stayed off the other garden plants nearby. Luckily dill grows quickly so I had time to get another planting in before pickling time, but the aphid still got half of that sowing too!

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manifest(USDA 11a, Sunset 24, CA)

I just pour canola oil into cat food cans, enough to cover 1/2" of the bottom of the can. The earwigs crawl in and drown in the oil. Works like a charm!

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We just put in a new raised bed garden aka the sqaure foot gardening type and I had dreams of a large harvest of beans. Alas! My new sprouts were being chewed through the stem and the leaves chewed around the edges. I am SO mad!!!
I've come to the conclusion that the culprits are the earwigs so I'm putting out 2 different kinds of traps tonight. I am using the soy sauce/oil/corn syrup in some small sized Glad snack/leftover containers and then put a tight lid of aluminum foil over the top with one edge lifted up enough for them to crawl in. They're buried to soil level. (I aim to please) I'm also using the rolled up damp newspaper [sprinkled a bit of sugar in it] and placed that in a produce/veggie bag to keep it from drying out too quickly and also allow me to quickly pick it up and tie off the top. I placed that behind the box next to the wood fence. I'm not sure if it is damp enough though. I just misted it lightly, not soaked it.

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Not a single critter this morning!!! :(

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I cut 2 holes near the bottom of a plastic container (ie old Cool Whip container)
put a tuna can 1/2 full of oil inside and put the lid on the plastic container.

The plastic container protects from rain/sprinker water filling the tuna can.
I put them all around the yard, garden, etc, in the spring and they last all season.
I collect and clean them out before the first snow and reuse them next year.

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I'll be using the traps tonight earwig And slug. I look forward to saving Marigold seeds each year, they grow well. This year, not so good because all my seed pods are full of bug "dirt" with seeds partially eaten. I see earwigs but not slugs so much. Will check in again to let you know how well this works.

By the way, the temps are about 100 degrees daily for the month now, so what can I plant? It's usually hot until Halloween or when the World Series ends.. I have empty soil in my raised beds sad, sad.

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kaesgarden(Wa Cascades Zone 7)

For some reason i never considered that earwigs could possibly ever be a problem and we do have quite a few. I did lose allot of green bean and cucumber seedlings that were completely uprooted and now some of my seedlings. What a gem this forum - I've just put out two large traps, fingers crossed i hope i get slugs, snails and earwigs!

Excellent tip!

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I have always had a problem with earwigs I will be trying this ASAP! Thank you

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