Berberis thunbergii 'Helmond Pillar' seeds

scarletdaisies(6)April 1, 2010

I'm hoping to find someone who has seeds from a Helmond Pillar Barberry bush. Here's what it looks like:

They fruit a lot, so their will be berries on it if it's got a male tree to pollinate it. The bushes are not expensive, but I want to cover a large area and was hoping to try seeds first.

Does anyone know where I might get seeds or do you have this pillar barberry in your yard? If you have the gold variety, that will be fine. It looks like this, but I think I like the reddish one better, color is not important.

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Barberries have perfect flowers - they contain both male and female sexual parts - so no such thing as a male plant :-) Any plant can - and usually does - produce berries. And seeds of named cultivars will not necessarily come true to form. It is quite possible that viable germinated seed of 'Helmond Pillar' will develop into a typically rounded, rather than erect, shrub and may not even produce very red foliage. Propagation is typically done from cuttings.

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Thanks! I guess I'll be looking for that perfect hedge elsewhere. Do you know of a perfect fence hedge that does not grow over 6 feet and is thin about a foot thick that can be planted close together?

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