What do you recommend planted in this?

RoseWolfie(9b central florida)June 18, 2012

I have one of those long window box pots. It had tulips in it earlier this year, but all is dead and I want to re-use it for possibly veggies or if not flowers. It is like 7 inches deep. What can thrive in this? I live next to Disney so hot temperatures and strong sun in offers.

I appreciate all the help!

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

What I do with my window boxes is plant/start annuals (right now dwarf sunflowers and nasturtiums but you can check a local nursery to see what does well in your climate) in a series of square nursery pots (I can fit 5 in each window box). That way I can switch out one or all of the plantings if something fails to thrive, gets played out, or the critters get to it.

I like annuals for the quick shot of color and the fact that window boxes are not really deep/big enough for perennials.

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started_with_bean(Zone 5--MA)

I'd recommend portulacas/moss rose or gazanias. They are both sun and heat lovers, and they don't have deep roots.

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